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Ahead of Third Annual Women's March, Group Releases Far-Reaching 'Intersectional Feminist Policy Platform'

Ahead of Third Annual Women's March, Group Releases Far-Reaching 'Intersectional Feminist Policy Platform'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A day ahead of a major march in Washington, D.C. and satellite events nationwide, the Women's March on Friday unveiled a detailed 70-page agenda, a document the group describes as a first of its kind "intersectional feminist policy platform."

The authors do mention the word classism. But none of the “ten issue areas” in the platform addresses what to do about the looting class.

Apparently there is no recognition that we must dis-empower the colonizing corporate sector and democratize wealth and the economy to be able to address many of the other “issue areas.”

The long trajectory of colonization, white supremacy, enslavement, genocide, serving as the foundation of capitalism and neoliberalism, is apparently not grasped in a way that recognizes the structure of power in today’s world that has emerged from it all.

We need to identify those who have power, and what they do with it. The structure of power in the economy – the colonizing corporate system that emerged from history to dominate human society today – those persons who today sit atop this system, maintain it, operate it, and accumulate outrageous wealth and power from it – must be understood, recognized, named, faced, and dis-empowered.

Lots of excellent goals in the platform, but there is an elephant in this room that we cannot remain blind to if we want to actually achieve these goals.


HI webwalk—yes, the looting class----how capitalism became the flesh eating disease chewing up a democratic republic and in plain sight too. I have no idea how to combat that— how to stop the eating up of resources, or how to create movement towards a genuine democratic republic. I guess this is what the French felt like in 1789.


This is scary- I happened to watch a bit of C SPAN tonight- and there was a cut to Pence speaking to a crowd for the March for Life. What a bunch of dimwits. I couldn’t take it anymore- as a crowd including a lot of women were applauding Pences’ goal to defund Planned Parenthood . I guess the morons do not want women ( men also) to have proper healthcare when needed. And Dump and his minions egged on by this vicious crowd want to make abortions and birth control illegal! Birth control??? In other words they want women to live as if they were in a third world country. We won’t have any of that! Classism is hardly discussed, and must be brought to the forefront of every issues.


What to do about the looting class??? Good question- for one- do not support their businesses or Wall Street.

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3rd March. What was accomplished with the last 2?

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Hmm, I seem to see a hell of a lot more women in the House and in state legislatures as well.

Yeah, I’ll take those stats as a rather fine accomplishment, thank you.

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Mention ‘Anti-Semitic’ and the whole bunch disappears like cockroaches when the light is turned on…

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We need to rethink everything and chuck ideologies.


This sounds like a positive development in policy issues (though I’m no policy wonk) - especially having Single Payer Medicare For All play a central role. I have to agree, however, with what webwalk calls the looting class - the economic agenda that really underlies the whole thing.

In the meantime, there are some very big concerns about this year’s march and I see no mention in Common Dreams when it seems there should be. That addresses the allegations supported by a quite of number of people of antisemitism in the national leadership, transphobia, also sexism … whereby Jewish women in leadership were virulently attacked (as Jews) and driven out, and via individuals basically “in bed” with Farakkhan at the highest levels of the organization; they outright refused to put Jews and transgender women in some kind of unity statement - and made all kinds of transparent excuses. Leadership was over there at some kind of Farrakham speech, “amen’ing” to his chauvinistic statements about women belonging in the kitchen (not to mention that he’s anti-choice), along with many antisemitic statements he’s made about Jews being “termites” and all kinds of garbage you can go read. I had read about him being antisemitic some years back, but I’d understood it amounted to some statements he retracted and apologized for. Reading about it, now, however (I do not follow his crowd), I’m sickened reading some of this stuff. It’s that bad.

Anyway they had some kind of meeting, they had a Jewish woman in the room - who was really a founder - two of them were ganging up on her with this “new antisemitism speak” that Henry Gates has written about - Jews controlling the slave trade, really warped stuff from outer space. This is the face of leadership. They also wanted the paramilitary wing of NOI to provide security for the Women’s March - except that they used loopholes so the security teams came from companies that weren’t this group - but the people were members. But they reported that people were sickened by the scene - all you had to do was replace them with white people and make her black and it was that disgusting how they were treating her.

Anyway, there are articles out there, some more detailed than others … but … a number of local and state chapters have called for the national leadership to step down. The national leadership has denied the event in question with this one woman - but so many people know about it, it’s like, they’re lying. They’ve refused to step down, I take it so these local and state chapters, which were independent, I guess (I don’t really grok all the legal connections here) - either dropped or are dissolving after Saturday’s marches.

The only other thing I can add is, it’s really sad to me to see the Left in such denial and silence on this - the kind of silence Dr. King condemned. We had this big Me Too movement - if we were talking about sexual harassment - and this woman was certainly harassed on the basis of antisemitism - they would be OUT, and on far less say-so from people within the organization. Or they would voluntarily step down.

One of them says something to the effect, well, she’s put all this work into the movement, why would she step down? But - they certainly had no problem pushing other women out - and on the basis of their ethnicity - who put in more than they had - and in at least one case, the actual founder and creator. And the organization and movement is more important than their personal needs and egos. You have chapters and groups across the country pulling - and they are right to pull out.

I’m disappointed in Sarsour, too. She wasn’t there at the incident in question, but with the number of people who know about it, and the number of others who’ve quietly been disappeared, she’s clearly protecting them, herself. She’s not an idiot. I think the whole group should just go - and make way for new people, ensuring that they will carry on in a more responsible progressive vein that is not controlled by corporate monies. As for Farakhhan - he definitely needs to GO. I don’t get how this person is so determinedly poisonous. But to have a rabid antisemite, a transphobic, homophobic anti-reproductive rights sexist - and calling him greatest person ever - so intertwined with the leadership is so utterly irresponsible.

Is it more than a coincidence that you had a Right-to-Life March coinciding with their co-chairs on “The View” telling Meagan McCain as a pro-life woman that she was welcome? Since Farrakhan is opposed to women’s reproductive rights, too.

As one person in leadership said - religion is fine - but there’s no place for radical forms of religion in a women’s rights movement. That’s why this stuff on “The View” was b*sh. Whether it’s McCain and her “pro-life” hypocrisy or Farrakhan’s lunacy (I will say, McCain, to her credit, recognized antisemitism for what it is - apart from her little religion act on abortion.)

You have to set limits and say no, People.


Who knows about these divided situations- for all we know there are spies who are deliberately trying to furthur distract the protestors.

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I have a feeling ( a funny one) this Tamika might be an informer and not who she says she is.

Let’s not forget those in the ivory tower look down on the “working class” and labor.