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Ahead of Israeli Election, Netanyahu Vows to Annex Large Swaths of West Bank 'In Maximum Coordination With Trump'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/10/ahead-israeli-election-netanyahu-vows-annex-large-swaths-west-bank-maximum

Here’s yet another example of short-term domestic political considerations driving foreign policy into a bloody wreck.



I guess the Outdoor Concentration Camp where the Palestinians live, will be shrinking.

In Israel, the Politician who is more Barbaric toward the Palestinians will get the votes.

There has only been One Party in Israel for Decades, the Far Right Nazi Party, where Sympathy, for the Neighbors they just evicted from their homes, is Unacceptable.

The Chosen Ones are obviously praying to a god that does not frown upon the mistreatment of people they just conquered and living under a Tyrannical Occupation.


I can hear the anti-semites cheering at the news. Thanks for giving them your support Netanyahoo.

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Where is the bold type headline that annexation by an occupying power is illegal under International Law??

Blatantly illegal under International Law, UN Charter & Resolutions, and The Fourth Geneva Convention on occupying powers. Since WWII it is illegal to legally acquire territory by force, and that includes territory under occupation that is “annexed”

The annexation from the zionist entity is racist in keeping with their supremacist mindset and contempt for the lives of all others, especially the Palestinians! Also illegal is Israeli ethnic cleansing, and all settlements in the Occupied Territories, including the Golan and Negev, as well as Jerusalem! Neither trump or netanyahoo can make a criminal annexation “legal” - MoFo’s both!

This neo-fascist crap is clearly meant for domestic Israeli consumption before so-called elections. Should Nutty-yahoo try this crap Israel should rightly be kicked-out of the UN as a violator of basic principles, as well as condemned by all world bodies not in thrall to Israel! Nothing Israel does toward “annexation” of territory, or the trump regime “recognizes” is legal under International Law!

That trump would go-along with this fascist crap is not surprising as he is a confirmed Israeli asslicker and craven lap-dog! The Israeli racists have the US and our elected officials also boot-licking and serving Israeli racism and war-crimes at the expense of Americans - takes one war-criminal to know another!


What good is the United Nations again?


chosen only as long as they adhere to prophetic tradition. Zionists are irreligious and have taken the land by force in violation of Judaic law.


zionists own the U.S. govt. There will be nary a peep from the anointed candidates. Any protesters will be banned from the zionist owned media.


There are people of all faiths and without faith, who are anti-Israeli for good cause right now. Judaism does not equal Israel. Israel is a genocidal greedy bellicose propagandizing America-attacking nation as currently configured. I vote against unpatriotic politicians who swear allegiance to another country.


Zionist, fraudster, land-stealing Bibi is part of the evil club that includes Grifter Trump, Bolsonaro, Putin, and Duterte.
The international community is as cowardly in its weak response to Bibi as Pelosi is in her refusal to impeach Trump.


“Judaism does not equal Israel.”

Does “Americanism” equal “America” to some extent? We have a manifest destiny, we are chosen to bring light to the world, god is on our side. I submit that Israel is founded on principles like these as well.

At the same time we can both agree: There are Americans who are “un-American” enough to detest their own country’s foreign policy.

Rubber stamping American wishes?

If god is on the side of war, then god is evil.


There is also only one party here in the USofA. Bebe’s Party.


Many of the radicals are atheists too. Tune in to Real Time with Bill Maher.
Religion and other exclusionary ideologies are really about identity. You don’t have to be religious to practice the very same thing.

Not very much if the conversation (arguement) i had tonight with an ex un employee is anything to go by.

Fuck racist israHell. They have gone well beyond being called civilized or a democracy. A murderous zionist pig, Benny Ziffer, who writes for Harretz, wrote on his facebook page another obvious reason why israHell needs a regime change: “En route I looked at the Palestinian villages alongside the Jewish communities, and I thought of how for the Palestinians murder is a type of sport or enjoyment, perhaps a substitute for erotica. From that perspective we will never have anything culturally in common with them.”

And if that weren’t enough, Ziffer also wrote, “Regarding this evil and undignified people living among us, we can only yearn for the land to vomit it out, because it isn’t worthy of this land, which is full of Jewish blood that it has spilled.” If ya got facebook, let the bitch Benny Ziffer know how you feel. If you’re with Hezbolla, nail Benny with a B-40 rocket. If you’re a congress whore, cut off all funding to racist israHell.


Maher, sadly, is an Islamophobe.


And he has sold out to the corporate/centrist DNC and is anti-progressive. Some of his show is still useful, but most of the time, he’s a shill for the Pelosi wing of the Democratic Party.


Perhaps Trump could lend Bibi a sharpie so that we could know what he intends to annex.

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