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Ahead of Senate Vote, Warren Lists Everything Wrong With GOP's 'Garbage' Budget


Ahead of Senate Vote, Warren Lists Everything Wrong With GOP's 'Garbage' Budget

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The Republican budget tells us a lot about Republican values," says the Massachusetts senator


Will this make it to MSM? Supposedly, Warren has a Voice. Let’s hear it. Every time I call my congress critters about this monstrous theft, my calls are getting right through to a human voice. We need to FLOOD the phones!


That would be one perspective


The 51 top jokes of the century. How did they get to represent 51% of the country. Does party loyalty mean so much that they are willing to commit mass murder on the citizens of the nation by letting them die for lack of medical care? Tragically I voted for one of them.


It is corporate/MIC/bank$ter loyalty first, party second as I see it.


Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t the French Revolution punish those who were shown to be “enemies of the people” with the guillotine? And who could possibly be more of an enemy of the people than those who steal the healthcare of the poor and middle classes, literally leaving them to die in hundreds of thousands or millions of cases, and give all the booty pilfered to the richest 1% of bloated oligarchs and plutocrats, who, of course, are also unmitigated enemies of the people themselves? So when will the administration of justice here in America catch up with what the French did so long ago?


The Republicans are coming out of the closet and blatantly being the government of, by and for the rich and super rich. As difficult as it is to see this happening in America, I would start my criticism with the pathetic voter turn out in 2016 that gave use Donald Trump as president. The Democrats have got to make a come back in the 2018 and 2020 elections but that won’t happen unless Americans can get up of their dead fat butts and actually vote. Point number two is in order to do that, Democrats are going to have to offer a non insider, stay committed to diversity, and not try to be the Republican Lite Party for America. I would like to see Warren become the first female president in the United States. She can be feisty and knows her information.