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Ahead of Global #ClimateStrike, 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Ahead of Global #ClimateStrike, 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old whose protests outside the Swedish parliament spurred a massive global movement of young people striking from school to demand bold action on the climate crisis, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


She really does deserve this prize. A fine example of what Leadership looks and acts like.


Greta deserves it . Reshuffle the letters in her name and its G-R-E-A T.

Trump deserves the opposite of the Nobel Peace Prize.


There needs to be a new category to accommodate the likes of Mr. Trump.
'The Most Agressive and Dangerous Man Alive Award. ’
If you win this award you have to PAY the Nobel committee one million dollars and clean up toxic waste sites without protective gear.


Yes, it could be called the IGNOBLE PEACE PRIZE!


How long after she wins the Award will she call for a Surge in Afghanistan and Syria,
I’m guessing never


Do it! Actually give her the prize!

Once in a while the prize will go to somebody who will actually apply the prize money in cutting edge work. That’s specifically what Alfred Nobel, the founder of the prize, intended. Every instance where the prize is handed to someone who is already in a nursing home is a real slight to Mr. Nobel.


They do have Darwin Awards for people who bump themselves off through their own stupidity, thus improving the gene pool. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump is likely to take a lot of people with him.


Don’t just listen to the children, “learn” from the children.


I’ve seen Trump’s composer change twice. Once when they laughed at him when giving a bragging U.N. speech, and the other when someone, jokingly I think, suggested he get a Nobel and broke into his version of a blush. Of course that idea was ridiculous.
Prizes don’t do much for the recipient, but they do validate their valor.


From the following article:
‘The student strikes reflect the politicization and leftward trajectory of a generation that has come of age in a world of unprecedented social inequality, ongoing environmental degradation, growing state repression and imperialist wars.’


I would suggest a slight change:


Greta, I am as proud of you as though you were my own daughter.
*You have not only been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but your nomination is also bringing a touch of honor back to the Peace Prize after it has been awarded to some of the most brutal war criminals in history. Kissinger and Obama come to mind.
*You have the love and hopes of much of the human race, which is following your example to the best of their ability. Not only the youth, but many of us elders.
*Keep it up! We love and support you and your efforts!


Awww…Trump will be gnashing his teeth should this beautiful intelligent child get the prize…instead of him with his fake routine designed to bamboozle the gullible.


Someone should tell him he won the IGNOBLE PEACE PRIZE. He would be so pleased with himself!


Looking at past recipients id say the Nobel “peace” prize is ignoble enough.


Greta certainly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than BHO ever did.


O so very true :-)))


Let’s be honest, the Nobel Peace Prize has nothing to do with generating world peace and Nobel Peace Prize recipients rarey ever use the money for developing solutions. In fact over the last 120 years the most important and influential inventions/inventors have never won a Nobel peace prize.

The fact that the greatest influencers to end the world wars and Cold War never won the peace prize should tell you all you need to know about that award…


Indeed. The Nobel Peace Prize, especially in the late years, has lost any pretense for earning respect.

But on this particular case, although I admire and highly respect what Greta has done during this past year, I do not think that her actions or her raise to the level that the price purports to convey.

There are, I am sure, plenty of people, and especially in the global south, who daily put their life at risk in service to a higher purpose and including climate issues, who may not have the resources to get to a global platform.

If my opinion had any weight (which I am certain it does not), three deserving individuals should share it this year: Assange, Manning, Snowden. All three transcend borders, and all three have deliberately put their lives on the line, in service to the public good.