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Ahead of Trump Visit, Organizers Accuse UK Police of Attempting to 'Gag Protesters'


Ahead of Trump Visit, Organizers Accuse UK Police of Attempting to 'Gag Protesters'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just 48 hours ahead of massive nationwide protests in the United Kingdom against U.S. President Donald Trump's official visit on Friday, more than a dozen organizers and members of parliament accused the British police of "curtailing the right to protest and putting the health and safety of demonstrators in jeopardy" by denying groups permission to set up a stage and sound system at the main protest assembly point in London.


The “stage” is already set.

Tyranny is on trial.


I just hope (!!) that the American media covers the protest against this madman.


Who and what do we look at as insane these days – ?

What about American behavior has been sane in the last 50 years – ?

Since the end of WWII, we’ve had a faked Cold War seemingly created to hide the reality
of Roswell and the “alien presence.” But it also largely benefitted the MIC and gave us the
rise of the McCarthy Era which involved the purging of liberals from government, Hollywood
and the press.

In the 1970’s we had another purging of liberals and moderates in both parties by the NRA/CIA
targeting those people who would have investigated the CIA and assassinations and who would
have kept the NRA gun violence which has taken over our societies like a cancer from ever happening.

And what of the fake US/CIA Drug War?

Though we knew about the Global Warming model by 1957 as explained to us by our scientists,
the only activity in regard to Global Warming was a 50 year/$50 BILLION campaign by the oil
industry to HIDE the reality of Global Warming until it was too late.

The public may not have known all of this, but certainly OIL Executives knew – just as the
Tobacco Executives knew about cigarettes and cancer. The planet is on fire and Elites are
running wild to pick up all everything they can.

We are now hearing further confirmation of other suspicions: That E. Howard Hunt told his
Watergate lawyer that the reason JFK was murdered was to prevent him from telling the public
about the “alien presence.”

The casual mentions we’ve heard in writings about the end of WWII suggested that there were
ex-Nazis visiting our Pentagon and “making deals.” We began to understand that many knew
about Operation Paperclip – maybe not the overall size of those brought in – 200,000 ex-Nazis.
Now it is also being made clear to us that Hitler survived – wasn’t a suicide. And that our US/
CIA/Pentagon “let him go” along with higher ups in his military, his henchmen – and with the

Grey Wolf (film) - Wikipedia
Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler is a 2014 film directed and written by Gerrard Williams and produced by Magnus Peterson. The film is a drama documentary based on the book of the same name by Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan.
Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler by Simon Dunstan …
The Paperback of the Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler by Simon Dunstan, … Re-create history with the LEGO … DID HITLER—CODE NAME “GREY WOLF”—REALLY …

See: CIA operations being drafted in 1943 at the end of WWII and later run out of the CIA –
Mockingbird, Papeclip, Gladio


Oh Jer rem y Corbin. The sooner the better.


US media may cover the protests, but typically they’ll misstate the crowd size by a full decimal place, and give equal time to the inevitable handful of paid counterdemonstrators and agents provocateurs.

It’s all about perception management, you know. That, and keeping the advertisers happy.


And Trump will say, “they love me here, look at all of my supporters”.


cra cra

fake news and the left. It’s a thing.


Attacks on our press and libraries and free speech come from the right wing –
and that includes Obama pretending to be a democrat – and many more “democrats”

It’s a right wing thing – always has been – dictatorships from Stalin to Hitler practice
spying, propaganda and torture.

And that’s the road our corrupt US/CIA has long been on.