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Ahead of New York, Sanders Says Clinton's Judgment "Clearly Lacking"


Ahead of New York, Sanders Says Clinton's Judgment "Clearly Lacking"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Bernie Sanders on Sunday said even though his rival Hillary Clinton may have the experience to be president, she does not have the judgment.

In an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press", Sanders pointed to Clinton's vote in favor of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and her cozy relationship with Wall Street banks. "I have my doubts about what kind of president she would make," he said.


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Love this man, he speaks the Truth. Wish he'd take the gloves off though and start asking, "why isn't she in jail?"


I see that continuing my habit of skipping Meet the Press cemented during the Gregory years, is not a bad thing. Todd is another unwatchable tool


Maybe Sanders is not so weak as I think by saying Bernie will support HRC if she wins the nomination, even though that statement is repugnant to me and others. Bernie is a consummate politician who has been in the political arena for a long, long time and I have to believe Bernie knows what he is doing.


My family founded Kingston NY in the 1600's, for Paul to lend his voice to Bernie brought tears, hard to type. Thanks for the video Cookies.


I know Bernie has to make the obligatory appearance on decadent shows like Meet the Press, but Todd is such a phony, as is Maddow and their ilk. Listen to this trio diminish Sanders' accomplishments. Has Bernie been throwing his advisers under the bus? Maybe someone can help me here.


Woah - ditto what onedman sez - those threads Simon and Garfunkle wove ...
how many years ago, and what were the circumstances back then?
Thanks Cookies


Thanks Cookies.
Pictures speak louder than words. A very simple but effective ad.


That was excellent. Very moving. Thanks for sharing it.


Clinton showed good judgement in voting against the Cheney energy bill in 2005 but poor judgement in my opinion in voting to authorize Bush the power to invade Iraq. Congress should have kept its power to declare war as it is written in the US Constitution. Of course the many people to the left of Sanders could question his judgment in voting to invade Afghanistan, to invade Kuwait to fight Iraq in the first Gulf War in 1991, bomb Serbia to stop what was happening in Bosnia, and fund the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He also supports drone strikes which many people on his left oppose. So does Sanders also lack good judgement? That is a question voters should be asking when considering the two candidates for the Democratic nomination.


"including 15 million from Wall Street" According to the article below, it's a lot more ~250 million..

According to the latest filing at the FEC, the Hillary Victory Fund
joint fundraising committee has raised $26.9 million. According to the
Center for Responsive Politics, Priorities USA has raised $55.6 million
while Hillary’s own campaign committee, Hillary for America, has raised
$159.9 million.


Chuck Todd says Bernie won the Wyoming primary but Hillary won the majority of delegates. Please explain that to me!


Super delegates, who don't have to represent the people, sided with Her Royal Candidate, because some animals are more equal than others.


The delegate calculation formulas round down. The Washington State caucus in which I participated was 80% Sanders/20% Clinton, yet Sanders got 2 delegates for the May 1 County caucus while Clinton got 1 delegate, a 66/33 split, not an 80/20 split.

In Wyoming Sanders' 56% vote got him 7 delegates, ditto for Clinton's 43%. Add Wyoming superdelegates currently endorsing Clinton and she DOES end up with more Wyoming delegates.


Clinton gets high marks for her "judgement" from the 1% and corporations she works for.

In business and management speak its called MANAGING UP, which means pleasing the folks who hire and fire you and sign your paychecks, while tossing just enough crumbs to your subordinates to keep them from jumping ship.


I was thinking something similar to what you said in an earlier article. Bernie may not like having to 'support HRC should she be the nominee' - and his supporters understandably don't like it either - but he's far from a political lightweight/idiot. He knows he can't out and out hammer Clinton anytime, anywhere he wants in spite of being correct for doing so, knowing both her surrogates and the pocketed mainstream media will just dismiss it as sour grapes that he's losing the delegate count.


Hillary Clinton's coronation meme is false.

The idea that Bernie is going to pull out the nomination isn't particularly true either. In my opinion this race is right dead smack on the line, with Bernie's current clear advantage in the nation's popular vote plus his fundraising advantage running right smack into Hillary's clear advantage in insider superdelegates. I've read that at least 60 of the superdelegates are registered with the government as lobbyists. How can Bernie make inroads on that group?

So, this one is the one where you will be kicking yourself because . . . So you'd be happier if you go do it, like now. Personal regrets later, making the personal excuse that Bernie never had a chance, won't be fun if you had a chance to be the pivot.


For the same reason that her mentor, Henry Kissinger is not in jail.


When Chuck Todd starts off the interview with, once again, the misleading delegate count, why should we trust what NBC reports or Todd's interviewing techniques when they continue to mislead the viewers? The pledged delegates count is 1088 to 1302. That is a 214 difference, not 668.

Bernie's responses to Hillary's judgement have absolutely nothing to do with being a female. Any argument to the contrary is a tactical distraction away from the issues that matter. Bernie does not support anyone, male or female, that has supported bad trade agreements, fracking, and Wall Street over the concerns of the people. And, he is a staunch supporter of women's rights, as evidenced by his consistent record and speeches.