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Ahead of Global #ClimateStrike, 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Greta for President 2020. She’s got more smarts than you know who. Too bad she’s not old enough.


Greta is an example that kids are born good. Evil has to be taught.

Thank you Greta.


The only award Trump deserves is the "Piece of Shit Prize."

Or perhaps, the Waste Of Human Flesh prize.

Sorry for the crude references.


Absolutely a most worthy nomination. She was a spark that the movement to save the planet needed.


It might be normal for there to be violence but it’s never natural.
We are born inherently good .


Dear Greta,
The DAVOS folks may be responsible to a large extent for the supply of oil and gas. But attacking only supply is the same as cutting the national food supply to solve an obesity problem.
Demand of energy and plastics is everyone’s responsibility to cut for the world to deal with this situation which is very much in crisis. Boycott extravagant car and plane transportation systems and products. Kill gas guzzling vehicles. Excoriate wasteful packaging…