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Ahead of California, Sanders Warns Media Outlets Against Preemptive Coronation of Clinton


Ahead of California, Sanders Warns Media Outlets Against Preemptive Coronation of Clinton

Jon Queally, staff writer

Addressing concerns that the media may preemptively announce his rival Hillary Clinton as the "presumptive Democratic Party nominee" even before she has won the requisite numbers of pledge delegates, Bernie Sanders over the weekend indicated that such reporting would be both wrong and irresponsible and held to his commitment to take his campaign all the way to the national convention when so-called superdelegates will finally—and for the first time, in fact—be able to cast their vote for who they believe will make the best nominee.


It’s not only Wall Street that fears a Sanders presidency. The corporate media, which is now largely propaganda and infotainment, does not want any legislation such as the return to the Fairness Doctrine hurting their profits.


There is no “requisite” number of pledged delegates. Clinton will have a solid majority of the pledged delegates. The Sanders campaign is arguing that the super delegates reverse that majority and the popular vote. That has never happened and won’t happen now.


Just do a thought experiment: If Clinton had trailed Sanders by exactly the same margin throughout this campaign, how boisterously would the corporate media be hyping this super-exciting horse-race…


Can’t wait to see the reaction when the superdelegates, which include the members of the DNC, in complete disregard of the pledged delegate count and popular vote switch their votes from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders. I am sure advocates of democracy will express extreme dismay at this heavy-handed overturning of the will of the people but that is politics. Clinton supporters are sure to be absolutely furious but sooner or later they will fall in line and support Sanders in order to defeat Trump.


“While not rigged, there is no question that the Democratic Party’s primary process — which uses superdelegates to create an appearance of pre-election electoral inevitability and closed primaries and onerous registration requirements to exclude many new, independent, and party-switching voters — has dramatically favored Mrs. Clinton, just as the mainstream media, while not engaged in a massive conspiracy, has without question done all it can to aid Mrs. Clinton and hinder Mr. Sanders (as to airtime, coverage, reporting of superdelegate tallies contrary to explicit DNC instructions, and much more);”


The above reminds me of the attorney’s argument that when his wife comes home and finds him IN bed with another woman, he protests, “It’s not what you think!”



Did you get a lobotomy over the weekend… to account for this change of tune?


You forgot the /snark closer. Appreciate the stab at humor though…


Clinton would be out of it. If Sanders had swept Super Tuesday, Clinton would be out. If she had lost Florida, New York, or any of the Deep South, she would be out. And none of her supporters would be promising to vote for Trump.


There is nothing onerous about registering and voting in California. Simplicity itself. If you live in red states with heavy voter ID rules, that’s something else. Oklahoma? Kansas? But no real cmplaints because Sanders won those states.


Thank you for your efforts at humor as well.




He respected your intelligence too much.


Naked Capitalist writes that there is a whole coterie of smart secret Sanders supporters on Wall Street, eager for him to take their money and throw them in jail. Or do something else.


Media moguls dislike mismatched teams in the Super Bowl. Viewers tune out at halftime and don’t stay for the overpriced advertising. Moguls love even matches, and that’s what they get with Trump/Clinton.

And then there’s the historic aspect of a former president’s spouse and the first woman running. Well, how many ways can Chris Matthews and his ilk chew that one?? Hours and hours and hours and interviews and interviews after interminable experts offering their drivel.

EVERYONE will get a raise!!!

Except us, of course.


I find my humor here, I don’t create it.


Clinton is not an option. Neither candidate is going to have the requisite number of delegates for nominaton until a vote takes place at the convention. All the sleight of hand ie., “there is no ‘requisite’ number of pledged delegates,” to the contrary not withstanding. There is a requisite number of delegates! The Clinton folks are furious because they know it looks shady if she wins by superdelegates, an insider put in power by insiders. Don’t give in Bernie, make them take the roll call vote, put all those corporate toadies (Superdelegates) on record.


Untwist a fact for us.


Is it shady if Sanders wins by super delegates? He doesn’t seem to think so.


In actuality, the last part of that message should have been, “there is a distinct possibility that perhaps a few may not be out and out criminals.”