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Ahead of Methodist Divestment Vote, Clinton Denounces BDS Movement (Again)


Ahead of Methodist Divestment Vote, Clinton Denounces BDS Movement (Again)

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Hillary Clinton has again denounced the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel, assuring Jewish agency heads that she opposes such a resolution up for vote at her own church—and seeming to link the social justice campaign with anti-Semitism.

In a letter sent ahead of a large Methodist conference set to convene in Portland, Oregon, on Tuesday, Clinton said: "I believe that BDS seeks to punish Israel and dictate how the Israelis and Palestinians should resolve the core issues of their conflict. This is not the path to peace."


Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents:


Like I have posted before: between Trump and Hillary, Hillary is the more effective evil because she is much better at hiding her evil from so many well meaning, albeit sophomoric and naive voters.


Clinton said:"I believe that BDS seeks to punish Israel and dictate how the Israelis and Palestinians should resolve the core issues of their conflict. This is not the path to peace.”

The world didn’t find Palestinians objecting to the BDS movement, so why include them with the Israelis in the supposed “diktat”? Obviously, such inclusion is to give the appearance of fairness - of her concern for the Palestinians as well. This person just cannot make any statement without the usual fraud and deception.

Which is why the phrase “the Democratic presidential frontrunner” should be changed to “the Democratic presidential deceiver."


The witch-cackle she lapses into whenever called out on her war-mongering is terrifying. It makes me want to scream, "what the fuck are you laughing about you filthy war criminal!?" She's completely devoid of all human empathy; a sociopathic intra-species predator just like her husband.

If elected, her administration will make that of G.W. Bush seem like a golden age of peace and prosperity.


This bitch ought to run for prime minister of Israel and move her ass out of our country to pre 1967 Israel for all time. Israel is a criminal terrorist apartheid nation backed financially and militarily by the US taxpayers for over 60 years. Enough is enough already Israel give back the occupied lands if she wants to live in peace with her neighbors we cannot afford to fund their sadistic gang of assassins so called IDF.


She says that the boycott and divestment isn't the way to peace but it was the way to peace for South Africa.


I get so tired of the term anti Semitic. The appropriate term should be anti Zionist. The Palestinians are of the Semitic race too. Probably more so, since the majority of Jews in Israel come from Europe and have long ago ceased to be Semitic. Just because you oppose the fascist policies of hardcore Zionists like Nuttyyahoo and his bunch doesn't make you anti Israel or anti Jewish. If Israel really wanted peace they would quit stealing Palestinian land and bulldozing (with Caterpillar bulldozers) their homes. They would quit seperating Palestinians and isolating them in open sewers like Gaza. The Palestinians deserve a nation of their own too. I'm tired of Zionists playing the poor, poor us card.


Zionist traitor to America.


From Truthdig:



This is a humorous story on a couple levels:
1. Nobody cares what any organized religious hierarchy does. Catholics use condoms and "the pill" in its many forms. Homosexual Southern Baptists find no difficulty in their lifestyle and their "religious faith". So now a group within the United Methodist hierarchy is being pressured by "The Hillary" to not do what they fully intend to do. No United Methodist members really care what their hierarchy does and vice versa.
2. The idea that the Hillary is concerned one whit over "Anti Semitism" is laughable. Even Jews acknowledge that those Arabic peoples being slaughtered with Hillary's eager support in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere are also Semitic peoples by virtue of their common ancestor, Abraham.
What's that you say? She isn't for their slaughter because they're Arabic but because they're terrorists? Well the BDS movement isn't "Anti Semetic", it is against the expansionist policies of the Netanyahu government and their forcible confiscation of property to which they are not entitled. (As are a growing number of Jews in Israel by the way which is why Netanyahu's daisy chain coalition governments float from crisis to crisis).


Mrs. Clinton has, as Secretary of State, violated some of the basic tenets of her Methodist religion in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia, Honduras, etc. ....." Consequently, the United Methodist Church maintains that human values must outweigh military claims "..... etc. It's all in their teachings and church laws. Many good things in these, actually. Too bad it's all now a jumbled mess, on purpose, methinks. Hillary is going to do the bidding of Israel's Likud Party and our MIC, first and foremost. And, her god, only knows what else and with who's money. Not in my name, Hillary. Very sad, actually.


" Her war- mongering is terrifying!"

Very, very true. And what is really terrifying to me is if the Wall Street whore is elected, there is a good chance of a third world war with Russia because her war mongering, .01% oligarchical, insane, masters are chomping at the bit for a war with Russia!


And only a handful of us elders are left who know what nuclear warfare will be like, who have seen and felt the horror of nuclear and thermonuclear explosions, have suffered from exposure, who work for peace and disarmament.
* Hillary and others of her ilk are just patiently waiting for the last of us to die off so there will be no one who remembers the horrors she would like to perpetuate upon the earth, for economic gain and power.
* I don't know if Bernie can survive in the cesspool should he be elected. He is not a bottom feeder, but he is the first to really try for change since November 1963. I'll do my best to give him a chance.
* If he does not make it, perhaps it will be time to fill in the cesspool on top of the bottom feeders and build on the new land created, a new nation dedicated to peace and real freedom. A nation once described as "government of the people, by the people and for the people" which has perished from the earth, but could be reborn, if we would just work towards that goal instead of greedopoly and power at the expense of humanity and the earth itself.


Absolutely chilling. Thanks for posting this about an absolutely amoral operator. I will spread this around.


Shape-shifter, queen of corporatists, bankers be-ahtch...a Depublican is what she is...devoid of compassion and rife with self-aggrandizement. Progressive and HRC are mutually exclusive terms and n'er the twain shall meet. And the Clinton Global Initiative works hand-in-glove with the Council on Foreign Relations in their quest for world hegemony. What is not mentioned in this piece is the Clintons' annual trek to the Bilderberg Group meeting at secret elitist resorts around the world. A meeting of the moneyed moguls to strategize the continued mercurial rise in corporate profits and the suppression of wages and benefits paid to workers. The meeting is in June (6/9 to 6/12) this year...wonder if HRC will take a break from her campaign to attend: www.bilderbergmeetings.org She bought the Secy of State position and is now in the process of buying the presidency. What a choice: Trump or HRC...guess I will cast my vote not based on who I support (Bernie) but for the least dangerous candidate (HRC).


Not surprised...gotta keep AIPAC satisfied.


After hearing Hillary's recent presentation to AIPAC you can bet she will dismantle Obama's Iran deal. Although I frequently offer constructive criticism of Obama, the Iran deal will stand as one of his most positive achievements.


Come on Hillary. Just think of the BDS movement as the "public option" of middle east policy. We'll get Bernie to blaze the moral path for you and once his poll numbers rise through the roof, you have can hop on the BDS bandwagen.


I've noticed that our annual tribute to Zion has been increased from $3 billion to $4 billion of our taxpayer's money.
* Presumably this is to pay, or apologize, to Netanyahu for backing the Iran treaty against Israel's wishes (orders?) instead of nuking them.
* Too bad Clinton and others of her ilk couldn't be dropped into Gaza, to live for a year with them. If she/they survived, I wonder what their opinion would be, of almighty Israel?
* By the way, BDS is working! Look at the stuck pig screams from Israel, trying to get their client states to outlaw BDS and forbid their citizens to utilize it!
* BDS! BDS! BDS! Go Bernie! Go Bernie! Go Bernie!