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Ahead of Illinois Primary, Sanders Thanks Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel... for Not Endorsing Him


Ahead of Illinois Primary, Sanders Thanks Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel... for Not Endorsing Him

Jon Queally, staff writer

Ahead of the Illinois Democratic primary that is now just days away, Bernie Sanders has taken a quick moment to thank the mayor of that state's largest city for not endorsing his presidential campaign.

Under fire from large swaths of Chicago's residents for his regressive handling of city affairs—including unrelenting attacks against the city's public schools and its teachers as well how he's handled cases of police violence—Sanders expressed gratitude for the Mayor Rahm Emanuel's decision to endorse his rival Hillary Clinton's campaign and not his own.


“I want to thank Rahm Emanuel for not endorsing me. I don’t want the endorsement of a mayor shutting down schools and firing teachers.”

Tell it like it is Bernie (remember his remarks on Gov. Synder, too)!


Rahm Emanuel… even reading that asshole’s name is enough to make me want to toss my breakfast. We need to rid ourselves once and for all of this plague of DLC/Third Way corporate scam artists that hijacked the Democratic party back in the early nineties.

Say what you will about the Republicans, but they at least sent their RINOs and the Bush dynasty packing. In Britain the Labour party finally pulled the Blairite/New Labour claws from around its throat and elected Corbyn. Now it’s our turn.


Most of my old friends are die hard Clinton supporters, but this campaign is slowly starting to get through their thick heads. After 100 or so apologies, they’re actually starting to entertain the idea that their normally perfect selves screwed up. Probably won’t break in the end, given the incredible “lesser evil” work being done with the Trumpistas–whom they’re now more dutifully afraid of than ISIS, I guess–but it’s at least a start to see those sanctimonious middle class cages rattled.

The most enthusiastic cmment this morning on my personal FB page?

“Well, she did apologize”.

I couldn’t stop laughing. That’s the response of someone about to break…:slight_smile:


Emanuel, just another neoliberal, austerity economics member of the establishment, the Borg.


He’s definitely one of them, but not “just another.” I’d call him a particularly icky little specimen.


hahaha. Naw, they’re decent people except for politics, and the problem is just their class positioning makes it hard to see the world the way it really is for others. I am, however, shutting more than a few of them down until November for flooding my space with their neoliberal cheerleading.


From Chicago, Bloomington, Champaign, Decatur, Springfield, Galesburg, to “Little Egypt” Cairo, feel the Bern big time this Tuesday. Make the Ides of March a good omen for Bernie.


It was when Obama first appointed him his chief of staff that I new the hope and change was the biggest hustle pulled on the people of this country in many years. I never voted for him because I did not trust him to do the right thing once I learned he took money from the nuclear industry. I was not wrong and living in California I had the ability to vote for a third party - green of course, because I knew Obama would win in California. I will do the same this year if Bernie does not win the nomination.


Good for Bernie. And while you are at it how about thanking those two war criminals, Kissinger and Albright for not endorsing you and endorsing your opponent.


Rahm Emanuel isn’t just another neoliberal, he is an evil Zionist DLC criminal SOB that had enormous subversive influence on our nation and foreign policy while in the Clinton and Obama administrations!! Yet another pro-Israeli agent at our expense!

He worked for the Chicago Daley Machine and slithered back to the Windy City to work more destructive policy on the people, notably the cover-up of the police execution of Laquan MacDonald!

Emanuel was and is tight with both Clintons - birds of a feather all of them - black folks especially in Chicago should see that neither Emanuel or the Clintons give a shite about their lives or any of the 99%!

Emanuel fought against release of the Laquan murder video and covered-up the original crime and other related crimes - disappeared video, missing evidence and witness tampering among others…all to get himself re-elected!
Hillary still “has confidence” in Emanuel. Want more Rahm Emanuel style politics and cover-ups? Vote for Hillary!



I’ll see your Aaron Neville and just have to raise you a beloved Buffy Sainte-Marie


Thanks for that! Bob, editor Be Solar Dot Info


We Are The Revolution


I certainly have limits to what I can tolerate in my personal sphere politically and socially. But I admit they’re pretty hard to breach, although a few try from time to time.
It’s useful: it reminds me to beware the temptation to demonize people who aren’t like me or don’t think like me, although I always reserve the right to lock major horns with them when they’re being wrong…:slight_smile: If they can handle that, we’re good. If not, then we have to go different ways.


Religious or not, let’s pray for the “political contagion” of Rahm Emanuel.


Hopefully if Bernie wins the presidency Rahm might just decide to move to Israel.


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