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Ahead of 'March for Our Lives,' Student Manifesto Outlines Steps to Eradicate 'Plague of Gun Violence'


Ahead of 'March for Our Lives,' Student Manifesto Outlines Steps to Eradicate 'Plague of Gun Violence'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Ahead of the historic "March for Our Lives" demonstrations taking place nationwide on Saturday, student journalists from Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida—the site of a shooting last month that left 17 dead—published a mani


The kids’ reforms are much stronger than the ‘progressive’ ‘common sense’ agenda. They are closer to getting to the heart of the matter.


Next up are the two existential threats to our youth’s future: Nuclear winter and ecological collapse. Every war is a theft to their future. Solidarity!


Its the goddamned hippie’s fault with their liberal peace and love propaganda.

Its up to us conservatives to shoot the evil terrorists before they strike at home. And how can we do that if we let the liberals take our guns? Our hero police and Mafia friends alone can’t do it.

We need to arm every conservative with the latest weapons and disarm the liberals down to their toothpicks.

While we’re at it, we need to give our Pentagon a few hundred billion dollars more to keep us safe from shithole countries…and build a wall.


I hope this is sarcasm.


“The kids’ reforms are much stronger than the ‘progressive’ ‘common sense’ agenda.”

Hm…seems the kids’ practical reforms are much like Tulsi Gabbard’s call for “common sense” (her words) reform on these pages. The diff imo, Tom, is the immediacy and galvanizing power of their articulate outcries vs. the more formally political aim of finding “common ground” (Gabbard again) and rapproachment among electorates.

In this particular situation, I see the two approaches as convergent - though, if we compare it with, say, the pre-Civil War period, I’d say slavery would have continued far longer w/o the Abolitionist ‘No!’



And, what of the children murdered overseas by the US military and CIA?


America loves guns and we love war .


We just had gun violence here in Sacramento, California. A young Black man was discovered with a cell phone and shot to death by a group of police officers because they thought it was a weapon. How dare he?!! And how many of those police officers were white? Zero!


Very commendable what these students are doing, but to me, the only way to really eradicate the plague of gun violence, in the US, is to eradicate the cause of the infection and that is the legal, murderous miasma, and egregious,shocking and horrible gun violence of the military.


At the least —

The proposals outlined by the Parkland student journalists in advance of Saturday’s events—which are expected to draw hundreds of thousands to the streets in all 50 U.S. states and in major cities across the globe—include:
A complete ban on “semi-automatic weapons that fire high-velocity rounds”;
Universal background checks and “a database recording which guns are sold in the United States, to whom, and of what caliber and capacity they are”;
Raising the gun purchasing age to 21; and
Closing the gun show and secondhand purchase loopholes.

“We believe federal and state governments must put these in place to ensure that mass shootings and gun violence cease to be a staple of American culture,” the students conclude.

We must also realize that this gun violence is one other means of delivering the
right wing’s “Third World America” – and they seem to be very close to their goal.

That’s the intention.

Actually, I think we must all ask for much more – to dismantle the NRA and to stop
those who are giving it the political power it has.

And to return to a time when our communities were peaceful and when it was rare
for anyone in America to have a gun, except for very specific need and by permit/licensing.

Our nation took a sharp turn in the late 1960’s/1970’s when the NRA was taken over by
right wing fanatics whose intent is much more than to create gun violence in the US and
chaos in our cities. Eventually, creating war zones throughout the US without the declaration
of war by anyone on us but the right wing/fascists.


The poster children Hogg and Gonzalez are still making front page in MSM, despite widespread documentation of their real identities. Using crisis actor fake students, such as Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, who are in their twenties, just gives fuel to the opposition. If older people want to support this cause, let them represent themselves honestly.


The kids actually nailed it. Exactly what a reasonable country that cares about it’s citizens would do.

Now comes the lesson kids on how they ignore you like you didn’t even exist. That is our “democracy.”


Maybe we need to look a little deeper this time. Bill and Ted’s message is where we need to begin. “Be excellent to one another.” Guns, knives, bombs, poison, brass knuckles will always be available if someone wants badly enough to hurt or kill someone for one of many reasons. Until people in this country learn to either respect one another, or grow thicker skins, nothing is going to change, sad to say. G


The NRA was reactionary when the “take away the guns” movement began. Bankers, police, and chemical companies do more harm than guns, but we allow those deaths to continue mostly with profit motives, just like war and the MIC, and of course gun manufacturers.
I wish the students would accent “school safety” more than so called gun reform. Where is the component that addresses our social ills?
Approaching this more reasonably will get more support than by ticking off gun owners. G


And look at what gestapo tactics did for us during prohibition, the war on drugs, and trickle down economics. We need a better mouse trap than a “take away” program. G


Yep, that is if we needed more reasons to show why children are, well, childish, and aren’t allowed to make policy.

No, here is what a would be dictatorship that fears a free citizenry would do.


I disagree.


Yes! When millions of us protested the shocking and awful attack on Iraq for a lie about WMD’S and we were ignored and called by Bush the younger a " FOCUS GROUP"! That was a wake-up call for me that Amerika was only the facade of a democracy for the politically,sophomoric, because what it really was was a military dictatorship, pretending to be a democracy! No matter how many millions of people in the US and around the world, protested I saw that it would not have made any difference.

Lets hope it does not happen to the anti-gun movement!


None of these essential steps can/are highly likely to take place until the need for the almighty $ is taken out of our political system.