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Ahead of Key Hearing on US Extradition, Assange Gets 50 Weeks in Prison for UK Bail Violation

Ahead of Key Hearing on US Extradition, Assange Gets 50 Weeks in Prison for UK Bail Violation

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The day before a court hearing planned for Thursday on the U.S. Justice Department's request to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States, a British judge sentenced him to 50 weeks in prison for skipping bail seven years ago, when he first took refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Hope someone is conducting a research on how many bail breaching people (for an expired warrant) in the UK have been given this sort of sentence, and this sort government monitoring, at the cost of 16 million. His treatment from several western ‘democracies’ has been just as invaluable, as the information he has released. The UN has been the only body with a semblance of credibility, in his case. Disgusting to see NYTimes or Guardian’s reporting on this today.

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Who knows anything about that judge? I find it odd that what was overlooked—or maybe ignored was that the first charge against Assange was dropped. Only later was it brought up again by a different prosecutor–which seemed rather odd—and then finally dropped, but 50 weeks for jumping bail? What does this charge normally rate for bail jumpers in the UK?

And the biggest insult? Julian Assange is a PUBLISHER-------not a hacker. As the NY Times and others benefitted from his work----nothing negative for them? Usually America is more vindictive----qui bono?

This is likely the beginning of the end for Assange.

Hardly. They are turning him into a martyr. Martyrs inspire more people to take action against the repressive authorities. However hard they (the Establishment and its media) try to smear his name, the facts he revealed speak for themselves and defend him.


The Sentencing Council publishes its Guidelines for all offences including failure to surrender. This sentence was clearly extreme according to them, and clearly political. The intention is to keep Mr Assange in solitary confinement until the extradition proceedings (extradition order followed by appeals) are exhausted. The only thing that can thwart the plan is the election of a Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn, which the same forces are equally determined to prevent.

The max sentence is 12 months.

Hi wingsofadove: omg----America gets scarier by the minute. I guess journalism is over too, judging how America’s major media is writing complete nonsense about what’s happening in Venezuela.
All these machinations----------but they only show us that free speech is being destroyed by America and the UK------one does wonder what the world will be like when news is nothing but lies-------we need Julian and more and more believers in the First Amendment. I guess that “Memory Hole,” is a real thing. : (

UK should be offering Julian Assange ASYLUM there –
Something they should have done long ago, save for their sick
connection to US/CIA demands.