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Ahead of Forced Release of 'Chilling' Video, Chicago Cop Finally Charged with Murder



It seems clear that if the video of the murder of Laquan McDonald as he was walking away was not ordered released, the killer-cop might never have been charged with any crime! The Chicago authorities did not charge the cop for over a year, stone-walled, and resisted releasing the video of the murder until ordered to. Just as so many other brutal assaults, shootings, killings/murders and other criminal actions by cops have been ignored and/or covered-up UNTIL video evidence was produced!

Only the threat of the people becoming enraged and taking to the streets at McDonald's totally unnecessary and depraved cowardly murder forced the indictment, not the law or justice!

"video shows Van Dyke jumping out of his squad car and within seconds firing 16 rounds into McDonald"
- this is the mirror image of coward killer-cops driving up to 12 year old Tamir Rice jumping out and within 2 seconds shooting the boy dead! Cop training must include this pattern of shooting first and thinking never!


Please see further evidence and links to reports of this murder in my other post, #16, below!


There should be a public campaign to have everyone begin recording every arrest by the cops with cell phones automatically as good citizens.

All cops should wear body cams that come on when police speak into their radios.

All dash cams should record arrests and suspects should not be taken off to the side out of camera shot.


Look, damnit, insofar as Laquan McDonald was African American, and "police claimed [he] was armed with a small knife and under the influence of drugs,[and] was walking away from law enforcement when he was shot and killed by Van Dyke", everyone knows that his being shot and killed was justified under Illinois and Chicago law. Any African American in Chicago, Illinois, who is claimed by the police to be "armed with a small knife and under the influence of drugs", is such a danger to the public, that shooting the individual is always justified, even when the individual is walking away from whomever shoots the individual, Only if said individual is Caucasian would the shooting be unjustified, because Caucasoids are good people who you can trust, even when they're shooting you, as opposed to African Americans who can't be trusted, even when they are not shooting you.


If city officials and judicial officers protect these murderers then they are also complicit in their crimes!


Sadly , it is not just in Chicago that that paradigm holds true !


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"Police union officials initially said McDonald lunged at them with a knife."

Oh how typical. Do the police ALWAYS lie in these circumstances?


Hey, hey, hey, just because Rahm (it up your sphincter if you're African American) is Mayor of Chicago, doesn't mean "city officials ... protect these murderers". No-o-o, it merely means some people are good citizens, and others aren't. That's why public schools can be closed in African American neighborhoods in Chicago, and not in Caucasian neighborhoods. Walking a long ways through "good" neighborhoods will teach African American students how they ought to behave. Remember, Rahm has been Barak Obama's mentor ... which may explain a great deal.

Well, a qualifier: Even some of the racists who inhabit Yahoo! News are having trouble with the behavior of the CPD. Remember, however, I typed :"SOME". A hell of lot of others condemn the CPD, alright, but for even arresting the police officer for the shooting. Fascinating about the comments are imaginary behaviors by the victim which justified the shooting, or just "not obeying the police" (who began shooting within seconds of arriving at the scene). Sheesh, and the Supreme Court has ended school desegregation because racial segregation is no longer an issue in the U.S.?! Guess who are racists, with one Uncle Tom, on the Supreme Court.


"The people, yes." Carl Sandburg who knew Chicago pretty damn well.


Another black youth killed by a white police officer is a too familiar story, but the details that have emerged so far have raised several questions in my mind:
Do non-swat police routinely carry automatic weapons?
Do police officers routinely carry pistols with 16 round clips?
If Laquan McDonald was hit 16 times in such a short period of time is it possible (or even probable) that more than one police officer was involved in this shooting?
If that is so, where are the other indictments for the murder of Laquan McDonald?
Is the accused, Jason Van Dyke, being set up as the sacrificial patsy for the irresponsible acts of his colleagues along with himself?
There is something very foul here beyond the pointless murder of Laquan McDonald. Based on the timing of the dash cam video released, the details of this indictment do not make sense without some additional explanation.


If the United States were a person, the doctors would be saying that he or she was suffering from dangerous levels of stress, with blood pressure rising, and a heart attack imminent. So much social pressure has built up in the body politic, it's ready to explode. The police are simply out of control. After three decades of police state propaganda--the "war on crime," the "war on drugs," the "war on terror," the war on damn near everything--some police officers can no longer restrain themselves: they hear the culture telling them "shoot the n****r ! Shoot the n****r!" and, as the pressure mounts to boiling point, at last they pick up the gun and do what they are told.

Dangerous fantasies are in the air in the contemporary United States--"race war," massacre, murder, mayhem, "just get them outta here!" Being on the front line of genocidal fantasy, some police officers take it into themselves. They hate "the blacks" with a passion, and would like nothing more than to shoot dead every dreadlocked, gold tooth thug, who disrespects the uniform.

"Protect and serve"?? Not in America's ghettos! There, it's a simple matter of keeping "those animals in their place." Racist police officers do not regard African Americans and Latinos as fully human. Is it any surprise that they are ready to gun down a 12 year old child without any cause whatsoever?

The police have been abusing and murdering people of color for quite some time.What is new about the present moment is that police criminality has been brought to the wider public attention, by cameras and videos and the like. In the Disneyfied world of so-called "White America," many good citizens have a hard time believing that US police officers commit murder. They think this kind of behavior is more typical of police officers in Brazil, Columbia or Mexico. Good middle class "white Americans" have no real sense of the country they are living in.

And then there are the racists among the "white working class," who think that "the blacks" are only getting what they deserve. White supremacist proletarians are their own worst enemy: they support a system of oppression and hierarchy that has kept them ignorant and alienated, without a job, without hope and without real health insurance. But as long as they can look down on "the blacks" they are happy. They cleave to the moronic Donald Trump because he promises to keep the racial scam going, whereby "poor whites" can feel good about themselves by feeling hate towards others.

It's the same old Police narrative: "the n****r lunged with his knife and the officer feared for his life, so he shot the assailant reluctantly in self-defense." We will hear this narrative aplenty when the Tamir Rice murder in Cleveland comes to trial. Most often, the Police story plays and the offending officer walks free. Prosecutors and juries tend to be sympathetic to "the heroes in blue" who have to deal with "animals in the jungle."

"We" all know that "the blacks" are dangerous people...

The authorities in Chicago did everything they could to protect the murderer Van Dyke. They had no interest in seeing justice enforced for Laquan McDonald or anyone else who is "black." What does that tell us about the contemporary United States? Well, one thing it tells us is that African Americans are not regarded as true citizens and black lives don't matter at all in the calculations of the white power structure.

Watch the video. It's clear that Van Dyke committed cold blooded murder. It's not clear that he will convicted. We shall see...


The police murder of Laquan McDonald on October 20, 2014, in many current reports is incomplete. Immediately after the murder, video feeds from a fast-food chain across the street were erased/deleted by cops and a witness was taken to a station and pressured to recant her testimony of what she saw. Police initially lied about the facts of the murder until the video surfaced. There is an unconfirmed report of a second video of cops erasing/deleting the 86 minute Burger-King video; clear evidence of another crime if true! "In an interview with NPR on Wednesday, Craig Futterman, a Chicago attorney who aggressively lobbied for the release of the dashcam video, said there was evidence to back up Darshane's claim from other Burger King employees.

"The Burger King cameras had seven different video files. The officer went into the Burger King, and he erased all seven of those files," Futterman said. "The irony is, though, that the Burger King surveillance video was running while the officer erased them. And so there's a videotape of the officer erasing the video." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/laquan-mcdonald-burger-king-video_5655c5abe4b072e9d1c1469b

The fact that the killer-cop was NOT indicted until the dash-cam video evidence of the truth was forced to be released as well as other facts show a massive cover-up and conspiracy to evade justice by Chicago officials and police and perhaps the Feds!

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is complicit for not calling for an indictment of a clear murder! The prosecutor who delayed for over a year to indict with clear video evidence of the brutal murder is complicit, and others in the AG's office are likewise complicit in the cover-up and failure to fulfill their oaths of office! "City officials resisted legal challenges to release the footage for almost a year". The fox CANNOT investigate hen-house killings! "Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration had long sought to keep (the dash-cam video) out of public view"

This is a Federal case, or should be, but Obama's long-time friend, adviser, and ex-Chief of Staff, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, as well as Obama's history in Chicago politics HAS perhaps influenced the timing and focus of the FBI investigation begun in mid-April 2015 (6 months after the killing), and contributed to the cover-up and conspiracy!! Has the public heard anything on this egregious case until the judge ordered the video released? NO!
"federal authorities confirmed the FBI is leading a criminal probe of the officer who fired the barrage of shots. According to a statement by U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon, the joint investigation also involves the Cook County state's attorney's office and the Independent Police Review Authority, which investigates police misconduct."

Where is the indictment for conspiracy? Where is the reporting of the FULL story here? The Chicago police and prosecutors will try to blame the one cop, then rig his trial. Charging the cop with 1st degree murder as they did is hard to prove and may be the first move to rig the trial and continue the cover-up and conspiracy. Destroying evidence, coerce witnesses, and delay/manipulate indictment are ALL designed to evade justice! Prosecutors are just cops in suits! There MUST be more indictments for destruction of evidence and conspiracy, AND robust Federal prosecution!!







Yep. He should at least be charged with accessory-after.


Well, if there were any question about whether or not this was "a few bad apples" or a systemic training issue, you can see clearly how the answer is B.
This poor brother is giving the cops a fairly wide berth--at least two body lengths away--and consequently presents no immediate physical danger to the cops. Even if he were waving a samurai sword, he's still out of range, giving the police ample time to switch to non-lethal means or attempt a dialogue that wasn't "get down!" screamed over and over.

So you can see the sequence. Laquan doesn't "get down!", keeps walking but at a distance, and when you see him spin, that's likely the effect of the first shot (I've seen this before, sadly). Then he continues to moe, and they continue to shoot. That means that the second they pulled the trigger the first time, the training dictated that the "suspect" was going to have to die since he possessed a (knife?). When Laquan stops moving, you can see the officer gingerly step over and kind of use his toe to shove the weapon (or whatever) away, as if it's a snake waiting to strike.

This is all textbook, actually. Each move was a step in a choreography, and I know this because that's exactly how you train officers to taze. So someone's literally teaching them to do this with certain suspects. It isn't 'shoot first, ask questions later', it's 'kill first, fill out the paperwork later', because if the standard is to ensure your mark is no longer moving at all, then the only way to accomplish that is to kill them.

This should be yet another national scandal. Cops areliterally being trained not so much as soldiers, but as hit men and assassins.


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Guess who trained Chicago Law Enforcement? Israel. I shit you not. Old Rahm, who is a dual citizen by his own admission, probably sent in the IDF to show em' how we do it to Palestinians.

You couldn't make up a story more twisted than Chicago PD.


There has to be a way that the body cams can be instantaneously uploaded to the a central storage site, and that they can be made to have controlled (by someone else) turn on/off by IT so they CAN'T be turned off by officers.


Chicago, Oakland, New York City et al, all have numerous killers in their ranks. All of them lost their community service mandates years ago when they became paramilitary troops. Chicago, in particular, has still not answered for its police force and its illegal dungeon.


Technology isn't the problem, it is already there. The problem is that police departments do not want to be recorded while performing their duties. They know that they break the law routinely and have no justification for it. As we see, in a case like this without camera, the public would only have been told that the teen attacked the police officer with a knife. That is shown to be false by the camera.

The fact that police can shoot and kill people is sufficient reason to require that all police activities be recorded automatically by video. The technology already exists that makes this easy to do... It is up to citizens to demand that this be required.