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Ahead of Pivotal Climate Meeting, Protesters to Send 'Wake Up' Call to Trump


Ahead of Pivotal Climate Meeting, Protesters to Send 'Wake Up' Call to Trump

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Putting a fine point on the demand that President Donald Trump finally "wake up" to the climate crisis, hundreds of protesters are preparing to flood the lobby of his Washington, D.C. hotel in a pre-dawn action on Tuesday.


What it seems to come down to is that in the Trump world of reality pulling out of the climate agreement is not such a bad thing since climate change is nothing but a hoax but in the scientific world of reality pulling out of the climate agreement could be disastrous. It goes without saying that fighting climate change is unbelievably complex from a political standpoint, financial standpoint, and technological standpoint. And even if Trump were fulling on board with fighting climate change the odds would still be very much against us. What Trump does is increase the odds against us even more.


Give up or do something to mitigate and stop our influence?


The people who believe that the global warming problem is "fixable" are no more helpful than the "deniers": A critical tipping point has been passed, warming is now accelerating, and our species will, within a matter of years, be joining the many species going extinct currently!


Yeah - but watch the absolute euphoria on Wall St if he announces the pullout tomorrow.


An how is your nihilistic chicken-little state of clinical depression helpful?


The top climate scientists are not saying that. I think that I will pay attention to what they are saying and disregard what you saying. Top climate scientists versus anonymous Internet poster. Who is most likely to be correct on discussions of climate change?


You might be right. We might hear something like fossil fuel stocks lead a broad market advance.


Yup, that's capitalism for you. As for me, after years of federal employment I have probably foregone a about 300K of earnings becasue my socialist principles compel me to put my retirement deductions into the "G" fund (maybe 2% per year) instead of the stock market.

But after seeing my co-workers already make 15% or something over just 3 months of wild market exuberance over Trump (the invisible hand LOVES Trump!) - and with the prospect of a lean retirement with my wife continuing her very expensive but untreatable eating and vitamin supplement-addiction disorder (orthorexia), I finally caved in and moved 70 percent of my fund into the LC2030 fund a week ago. So I am already looking forward to Trump's announcement and the big oil-led stock boom tomorrow.

That's what capitalism does to you. Fuck capitalism.


Here’s what Guy McPherson has said about “mainstream” climate scientists: “No mainstream scientist could talk about near-term human extinction and remain supported in his or her job. Therefore, none do.” (https://guymcpherson.com/2016/08/the-politics-and-science-of-our-demise/)

On August 14 of last year Peter Wadhams “copied” me on an email that he had sent to Guy. Wadhams is an expert on the Arctic, and a short time ago published A Farewell to Ice. Wadhams is pessimistic about the human future, and reported in his email that from 2011 onwards the Chairman of the department he was in, at Cambridge University, made an effort “to destroy my research group (he succeeded; my last postdoc left on Friday).” Wadhams is a “top” climate scientist, I remind you!

Wadhams went on to write: “As of 2015 I was forcibly retired (there is an - illegal-
retirement age of 67 in Cambridge but scientists with research grants are commonly allowed to carry on).” If “top” climate scientists are in danger of losing their jobs for writing what they believe, can they not be expected to “play down” what they believe about global warming for fear of losing this jobs, as happened to Dr. Peter Wadhams?! My answer to that question is “Yes, I suspect that they will NOT “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”!



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