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Ahead of 'Buy American' Initiative, Trump Already Acting as 'Salesman for the U.S. Defense Industry'


Ahead of 'Buy American' Initiative, Trump Already Acting as 'Salesman for the U.S. Defense Industry'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Ahead of the unveiling of his "Buy American" initiative to push even more arms exports into foreign countries, President Donald Trump has begun acting as a weapons salesman, directly appealing to foreign leaders to buy U.S.-made military equipment.


Do the weapons come complete with an excuse package on reasons to deploy? You know–chemical weapons usage/capability/aspirations and/or tear-jerking anecdotes involving babies and incubators.


Here is an article that looks at the five U.S. American defense companies and the size of their profits and how much their Named Executive Officers earn, largely gained thanks to the “generosity” of American taxpayers:

These five companies have a great deal of political power in the hallowed halls of Washington.


No, that’s a add-on, usually paid in barrels of oil.


And exactly how long has the U.S. been the most prolific arms dealer/user in the history of humanity. Oh, wait…we need to put all that behind us. All-together now…IT’S TRUMP’S FAULT…

Feel better now kiddies? It’s time to grow up.


Merchants of death.


Death for sale! Get your death for sale! Quick death, mass death, no death too much, we even finance! Death for sale…


Scott Pruitt’s EPA destroying the environment, Betsy Devious’ Ed. destroying education, Trump’s “defense” department leader du jour destroying whatever Trump’s other appointees don’t , while the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) laughs all the way to the bank.


Yes why can’t we all grow up and stop fighting?


Well, wasn’t that what Trump was hired as POTUS for?


Given my propensity for dark humor, I can easily imagine all these weapons being turned against us someday and rightly so. If any country deserves endless war upon its soil, the USA is number one for all the weapons manufactured here and all the wars and killing done in its name around the world. I’ve never understood how people with any moral sense can either work for or support the merchants of death. The world is inhabited by a large number of sociopaths and it seems the USA has a higher percentage of them per capita. So I say, go ahead world buy up all the wonderful weapons of war made in the USA and then use them against this satanic nation. Sorry folks but I am so fucking sick and tired of what the USA has wrought upon the world since its genocidal beginning. At least with Trump, the mask is off the hideous face of the USA once and for all.


" I got acute schizophrenia , paranoia too,a


Messed that up, “I got acute schizophrenia, paranoia too, schizophrenia schizophrenia, I got it, you got it, we can’t lose. Acute schizophrenia blues.” - Kinks


The merchants of death have no moral sense; the merchants of death have no conscience. The American, merchants of death better hope there is no such thing as Karma!