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Ahead of Meeting with Clinton, Sanders Calls for 'Fundamental' Reform of DNC


Ahead of Meeting with Clinton, Sanders Calls for 'Fundamental' Reform of DNC

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Bernie Sanders held a press conference on Tuesday calling for reform of the Democratic party—starting with the ouster of Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz—and said he would remain in the presidential race until the end.

Speaking ahead of a planned meeting with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Sanders said, "The time is now—in fact, the time is long overdue, for a fundamental transformation of the Democratic party."


Make no mistake. Millions of us who have been with Bernie on this journey will NEVER support Hillary, the vicious, lying Red Queen of the triangulating oligarchs. She WILL take this country to war if she becomes POTUS, mark my words. She has gotten as far as she has with deceit, slick tactics, the collusion of corporate media and good old-fashioned election fraud.

Whatever Bernie does from here on out, he does not speak for a near, if not absolute majority of the millions who voted for and gave him money. We will not be told what to do, because we want wholesale change which only happens if Hillary loses the general election and we can expel their faction from control of the party. That has to happen before any real change can occur. #NeverHillary.


The California primary isn't over and neither is the Dem nomination in late July!

"Even though The New York Times declared that Hillary Clinton “secured enough delegates for the Democratic nomination,” and later issued a correction blaming the erroneous statement due to “an editing error,” Hillary Clinton did not actually earn enough delegates to be declared the nominee of the Democratic Party. In fact, contrary to the call by the Associated Press, Clinton also has not actually won California either. There are still millions of ballots that remain uncounted that will indeed be counted as the official canvass progresses, according to the California Secretary of State’s office. As the canvassing got underway, things started to to look up for Bernie Sanders’ supporters."
"The most recent report shows that in Glenn County, now that all of the late mail-in ballots and all of the provisional ballots are counted, Bernie Sanders’ voters managed to flip the county. On election night, Glenn County was called for Clinton, but the most recent report shows that with all but 24 ballots counted, Sanders won Glenn County. As the votes are still being counted in San Luis Obispo County, Bernie also surpassed Clinton there. He pulled ahead of Clinton in Santa Barbara County as well, where there are almost 21,000 ballots left to count, and on election night, there were only around 25,000 ballots cast for the Democratic primary. The ballots to be counted are almost the same number of Democratic ballots reported in the hours after the election day. The New York Times, as of Saturday night, had not updated their results in any of the counties where Bernie flipped the votes."

Keep the faith! Bernie all the way! Occupy Philly!


We want honest elections. We want all semblance of election corruption gone. We want our government to bend over backwards in real ways, not in phony baloney ways, to insure an honest election.


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Bernie seems to be following the script Anthony Weiner proposed just yesterday. Seeing the article, was curious to see if it offered up any trial balloons. Appears the answer may be in the affirmative:


The Democratic Party can not stand for Endless War.


Both political parties are beholding to big business, which has no regard for human life. The only way to have a just society is to put capitalism into the dustbin of history.


GO BERNIE GO. no bowing to the neoliberals of the so called democratic party. they lost that title a long time ago. Nothing democratic about them. Thank you again Bernie for all you have done for this nation!


Sadly, when Bernie got into the race, he said two things: 1) he would not run as a third party candidate and 2) if not nominated, he would support the democratic candidate. Unlike HRC and many of the hill-bots, Bernie's word is his bond. I cannot criticize the man for not going back on his word, despite the DNC and the rest of the establishment dems demonstrating they are unworthy of it.


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I'm not really into this reforming the Dem Party stuff. Trying to shape the Dem platform is fine but largely symbolic. Plus it rarely enters the campaign discussion and is largely forgotten once the election has happened.

Should Hillary be the party nominee, another step Bernie/Progressives could push for and get Clinton to agree to as a condition (note not the only condition) or progressive support is having him name key posts in the cabinet (e.g., Sec of Treasury, SEC Chair, Sec of Interior, Energy Sec. etc.) and I haven't touched on foreign policy in this list.


He seems oblivious to the fact that a large majority of delegates at the convention will be Clinton supporters and their focus will be on defeating Trump not reforming the party. I will be surprised if Bernie comes away with a lot from the convention.


Hi madashellron,

I think you mean "should not" not "can not".

As you know, it "can" because it "does."

Peace, bro'!



And to replace capitalism, imperialism, and militarism
with ecological socialism, pacifism, and nuclear disarmament!


Good point. And funny too!


Yes, capitalism has got to go across our home planet if we are to survive at all: http://www.truthdig.com/avbooth/item/capitalism_collapse_elites_allow_poor_rot_tariq_ali_chris_hedges_20160614


I totally agree with you. There is no fixing either of these two parties. They are broken. We cannot 'play nice' with them! There is high corruption in both. ABANDON them and make the third (non-corporate!) party STRONG!!!


I think the tightly-controlled (and heavily-controlling) Democratic Party likely REQUIRED those two specific promises from Bernie -- or else they would not have allowed the Independent Bernie to run in the Democratic Primary.

But I strongly hope that Bernie will BREAK those no-longer-binding promises because 1) The Democratic Party and Hillary (and the corporate media) FAILED to run a fair and honest primary election, and 2) Too much is at stake for U.S. democracy and world survival to quit now, and 3) Bernie will probably win the California primary when all the votes are counted and reported, and 4) Bernie could "verbally destroy" Hillary (and the DNC) IF he complained loudly and relentlessly enough that they STOLE several state primaries, including California, New York, and Arizona, and 5) Bernie could defeat Hillary and Trump if he ran for President with the Green Party and Dr. Jill Stein -- and "went ALL OUT against his opponents worst vulnerabilities"!

I think Bernie owes it to himself, his supporters, the U.S. people, and All Life on Earth to keep running the race all the way through the finish line on November 8, 2016 (by any lane available) -- and to humorously "mix the metaphor" -- I think Bernie owes it to us all to "take the gloves off" and "knock the s***t out of" Hillary and Trump with ALL the damaging FACTS against those two dangerous Kleptocrats!!!


Wouldn't it be wonderful if Dems on the platform committee and the convention, particularly Hillary supporters, were able to do a little critical thinking and consider multiple variables and realize that a very progressive platform is the most obvious way to defeat Trump and take the country in new direction to address the ills that the status quo has created.