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Ahead of Trump-Putin Summit, Rosenstein Announces Criminal Indictments Against 12 Russian Military Officers for 2016 Election Hacking


Ahead of Trump-Putin Summit, Rosenstein Announces Criminal Indictments Against 12 Russian Military Officers for 2016 Election Hacking

Common Dreams staff

Just two days before a scheduled summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that will take place in Finland, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Friday the indictments of a dozen Russian military officers for hacking — the latest charges stemming directly from the probe of Special Counselor Robert Mueller into foreign interference of U.S. elections.


More propaganda “Russia” bullshit. America is drowning in it.


12 new indictments on Friday the 13th makes for 1 increasingly nervous would be Fascist.


No BS in the Russia probe. If it was just propaganda, Trump and Co would not be scared shitless.Just observe their unhinged behavior. The “real” BS is coming from the White House, Fox, Breitbart, Info Wars, etc. America is drowning not in Russia Propaganda, but in Trump lies and (attempted) cover ups. This gang is so dumb, they can’t even lie without getting caught every step of the way. Talk about incompetence!


No matter what Russia did, voter suppression in Wisconsin and other states, plus the “Southern Strategy” block of gerrymandered southern states put Trump over the top with 3 million votes short of winning the popular vote. Happened only twice before in U.S. history. Rutherford B. Hayes and Bush 2 when the 5 political hacks on SCOTUS stopped the Florida recount. Last night in Berkeley, Rev. Barber of the new 21st Century Poor People’s Campaign remarked to Ari Berman, the host for FSTV - paraphrasing: “Only a Movement, first, of the 143 million poor and low wealth, acting together as a voting block, with zero political motivation will work to beat back the tide of extremist politicians and their oligarchic paymasters. Focusing on just the issues: voter suppression, militarization of our lives, systemic racism tied to systemic poverty, destruction of Mother Earth by mountain-top removal, fracking and pipelines everywhere, guns everywhere and more. Especially the “Red” states voters have been affected the most by the election of extremists posing as Conservatives. Only through deception and lies can these white racist extremists win elections, meaning that “they” are afraid of a fair face-to-face political fight.” He added a call-out to the so-called religious nationalists like Falwell and others to a debate about what really is in the Bible!

Last night, in Berkeley, CA, Rev. Barber ROCKED on the FSTV special with Mother Jones’ Ari Berman! At introduction, Ari mentioned that he couldn’t remember such a [thunderous] welcome since the Beatles visited! lol



Timing is everything. It will be very interesting to see what is said before, during and after the meeting with Putin. Like, how fast can you spin? We will need that Maytag repairman after all.


Gotta love that great red-brown convergence for the fascists Trump and Putin!


Naming names makes the charge that much more believable. I don’t think there is any serious doubt left that the Russians hacked the election. Whether Trump himself was involved is probably not that important. What is really important is that Trump’s policies aimed at weakening the West further the interests of Russia and hurt the interests of the US. The fact that so many of Trump supporters call themselves the “real Americans” while supporting a president who is helping foreign adversary while undermining his own country is astonishing. Who would have ever believed so many Americans would sell out America to support a racist authoritarian. It is totally bizarre and probably attributable to the right wing alternative universe so many people have become apparently permanently trapped in as they never leave their echo chamber to discover all they believe is actually a lie.


CP: The American Oligarchy: A Review


This nonsense was debunked long ago.

“But most interesting was the admission at the end of the indictment, according to which there is no indication that any American was a knowing participant in this activity, and no indication that these efforts altered the vote count in any way.”


The shoes are dropping? Hell, the whole warehouse roof over at Foot Locker is collapsing. And, there are some state’s voting systems which are/were compromised, possibly. Meaning…???
What we’ll see out of this, unfortunately, is a push for a Blue Ribbon Voting Reform Commission. A political tactic used to delay and water down real election reform and (oh nos!!!) … run and funded by The Uniparty Congress of the 1%er Donor Class. Headquartered in Washington, D. C. & Wall Street, of course. Wild guess on my part, here.
Demanding an Independent Citizens Voting Rights Commission, chosen from all the 50 States voter rolls, is what concerned citizens should be focused on, however. A golden opportunity awaits; a chance to take our elections back and to rewrite the voting rules of the road, going forward.
I’m not suggesting the American people hold their collective breath, waiting to see if this option ever/even sees the light of day. It is what should happen so it probably doesn’t have a chance in hell of actually happening.
Call your Uniparty Congressional Representative instead, and ask them what they plan to do about it. They’ll get back to you, I’m just sure, after they make a few phone calls.


Blah blah blah…


Here is a more recent one from Consortium News:

From the article: “Among the assertions are that a persona calling itself “Guccifer 2.0” is an instrument of the GRU, and that it hacked the emails on the Democratic National Committee’s computer and conveyed them to Wikileaks. What the report does not explain is that it is easy for a hacker or foreign intelligence service to leave a false trail. In fact, a program developed by CIA with NSA assistance to do just that has been leaked and published.”


I read a post on Slashdot that lays this out most succinctly. The nerdsphere, love or hate Trump, has always known that the “Russian collusion” was bs.


And yet, the knee-jerk Russia apologists are still out in force. Maybe it’s time someone told them Russia isn’t “red” anymore!


Just read this on Zero Hedge:

Trump and his allies, however, can take solace in the fact that no members of the president’s campaign are accused of knowingly participating in the Russian hacking campaign. “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime,” Rosenstein said at the press conference, although he quickly added that Mueller’s investigation “is ongoing.”

No Americans committed a crime…some real damning evidence you go there Mueller…
But they yank your chain…and most of you gladly jump.


You need to read, or listen, more carefully. Rosenstein never says there is “no indication” of a knowing American participant, he says there is no allegation of knowing invovlemt with Russian military intelligence in this indictment. A very different statement. He also does not state anything with respect to the impact of the activity. The specifics in the indictment would seem to render your citation of the consortiumnews article out of date.


Laughably, Dershowitz claims McCarthyist victomhood because we all know how the Hollywood Ten spent their prison sentences at Martha’s Vineyard dinner parties.


Here’s another link to the FSTV deal that actually works, sorry!


That is not a quote of what Rosenstein said. His actual statement was that there is no allegation “in this indictment” that those Americans identified as having been in contact with the hacking operations knew they were in contact with Russian military intelligence. Whether they did fact know, or are believed to have committed any crime, remains an open question.

Obviously, in the broader issues of the investigations some American did in fact commit crimes and have been convicted of doing so. Rosenstein is hardly ignorant of that fact.