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Ahead of Trump 'Utter Fantasy' Speech on Environmental Record, DC Flooding Sparks Warnings on Danger of Climate Inaction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/08/ahead-trump-utter-fantasy-speech-environmental-record-dc-flooding-sparks-warnings


The threat of flooding in DC has been known since the Civil War, now the Chickens have come home to roost . .it is all subject to more extreme events, the keepers of our Treasures are all very worried . .


He has spoken. But Trump and Republicans never listen.


Eugene Linden’s extremely plausible history (Affluence and Discontent, 1979, pp. 63 - 178), concludes this way:
The consumer society continues to roll along despite the diminishing luster of its myths. What this suggests is that we will continue on our present [downward!] course, and that the probability of one or another of our proposed [in his book] disasters will rapidly increase until some small event [e.g., the election of dangerous psychiatric case Donald Trump as President?!] triggers the apocalypse of the consumer society.
I thought it appropriate to add the “bracketed” part!


You can’t blame the stupidity totally on President Caligula. Nancy, Chuck, Steny, Dick …
I"m hearing nothing positive from ANY of the Dem ‘leadership’ or any of those Moderate Centrists either.
They’ve ALL got their heads buried where the sun don’t shine on this crisis.


Thanks to the Sierra Club.

Except for the part where they advise voting for the blue team, who will go so far out on a limb to address climate chaos that they’ll re-enroll us in the laughably inconsequential Paris Accords.



I envision a time in the not-to-distant future where uber drivers will be on jet ski’s, asking their customers “what canal are you going to”.


As long as you can see the tops of any buildings, there will never be enough water in the DC Swamp for me!


Eventually the 8 billion victims of right wing ideology are going to come to terms with the obvious fact that the right will not be reasoned with, they cannot be convinced, they cannot be bargained with, they cannot be pressured. There is only one way, and no other, that the right wing fanatics will take any path not of their choosing, and that is by the most extreme kind of force. No other way has ever worked before, and no other way will ever work again.

Anyone read Kim Stanley Robinson’s Forty Days of Rain?** In this well-written science fiction novel (part of a trilogy about global warming), Robinson describes a huge storm (presciently named “Sandy”, even though the book was written couple of years before the actual superstorm) which floods the Washington mall for - you guessed it – forty days. This spurs Congress to finally act; did I mention it’s science fiction?
Maybe when Mar a Lago floods.**

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This flood footage reminds me of the final scene from a very good flick (not a doc) I just watched that deals with climate change; “Woman at War” from Iceland.

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As DC Flooded…Somebody forgot the Soap. Still too much Grime in that Building. Smart thing they did by mopping up the dirty water with Trumps’ head. Amazing how much water that Hair holds!

… Wasting away again in Mar-a-Loco…

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I hope Crumpus lives long enough to see His West Palm Beach estate flooded permanently. But even then, I’m sure the fat son of a bitch will find a way to blame it on the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. That said, Greenland is currently melting ENORMOUS volumes of ice into the sea as temps inland have been consistently well above 40F+ for some three weeks now. Maybe Trumps Shit Castle will be washed into the sewer sooner than later.

This one is a hoot.

The Bastard gets away with these outlandish Lies because so many Americans are willing to overlook his stupidity because he expresses Hatred for the same type of people they Hate.

BIGOTS UNITED, should be his campaign slogan.