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Ahead of Trump Meeting, Duterte Admits Stabbing Person to Death and Threatens to Slap UN Human Rights Expert


Ahead of Trump Meeting, Duterte Admits Stabbing Person to Death and Threatens to Slap UN Human Rights Expert

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Less than two weeks ago, a senior U.S. official said Trump and Duterte have "a warm rapport."

President of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte gestures during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin (not pictured) at the APEC Leaders Summit on November 10, 2017 in Da Nang, Vietnam. (Photo: Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)


Another of Don’s heroes, along with Putin.


Surely, there must be a hole in the security around the meeting of these two vile monsters that can be exploited to get the job done. Whoever does it will be a hero.


With the way that Trump’s policies (gutting EPA, etc) have been ripping into the security of the average American, what right does he have to EXPECT security when he goes out in public? Karmic Return is waiting for you, Donny, patient as an alligator, and with the excellent memory of an elephant. Karma is coming to visit. Maybe in the Philippines. Maybe in Washington. Maybe in your own bedroom. Remember that old saying? “Time Wounds All Heels.”


I imagine that Trump is looking to implement the same drug policies into the US. Cops already kill people with impunity. Why not have them kill drug users on the spot. After all the Blue Lives Matter crowd will be ecstatic until it is one of their kids who is executed. Too far-fetched? This is Trump’s America - some executions by cop would be his perfect response to drug abuse. The narcissistic Orange Psycho is capable of anything. He’s openly surrounded himself with neo-nazis. The right, those God fearing hopelessly evil twisted monsters would love it. Welcome to America.


There is a big difference between Trump and Duterte despite their few similarities. Duterte’s approval rating is very high, while Trump’s is very low. Both Filipino people and Trump voters voted for change. In Philippines people were tired of government corruption, drug dealers raping innocent school girls and rampant crime. Filipinos are happy to have their streets safe again and not afraid to go out at night. Filipinos are happy to see corrupt government officials fired! They are well aware he is not perfect, but he is far better than what was before him.

A Russian woman once told me in regards to support for Stalin during the war period, her grandmother would often say, "Times were violent, therefore demands were hard… "


Yes. Trump gets all swoony around strongmen. He would have creamed in his pants if he could have met Mussolini or Hitler back in the day. I bet he has a hard-on the entire time he meets with Putin and Duterte.

If Trump was the leader of a non-democracy (not that the US is a democracy) - some country like Saudi Arabia or Qatar etc. - just imagine what horrors he would be perpetuating on the populace of that nation by now. Unfettered power, no checks on him by any other branch of government, a press that will parrot back exactly what he wanted it to - pure, unadulterated dictatorship. Trump would be in paradise, and his citizens would be living in abject terror day in and day out. THAT is what he truly lusts for and why he is so frustrated and angry at the Congress/Courts/Media in the U.S., because he can’t just do whatever he wants whenever he wants to (except play golf and visit his resorts; that he can and does do whenever he wants). Despite the lemming-like obsequiousness of most of the MSM and Congress-slime, there are at least a few outlets/leaders who do stand up to him and put some obstacles in his path. And it just frustrates the crap out of him.