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Ahead of Trump-Putin Summit, Rosenstein Announces Criminal Indictments Against 12 Russian Military Officers for 2016 Election Hacking


I think you ought to contact Mr Shine for a job with Trumps Communications Office.


Are any of these points inaccurate?
I’m always open to truth.


blah blah blah…write all you want I am still waiting for some (any) evidence…almost two years now non stop stuffing collusion with Russia down my throat and you drone on but show me nothing…again…


Sorry about that throat problem of yours.

It is certainly my interest or concern to show you anything, but if you can listen to month after month of lies and changing stories by the Trump gang regarding their meetings and dealings with an array of Russian thugs and oligarchs and come up with…“blah, blah, blah”, then I think the failure is not one of evidence of corruption, but of simple comprehension.


Innacutate? Everything. Including the spelling of Strzoks name. But don’t give up. As you are open to the truth, if you don’t find it, maybe it will find you. Just a precaution: we should always be careful about calling anything the truth. Facts are hard enough to keep in mind.


Collusion is not a crime so that’s a non-starter unless you’re regurgitating Trump talking points.
There are convictions on doing business deals ( like insider trading on Wall St. ) while serving in a top level Executive Branch position. Before you even take over the reins of the Federal Gov’t. So, spinning is good, but should be confined to stationary bikes pretty much.


We’ll see where this goes…probably no place, just like Mueller’s other group of Russian hackers indictments, which he has hurriedly, personally stepped away from, once a Russian corporation stepped in to challenge Mueller’s bull$hit…

The repugs were about to attempt to impeach Rosenstein, which would put the kibosh on Muellers fantasy show. And, Trump is about to meet with Putin. So, at the last second, the deep state comes up with this crap to keep Rosenstein in place; and, of course, this crap cannot be substantiated with actual evidence; because, “it would reveal state secrets”.

Rosenstein and co ought to be sent to Gitmo.


And how about those “stolen documents,” what was in them? Oh, that HRC and the DNC actively worked to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign, colluded with the press, cheated. Oh, but never mind that. These big bad Russians are the point. Sorry, I think this is nothing but an ongoing attempt to cover up the crimes of the corporate Democrats. Bernie just goes along for the ride anymore. It’s all crooked to the Nth degree, but sure, with all the crap going on in DC, all the wars, all the corporate giveaways, lets point the finger at the Russkies. Netanyahu is laughing his ass off all the way.


This whole Mueller thing reminds me of this:

Hey, Mueller, find some evidence of collusion
What does it look like I’m doing!!?
Only difference this guy actually has broken light bulb.


Collusion is not a crime in, and of, itself. Every clown Fox News commentator has been schooled on that, and uses it to deflect. It’s all the same word salad of callous Trumpster lovers here at CD. "No collusion, no collusion, no collusion "…as if there’s been no criminal activity exposed and convictions obtained by Mueller.
And, Sen. Sanders has moved on from 2016. You’d think Trump’s voters here at CD could do the same. Their " Hillary Hillary Hillary " chant is the same work product you find at Fox News.


Because conservatives are smart enough not to attack the real issue they don’t want exposed. Anyway, it is too late the cat is already out of the bag, pretty sure this is pay back.


12 new indictments, specifically no collusion with the Trump campaign.


Thanks for the update, Captain Obvious.


When Russians do it they call it money laundering. Here in the US we just call it Citizens United.


Well, we just spend about $6 million on this investigation of collusion between Trump and “the Russians”. we got indictments against, like what, 20 foreign citizens and two or three local guys on charges totally unrelated. Guy’s gotta show something for all that money. Can’t dig too deep either, he might find stuff that not supposed to be found.


$6 million dollars? Trump stole that much in preparing for his Inaugural Celebration.
And, Bengazi cost at least 6xs that much $$$.
Molly’s First Rule of Holes, " when you’re in one stop digging ".
Now, hand over that shovel and nobody gets hurt.


Seriously. Stole from where?


I can’t state with any knowledge whether Russia attempted to influence the election or not. But one thing about this, and the previous indictments of Russian citizens working in the troll factory, should at least raise suspicions. That is the extreme likelihood that there will NEVER be any prosecution of these charges. And so, the allegations are made, but no evidence or proofs will ever be provided.

That many self-proclaimed liberals continue to salivate with every such allegation, spreading the allegations and increasing pressures on government for increasing confrontation of Russia and a refueling of military spending sprees (at the very moment when global cooperation is essential to fighting / limiting climate destabilization and the global existential threat implicit in all its’ consequences) is tragic.

Yes, I get your angst about the particularly ugly man in the White House and your aspirations to bring him down. I can even understand, if not countenance, your longing for the halcyon days of the old status quo (even though that brought us directly here).

But ends never have justified all means.

And the hypocrisy of decrying alleged Russian attempts to do what this nation has long done - to Russia as well as the rest of the globe - is damnable.