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Ahead of DNC Vote, Progressives Make Final Pitch for Keith Ellison


Ahead of DNC Vote, Progressives Make Final Pitch for Keith Ellison

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Progressives are organizing a final push to get Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) elected as chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) ahead of a candidates' debate in Atlanta on Wednesday night and the vote on Saturday.


It's Keith Ellison or the Democratic Party goes bust.


Both Ellison and Perez have more than 105 and 57 votes respectively. The Hill only received responses from 240 of the 447 DNC voters. Their internal whip counts are much higher, around 165 for Perez and 206 for Ellison.


Pathetic. The Democrats are poison. They don't want anybody who's not a corporate moneybags.


Ellison will recieve Bernie's donor list, most of whom donated $27 or less. All of the candidates except Perez have said they want to ban lobbyist contributions.




The DNC election outcome will be more than just a "concession" to progressives (or not), it will determine if the Democratic Party continues to exist 5 or 10 years from now.

The GOP is within striking distance of being able to burn the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and write an entirely new constitution that will certainly include single party rule...basically outlawing the Democratic Party and all other parties.

Unless young Murkin voters vote for Democrats en masse in the 2018 midterm elections, there is little hope of preventing the GOP from burning the US Constitution. The only way young voters (and many of us older voters) will do this is if they and we have somebody to vote FOR, rather than somebody to vote AGAINST as has been the case for three decades.

Ellison appears to be the closest thing we have seen to a 12 step program to shake the Party's 30 plus year corporate money addiction.


Even though Elison has his own problems, him getting voted in would be a good first step. If the DNC are unwilling to take even this small first step then they are beyond hope. Like an addict who refuses to get help for their problem.


Don't get locked into the thinking, that getting one particular individual over any line is the do or die thing. Consider the never ending long term fight for rights, is in fact never ending. The corrupt will always be plotting to lie, cheat, steal and kill and they will always need to be challenged.
Who cares who the DNC chair is, there are still plenty of others who need to be replaced. Put in a corporate stooge, undermine them and drive them out and force another election. They want you to believe that you can never regain control, that they will always control you but you have already proven that wrong.
They stick corporate stooges in any role, make political life hell for that corporate stooge and never ever forget, have fun doing it. Do not become an old misery guts, have fun being involved in politics, have fun screwing up the plots and schemes of the corrupt, have fun dragging them down off the pedestals and have fun forcing justice.


Yo People, take a minute to reflect on the Democratic Party's policy accomplishments since 1980. Now consider the effort made to move the conversation toward what you need. Then consider why we are spending so much to wage global war against folks with no resources or reasonable reach outside their own borders. Finally look at what the Democrats have done for your constitutional rights.

Is this party a path to a reformed future, or an impediment? The People need representation and a strong advocate for significant change. The Party of Pelosi and Schumer ain't it!


Murkins have been so brainwashed to reject third parties for so long that as hard as it will be to get the Democratic Party to change, it will be harder to get Murkins to vote for third party candidates in 2018. Seeing how continued GOP power base building will give them the power to burn the US Constitution , write and ratify a new constitution that outlaws all parties other than the GOP, reforming the Democratic Party is our best hope.

Time has run out.


"In a decade on the House Financial Services Committee Keith Ellison hasn’t targeted the credit card racketeers, or the banksters who flooded the market with predatory home and student loans or federal officials who refuse to relieve underwater homeowners. Democratic party leaders need another empty black face to front the DNC, someone who blames Wikileaks and the Russians for Hillary’s defeat. Ellison will do just fine." http://www.blackagendareport.com/keith-ellison-dnc


Nice smear. Unload it all as you have only a few days left. I'm not looking through rose colored glasses here, but if you're a Green, stay out of it. It's not your fight , and anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows, don't get between fighting pit bulls. Savvy?


What does the chair of the Democratic National Committee do and why should we care?


If the DNC does not elect Keith Ellison at its national chair, it will confirm that the Dem Party has learned nothing from its loss in the 2016 Pres. election and it thousands of losses at national and state levels since 2008.


Greens have as much right as anyone to critique Democratic leaders and potential leaders.


So the truth is now labeled a "smear" Even from the fine journalists at BAR. Democrats crack me up. And I'm not a Green you intellectually incurious toady...


Pennsylvania DP Chair Marcel Groen sez: "They are putting an awful lot of pressure on people ... It's counterproductive."

Counterproductive, indeed ...
How can you be expected to spend every waking minute raising money if you have to answer calls from 'constituents'?


Thank you. The Chair manages money and makes sure candidates are funded. People turning this into the 2016 primary have lost their minds. Perez has a spectacular record. Ellison is great. It's like arguing about two kinds of your favorite ice cream.


If the DNC goes with the Old Guard again, I won't be supporting their candidates in the future. I held my nose when I voted for Hillary, but if the DNC is so tone deaf that they didn't understand what the last election is telling us, I'm not interested in supporting them anymore. We need new leadership, top to bottom starting with the new chair of the DNC. Keith Ellison would be a step in the right direction.