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Ahead of Bolsonaro's Inauguration in Brazil, Groups Vow to Fight 'Hateful Rhetoric and Acts of Violence, Intimidation, or Persecution'


Ahead of Bolsonaro's Inauguration in Brazil, Groups Vow to Fight 'Hateful Rhetoric and Acts of Violence, Intimidation, or Persecution'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Ahead of incoming Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's inauguration, scheduled for Jan. 1, 46 global civil society groups issued an open statement warning that he poses "a serious threat to democracy, human rights, and the environment," and vowing to challenge "hateful rhetoric and acts of violence, intimidation, or persecution" against communities and organizations he has attacked.


Brazilians need to stop Bolsonaro and his ilk, especially in the Amazon


Brazil committed suicide. I’ll mourn their loss.


The USA fomented the “quiet coups” in Brazil to install Bolsonaro. The Brazilians themselves did everything they could to stop this coup. Soon, the USA will have Brazilian immigrants at their southern border escaping the rape of their country and the Amazon by corporate/military interests.

Same as it ever was…


I don’t like violence but I’ll make an exception in this instance. I hope the Brazilians riot even more than the Yellow Vests in France until Bolsonaro is jailed along with Temer & Dilma Rousseff & Lula Da Silva are released. :grinning::grinning:


I’m afraid that Brazil is an example of another left government which fell because it did not go far enough.
Brazil’s MST (Landless Workers" Movement) is probably the largest social movement in the world. For decades they have been peacefully occupying huge farming plantations, often successfully.
But LULA did NOT carry out a land reform, leaving farms in the hands of the latifundias to grow crops like soybeans for export.
Not only did this leave the MST members landless and poor, but when international commodity prices fell, Brazil experienced a depression, and the Workers’ Party popularity sharply declined.
The moral? A social democratic “revolution” which leaves most private property in the hands of the capitalists (and feudalists) will always fail. It’s just a matter of time.
You have to go all the way.


Yes—but how?

When the people themselves flinch in the face of inevitable material reprisals from the powers-that-be, and refuse to drive their leaders further, how can the leaders go forward?

Alas, until the people are ready to recognize the level of sacrifice required not only to stop the latest band of murderers, torturers, and thieves, but to change the whole vile game forever, their leaders can do no better.

Given that Mother Nature is issuing us all our death warrant, one might think that the people would be more willing to recognize that their lives are already forfeit, a thousand ways from Sunday. One might imagine that the people would be more inspired to voluntarily offer their lives for the possibility of stopping this horrific cycle of violence for good.

For can a rational person look at the dynamics on the ground today and do anything but imagine that conditions are going to get tougher—maybe unimaginable tougher—from here forward? Can a rational person fail to see that conditions for any of us could easily, immediately, and unpredictably devolve to a point where living is obviously worse than physical death?

Only a rational person who has failed to Truly enter into the reality of suffering here…

Given that conditions on the ground are most likely to get worse—even as, or before they get better—one might imagine that more people would be willing to take a chance, risk their lives for the Truth, knowing that death now might well be a mercy…

But we see that, for the most part, it is not so.

Since our species—despite all our advancements—has largely proven ourselves unwilling to acknowledge that all our lives belong to the Mother, that we exist always at Her Will, and to demonstrate our understanding by being willing to die if necessary to stand against rape and pillaging of Mother Earth, it seems likely that She will end our adolescent reign of totalizing destruction in the only way we’ve left open to Her.


Well off people don’t care for the most part, and anyone who can afford a late model cell phone and food isn’t going to make much of a fuss. The homeless and destitute-hungry have no power to organize or revolt so they are too silent.
If changes are to occur it will be from the envious, the angry, and the growing number of people slipping out of the middle class status they have struggled to be a part of.
A rain forest is only as good as people willing to save it.


I agree. That’s the legacy of the so-called pink tide. It was a good effort: the idea that you could make peaceful revolution at the ballot box. But an old lesson had to be relearned the hard way: capitalists don’t ever accept losing. It’s sort of baked in. You literally have to get rid of them. Then everyone calls you a tyrant for doing what capital itself forces you to do.

The Bolshies had this right. It’s either them or us. There is no co-existence. And that is their choice, not ours.


Climate change predictions are never going to be serious enough to deal with the developing problems. They can’t fathom the current destruction to the environment yet to come. Sad. Very very sad.