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Ahead of Kim-Trump Summit, Good People Declare: 'Time to Give Peace a Chance'

Ahead of Kim-Trump Summit, Good People Declare: 'Time to Give Peace a Chance'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just hours before the much anticipated face-to-face meeting takes place in Singapore—and even as much of the corporate media continue to get the narrative wrong—peace advocates raised their voices on Tuesday to embrace the possibility that the summit between U.S.

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The “Good People” referred to in the headline – is that a 501©(3) not for profit organization, or have we given up all pretense of non-prejudice re other humans? There’s a higher road to be taken than the one that leads to the Sneetches on the Beaches. (Disclosure: I too used to work for PSR.) -K

China sent the secret train. Then North Korea reversed its military stance 180 degrees. I think China is orchestrating this dance, every step.


Trump the Chimp & Chump & Nutty Yahoo are keeping their WMD’s but expect Kim to give up his. The USA’s enemies in the ME should have WMD’s so they can keep the USA, Israel & KSA out of their territories.

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What tried that and got COINTELPROed.

I think this US-NK situation is all complete fake BS from the onset. Dotard vs mini dotard, two fat assed frump dumps.


I think people really need to tell Trump that wow, these guys failed!
Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Bush 1 Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama–couldn’t do it-------but you , YOU can be the President who can----------YOU can make a peace treaty with North Korea----and it’s about time!

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Very good idea. Bolton won’t be saying this to him though. That guy should be arrested for openly trying to interfere with the president’s peace talks with NK.

I’m deeply against any military action against North Korea. What I’m about to say shouldn’t be seen as diminishing this.

It’s very upsetting to see our so called progressive leaders showing themselves to be ignorant, obtuse dunderheads who spout out stuff to make themselves look good and Trump look bad and show themselves to be stupid ignoramuses who can’t bother to research things before they spout out their nonsense.

The United States is STILL in a state of conflict with North Korea under the UN authorization to make war on them since the UN authorization was never rescinded. Are they just freakin’ idiots to not know this? I mean part of the discussion is to end the war finally. (South Korea and North Korea may have ended the war recently, but the UN hasn’t nor its authorization for the US to lead a war against North Korea.)

The Korean War, which is still going on officially, is the only UN war and the US, as one that signed the treaty forming the UN, operates still under that authorization.

WAKE THE FREAK UP and show that you are more than empty suits spouting a bunch of “Aren’t I righteous” propaganda.

You want Trump not to be able to go to war with Korea? You actually have to take action in Congress to end the war, you freakin’ idiots.

AARRRGGGHHHH (Can you tell this really pisses me off? We had this discussion here a few months ago and I had to actually convince people this was the case then. I guess none of our congressional progressive leaders like the fake one, Ro Khanna, have any idea what their own history is.)


Not as historic as the Molotov/Ribbentrop meeting but right up there.

Thank you------Two mass murderers having a photo op for their home base. And we buy all this BS. Neither side wants a peaceful outcome----------just think back when Trump said he wanted to pull out of Syria------the military police state went into damage control.


Seems fair for China to organise the peace conference, after all the whole almost starting world war three and destroying Seoul was a US Government scam to block the continued economic expansion of China into Africa and the Middle East by locking them up in defence of North Korea.
Yep the US totally comfortable with the idea of killing as many people in Seoul as long as US corporations remain dominant in Africa and the Middle East, after all they told Americans to get out so the killing could commence. War and conflict a sickness that the US seems completely and utterly incapable of curing itself of and in fact revels in the disease, reporting on it’s military mass murder of other people’s like a sporting event.
So now an empty peace conference which the US will blame on North Korea and China with a string of lies. The biggest mistake China is making is not requiring that it be live broadcast across the internet so that they US can not lie about what happens there.

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No kidding. China has played it’s cards well as has South Korea. And don’t forget, peace was also helped by the fact that “rocket man” blew up his own nuclear facility, collapsing a mountain in the process. All you need is a clown to show up to finish the show. Is this peace, comedy, tragedy? Your guess is as good as mine.

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I find it funny that we are talking about signing a peace treaty with a nation we aren’t at war with.
This is just a photo op for two little men, to shake their little hands,in front of cameras of course, in order to appear more important than they are.
Whether, it’s long ties, big truck tires, or meaningless “treaties” it never ceases to amaze me what men with little dicks will do in order to pretend their little dicks are bigger.

Political maxim: “The enemy of my enemy has got to be one bizarre dude.”

On some level, Mr. Trump is a politician. He’s in a party, the Republican Party, that praises cult-like loyalty to their donors’ big money above all other factors. However, he despises a great number of Republican leaders. That means, sometimes Mr. Trump thinks for himself.

I think of Mr. Kim as an old-style king with a paint job. His father was king, his grandfather was king, he uses palace intrigue to kill off his rivals, his personal Pit of Misery is legendary and I suppose that he likes beer too. So, he’s a small king. It’s possible that someday he could make himself a real nuisance to his next door neighbor, China.

It may be that the USA bombed North Korea flat in 1948, but they haven’t attacked in at least 60 years. Nor is the US about to move their Army and Air Force within 50 miles of China ever again. So, actual war between the U.S. and North Korea is basically a political talking point, an old remnant.

So Mr. Trump had an idea: why not shift the war over to Iran and call off this meaningless one? If Kim wants to terrorize his people, let it be China’s embarrassment.

Both the Republicans and neoliberal Democrats howled at this one. “You just can’t walk away from a 60 year old war! This guy’s a terrorist!” Mr. Trump said, “Meh! Show me how I can make more money.”

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