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Ahead of Illinois Primary, Sanders Thanks Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel... for Not Endorsing Him


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The miracle these days is that some of the media are finally reporting what Bernie says, so he can make these statements and they get out there. "First they ignore you, then they fight you, then..."


Given her horrendous lying about Bernie, it is no longer enough to just vote third party if Shillary is the Democratic nominee, she must LOSE this election, period. It is the only way the People can take back the party in the name of labor, the poor, and minorities. I think even if Trump becomes POTUS he won't destroy the country. His history shows that he would probably be an ineffective and bumbling President, who would lose in four years to a real progressive. Let's send Hillary and Bill into permanent retirement as full-time grandparents.


LOVE Bernie --

The day after 2008 when Obama so joyously announced Rahm Emmanuel as his #1 in the White House

I knew it was over. And it was.


hahaha. naw, just the hazards of being an ex-academic. I'm used to arguing over politics rationally and impersonally with people who can still do that, although that pool seems to be dwindling dramatically the last couple of decades.


We need to rid ourselves of all of these Zionist Dual Citizen Israeli's ASAP- They owe no allegiance to our Country and DO NOT have any business in our Government!!!!!!
Our Government has become infested with Zionist Israeli's and our forefathers would turn over in their graves if they knew the extent of it!!!
Bernie is Jewish and that is just fine with me- It's the Dual Citizen Israeli Jews and even the Zionist AIPAC Jews that I have A problem with.....


Well done- I like it, I like it's basic honesty....
I would like to get A copy of the lyrics- (Some mighty quick reading there)


AIPAC is just another lobbying organization, and the limits of its power were amply demonstrated by its failure to shove the U.S. into a war with Iran. Lobbying is the problem, whether that's the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, the banks, the "defense" companies, media companies, a special interest organization like AIPAC, it is all the same thing.

The critical problem that enables all this corruption is America's campaign finance system. Lobbyists hold so much sway only because politicians are beholden to them for donations. Cut that chord and you'll see a responsive government again. Fail to cut it, and even if you tossed AIPAC out of the country entirely America would still be corrupt to the rivets.


No, AIPAC is not just another "Lobbying Organization"- AIPAC is the only Lobbying Organization in America whose sole purpose is to push the Israeli Zionist position within our Government to continue the wholesale slaughter of the Palestinians and to further the Power of the Israeli Government by way of placing Zionist Jews in HIGH Government office within the USA and to assure that Israel gets it's way in any of the other Governing bodies, including the CFR and the UN- The Wars in the ME are all basically for the future of Israel IMHO-

There is no way of knowing just how much money they have, but with Goldman Sachs and A just "few" other Jewish Banks, you can bet your ass that they have plenty of stroke- When was the last time you saw the FED with anyone other than A Jew at the helm? The FED! The grand Daddy of ALL Private Banks, foreign and domestic....

I am in NO way insulting the Jewish population in this Country- They have given us much in the ways of Unions, Civil Rights and the list goes on- They are more than welcome- It is the Ashkenazi Zionist and Dual Citizen Zionist Israeli's that I am talking about here....

I do agree that without Campaign Finance Reform including abolishing Citizens United, that our system will remain thoroughly corrupted "to the rivets" though...


Thanks nottheonly1- I tried to google them but to no avail-