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Ahead of Australia Visit, Naomi Klein Brands PM Abbott a 'Climate Villain'


Ahead of Australia Visit, Naomi Klein Brands PM Abbott a 'Climate Villain'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


As species after species disappears, we see how well that “limitless nature” concept is working.


I think there is more at play than only a settler mentality. I think there is an expectation of a right to plunder that is inherent in unrestrained capitalism. That settler mentality started the ball rolling of course but it has morphed into a modern rapaciousness that virtually resists all limits or restraints of any kind.

A grandchild of rampant colonialism? It is notable that the uber oligarchs and conservatives see no problem even in a self-colonialization where they exploit their own countries as had colonial powers would exploit third world nations.

The age of capitalism’s end game has arrived. The all conquering capitalist The capitalist pillager that grabs what it can and as much as it can and refuses to be held back by logic or a shared humanity. The ‘ultimate capitalist’ has come! The mega rich loner that does not need society or people. The super wealth that sets its own rules and creates its own society.

They just don’t care, Naomi. They know what they are doing but they just don’t care. Sure they pay lip service to conservative viewpoints and deny climate change but at root is that they simply don’t care. Greed by definition does not care about everyone else. That is the mindset of climate villains. They simply don’t care. In short …

Greed suffices!


Well said. The reality we face is what they do… not why they do it.


Her argument is considered dangerous because it correctly concludes that saving ourselves and our ecosystem require a complete reworking of our social and economic systems not just policy changes within the existing infrastructure. Few want to face this truth.


Naomi Klein is also a climate villain. She eats meat and dismisses the very concept of individual responsibility, saying that the contribution of one vegetarian in the fight against global warming is too small. Of course it takes millions of vegetarians to make a difference but refusing to even recommend vegetarianism is deplorable. She talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.


I’m surprised she is still invited. I can just imagine traveling to Russia and calling Putin a “Villain” or about 150 other countries around the globe.


I don’t eat vegetables because they are sentient beings that communicate and suffer pain.


"They simply don’t care. In short … " Agreed. Although, I can’t help but say I’m flummoxed at the absolute refusal to do anything about these problems seeing as the people will only be pushed so far before the head start coming off … AND, we only have the one planet. There ain’t no Galt Gulch in space. I don’t know what these greedy narcissists are thinking …


Naomi Klein, you are wonderful. And powerful! Just look at the jump in the number of backlash comments to you! Wonderful you! lol Your very presence causes a panic! Earth loves you. Character assassination happens to all great thinkers who push back against THE bankster CARTELS.

The corporate sillies will always echo everything that is said by the dying extraction syndicates - all that’s left of the empire - a lot of hot air! And don’t forget the radioactivity increasing everywhere. And lies upon lies, all the time. Children, cover your ears, open your eyes and never accept an answer without, first, being posed the question.

Thank you for your great work, Naomi, against the climate villains. Your honorable presence on Earth, certainly humbles this human being. “We are called Earth” - Neil Young. Neil is Canadian, too! And NEVER SOLD OUT!



Two things, Naomi. First, climate change is not very descriptive or accurate. Climate may change for the better or worse. Global warming is more precise, but too mild a term. I prefer to frame the problem as global fever.
Second, according to George Lakoff, the brains of progressives and conservatives work fundamentally differently. Progressive are analogous to nurturing parents. Partners love and respect each other and their children behave most of the time because they know they are loved. Government’s roll is to protect its citizens from disease and crime, etc.

Conservatives are authoritarian. I’m in charge of this family, wife and you are going to do what I tell you. And you kids must behave or you will be punished. We must be protected from government that must be shrunken. It’s individual responsibility that counts, never mind the fact that we are a nation of 300 million + people and we need government to make corporate decisions.

There are those among us who are in between. It’s to those that we must address our concerns. The independents are the swing voters, the ones who set policy.


Greed only looks as far as the tip of one’s nose. They see only how they themselves will benefit right now and dismiss everything else. At the moment they can still ignore the evidence because their greed is its own justification. If a decade from now they were confronted by some catastrophe that would affect them too, they’d start complaining that something should be done but it isn’t that bad yet. They can pretend that there isn’t sufficient proof to warrant a reduction in their greed. They don’t feel the heat in an air conditioned office like does a hard scrabble dirt farmer in the Sahael who faces famine as well as the heat and drought.

So for a while longer… they believe that they don’t have to care… not yet… and when they do …it won’t be so bad for them…or so they think. They believe their own stupidities about there being no proof of climate change. Pretty dumb huh?

Homo Sappy Sapiens

We have met the enemy and he is …

…even dumber than we are!


i hope with all my heart that there is a scared child inside them, or a soul that hasn’t been looked into for awhile, that if awakened would do a turnaround and devote themselves to the well being of all. now where is the key, the mirror, the whatever, that can do this? I’m thinking Morgan Freeman, perhaps, booming down from huge rays of light that holds each of them, commanding them to change. (humor attempt)


At the moment they hold to their climate denial mantras. For yet awhile longer they know that they don’t have to do anything or even believe enough to start preparing. They aren’t stupid. They don’t care as yet. When they have to then they will. As yet they think that they don’t have to and listen only to people who agree with them. I think that the coal mine being shut down in Europe sent a chill down their spine. It is starting to sink in that maybe all this actually is very serious.


I think Klein’s point and yours dovetail - They don’t care about the effects of their actions because their “right” to expand and plunder supersedes all other considerations …


To those of us who can remember visiting Pasadena in the sixties and not even knowing there were very large hills just east of the city should be able to understand that people who live in relative wilderness just don’t have a reference point about pollution. They have never seen a smog cloud along Colorado’s front range 200 miles long and forty wide. They have never been in city so polluted that the tops of buildings are not visible. Of course they have no fear.


Good post. The English-speaking countries appear ready to jettison 800 years of constitutionalism in exchange for another decade or two of glutting their aristocracies. You figure.


Abbott is even candid about it:

Tony Abbott: government will not ‘put the environment ahead of the economy’

Australia has twice as many businesses putting in income returns to the tax office as it has trade union members. Governments change there on economic downturns. All other issues are peripheral.


The hidden costs of mainstream agriculture are what we are all paying for with that cheap “bargain” food. Sky high not affordable costs to the water, the soil, the air, the natural habitats and their populations, the pollinators, our health and to us. Passed on to us in covert ways, maybe not on the sticker price but in every other direction you turn.

By all means support organics and start where you are. Revolution or not. Do what you can where you can. There are never easy answers on this planet other than to begin. And continue down the sustainable road. .