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Ahead of Major Protest to Stop Kinder Morgan Pipeline, Company Files Injunction Against Water Protectors

Ahead of Major Protest to Stop Kinder Morgan Pipeline, Company Files Injunction Against Water Protectors

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Ahead of a massive anti-pipeline demonstration planned for British Columbia on Saturday, the energy company Kinder Morgan has filed an injunction against more than a dozen Canadians who have protested the company's expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.


Recently the BC Government which was recently voted in announced that there would be a further review of this expansion which the prior BC Government had approved.

The newly Elected Government is NDP.

In Alberta the NDP in power there announced it would boycott buying BC products such as wine as a countermeasure. Both Governmnets then annoinced there would be Court Challenges with Alberta claiming only the Federal Government had jurisdiction over transporting product across Provincial borders and the BC Government claiming they had jurisdiction over protection of their environment.

The NDP in Alberta claims they are being “Environmentally responsible” in that the jobs provided and revenues produced could then be re-invested in technologies to protect the same (The most CONVOLUTED reasoning one can imagine. A more logical approach would be not to destroy it in the first place)

The BC Government here then backed down giving a statement that all options being reconsidered. This was in response to all manner of the Wine industry complaining about lost market.

This demonstrates the GRIP Captalism and the Corporations have on Governments even if there no things like lobbying and Citizens United from the same. They threaten pulling out investments and crashing the economy and the Governments feel they have to protect and promote these investments or risk job loss and public backlash.

It has to be pointed out that Alberta is also under pressure from China. This because Chinese owned Companies bought leases in the tarsands area to mine for that Oil for export to China. They in essence OWN the resource. If the Alberta Government does not provide a means for those Companies to export the product, they can both be sued and will see these investments dry up.

Private ownership of Public resources and putting the needs of the Corporations ahead of the environment is core to the Capitalist system. That system is the enemy. The NDP evolved from the Socialist CCF and the CCF had as a platform that all Natural resources would be publicly owned and nationalized and any exploitation of the same would NOT be because it was good for the Corporations, but because it was good for all. The NDP abandoned their roots and now are all but indistinguishable from the Liberals and Conservatives.


This is a valid consideration from Standing Rock. These companies have a bad history and it should be considered when giving them access to natural resources as precious as water and people’s lives.


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A truly and astonishingly absurd idea. We did not create the earth and all her gifts. They are not ‘resources’ but gifts to be used with respect.


Wait - One doesn’t “file an injunction” - one files a petition asking a court to issue an injunction.

Has a court issued an injunction?

Long distance investments are seldom a good idea in a holistic sense as in order to safeguard them many things are likely to get thrown under the bus. Case in point is the US’s approximately one thousand military bases spread about the globe.


Yes the court has issued a Injunction