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Ahead of Independence Referendum, Catalan Citizens Occupy Polling Stations


Ahead of Independence Referendum, Catalan Citizens Occupy Polling Stations

Catalan kids play

As Madrid cracks down on Catalonia's attempt to break free from the Spanish government, organizers have taken over schools in hopes of voting on Sunday


This is even more ridiculous than Brexit! Every county is declaring itself independent and wanting to become a country.

Reminds me of an old poem

Pity the nation divided into fragments,
each fragment deeming itself a nation.
― Kahlil Gibran, The Garden of The Prophet

I say give them independence, withdraw the euro as currency there then charge them for all services (gas, electricity, health service, police etc…) in their own Catalonia monopoly money, stop all EU and Spanish investments there, impose regular trade tariffs and visas for the brave citizens of Catalonia.

Let’s see how far they get.


Catalonia desires to exit Spain, not the EU. They will probably join the EU should they achieve independent statehood. Catalonia is politically more progressive than the rest of Spain with a distinct language and culture, the left should support their independence.


Joining the EU is not an automatic process. Countries who wish to join must satisfy the Copenhagen criteria, and Catalonia doesn’t. And do you really believe that Merkel, Macron, Junker, et al will welcome Catalonia and risk pissing the rest of Spain off big time?

As for the left support for independence, why should they. Whatever you may think the left are, they are not stupid, and they are rooted in common sense and understanding of common needs. The interests of the many are served by the coming together of people and pooling resources, not this farcical “lets-go-play-at-being-a-country” nonsense.


Well Well. You found a place to sow your toxins

In the end while we are becoming a World Federation
It must be founded upon the Self-Determination of the Worlds Diverse Cultural Entities

Just as the First Nations and the Native American Cultures must retain Sovereignty to Nurture their Cultural Heritage , so to must Catalans be Sovereign in their own Culture.

One can readily see the Despotic Alternative is the Jack Boot on the Throat of a Free People
A Position you apparently advocate

The World does not end with Catalonian Freedom
Indeed that is where a Valued Life Begins

The Catalonian People are a Strong and Intelligent Culture
Madrid is an Bitter Old Cabron that runs around making Problems for its Neighbors

Which apparently agrees with your pursuits


You’re carrying conflation and dishonestly to new levels. Brexit was a vote by the population of the UK to leave the EU. Catalonia’s movement is a vote for independence from Spain, after generations of autonomous relations was repeatedly assaulted and destroyed by sources of power in the Spanish Republic at the time. There is a history involved. And as with all history it’s accuracy is not even remotely reflected with simple barroom narratives, let alone resorting to juvenile Trump-like cartoon representations of reality.


EU and euro are failed projects. The people of southern Europe is looted by banksters of Europe.


Catalonia to Spain: Thanks for investing in all the industry in our area… Oh, and thank you for bailing us out in 2008, 2012 and 2014. We’re fine now so go f-k yourself.