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Ahead of Charlottesville, Trump Cut Funds for Group Fighting White Supremacy


Ahead of Charlottesville, Trump Cut Funds for Group Fighting White Supremacy

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A few weeks before Heather Heyer was murdered and many others were injured after a coalition of hate groups gathered violently in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Trump administration—under guidance from trusted aides such as Katharine Gorka—revoked a $400,000 federal grant from a U.S. nonprofit dedicated to rehabilitating former white supremacists and other extremists.


The fact that this system is now incapable of holding him responsible for what he’s done and doing is telling. We’ve let the rich and powerful (politicians, bankers, CEOs, lobbyists, military big wigs) get away with murder (sometimes literally), refuse to hold them accountable, and now here we are. A bunch of worthless politicians saying nothing comments by letter, and institutions that could hold him accountable that are crippled from corruption and ideological rigidity. I find the center-left’s response to this to be particularly pathetic. If they aren’t supporting policies that feed into radicalism and the increased alienation that people feel in regards to the political system and the government, they’re busy attacking those to their left (the only ones out there fighting and proposing popular solutions to our problems) in a thousand and one ways. What in the hell is someone like Chuck Schumer or Neera Tanden going to do to take on someone like Trump and white nationalists?




As Ta-Nehisi Coates would likely say: “Predictable.”

“The third, broadly, line of work is deconstruction of the administrative state. … If you look at these cabinet appointees, they were selected for a reason and that is the deconstruction. The way the progressive left runs, is if they can’t get it passed, they’re just going to put in some sort of regulation in an agency. That’s all going to be deconstructed and I think that that’s why this regulatory thing is so important.”

-Bannon at CPAC, 2/2017


Fake Trump is on the tube now defending his fake presidency. He actually said the anti protesters were there without a permit. When do people need a permit to object to hate. And I didn’t see any of them sdrive a car at murder speed down the center of the NeoNazis or the Clan or the Alt Right


I simply want to say that I commend those who stand up to armed militias who come in and attempt to occupy peoples communities. If you have armed militias bearing down on your home town, you gotta protect your community.


The violence was brought in by the supremacists. They went there (armed) en masse to cause trouble. It culminated in a depraved act of violence. The murder of an innocent human being and mayhem and maiming of twenty others. The media acts like the fighting and the murder by car were two separate things, almost as if they happened on different days.

The media should be making these rightwing morons pay for the shameful things they did. The media is letting the supremacists


off easy. Just like Trump blaming both sides because one side was forced to defend itself.

Who went there armed with weapons? Who went with shields and helmets? Clubs and bats etc? The media is letting them escape responsibility for the violence!


The ginger chimp speaks…and this time it’s HIS despicable words, not reading someone else’s…and it’s his usual fascist racist arrogant idiot blather from the worthless shite!

“Donald Trump blames ‘both sides’ for Charlottesville at press conference
President defends far-right marchers and equates Confederate generals Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson”

"Donald Trump defended far-right protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Tuesday, insisting that “not all of those people were neo-Nazis, not all of those people were white supremacists”.

“He also condemned leftwing counter-protesters who came to the Virginia university town to challenge the far-right marchers.”


But lets name our enemies. The rise of the radical right is the Kochs who backed it. That includes the real seeds behind climate denial, the rise of racism and so much more. I said on another thread all roads lead to two places - the Koches and the Clintons. The Koch’s think tank Americans for prosperity and the Clinton super allied think tank Center for American progress. The Koches were last seen supporting Clinton in the election. Not good for the people involved in the worst propagandists machines on both sides to team up.


Regarding the photo accompanying this article: the man in the photo (with the white goatee) and the balding man to the right and behind him were present at (and possibly involved in) the assault of De’Andre Harris. Photos confirming this are available at Greg Palast’s website.


Overthrow the Emperor…please let him gather his clothes. Also, get rid of his cabinet cabal. Eat the rich… Please, not Betsy first…ugh!


The Kochs have played a role, as have the Clintons, in moving the country to the right over the years, especially on economics and in regards to institutional racism (why it was assumed that Clinton would get the majority of the black vote during the primaries, given what she and her husband did and said, never made an ounce of sense to me). However, the rise of the radical right is not due to those two groups alone, or any one factor. For one, the radical, racist, proto-fascist right has always been here. I don’t see any evidence that it is growing, what it seems like is that these groups are now just more open and emboldened. I also think, however, the massive amounts of people are suffering, feel alienated from the government and the political system, they feel brushed aside by those in power and they can see that things are getting progressively worse. So, we do have a context in which the radical right can grow, and the political right can grow simply because the Democrats are now a pretty bad opposition party. People might see two rotten choices and do what they’ve increasingly been doing, not bother voting, and then the right has disproportionate power in government.


I had never heard of this rehab organization. I wonder what their rate of success is. More, I wonder if the people who have finished the program and are no longer in the Nazi, skinhead, fascist, KKK, etc. groups are willing to go full-on public and denounce their former brethren and try to educate them through different routes. I remember a program I attended a LONG time ago: Morris Dees (a hero) was traveling a speech circuit with a former skinhead. The man was frank, pragmatic, and trying to make the best of some really bad life decisions. It was an elucidating speech.


Whoa slow down there, since when has the Civilian Secret Police, Departent of Homeland Security, been the bastion of civil liberties?
Do you know what Fusion Centers are, How some Religious organizations recieve charity funds for spying on members and reporting any subversive persons?
You talk about a Fascist organization, you best take a look at just what that outfits overall agenda is.
Did you knoe they have control over three compaies of regular military whose only mission is to be on call in case of civil disturbances.
That DHS will have control over every civil governing body in timesof not declared national emergencies but whenever they feel elected officials are incompetent to govern in what they consider proper way.
To send in their agsncy people to take over near or Bankrupt state and city governments, all without a formal Declaration of Martial Law.
Talk about bass akwards progressives who line up for their money and think by giving them authority to decie hate speech or what is or is not Freedom of Speech, shows you just how screwed up progressives ideas of freedom and liberty are askewed.