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Ahead of Week Dedicated to 'Unplugging,' WHO Urges Strict Limits on Screen Time for Young Children

Ahead of Week Dedicated to 'Unplugging,' WHO Urges Strict Limits on Screen Time for Young Children

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The World Health Organization on Wednesday released guidelines on screen time for young children, recommending no "sedentary screen time" for one-year-olds and curbed access for older kids.

I’m around kids and teens every day and most are entitled and spoiled. Some are less than others, but most are the way they are because their parents are idiots. Why does a 9 year old have an iPhone X? Is he a friggin’ doctor on call? Why are parents afraid of their little brats? They refuse to discipline them so they act as their friend and bargain with them. They get rewarded for bad behavior. Kids show their parents no respect because of this. Everything in their precious little lives has to be scheduled. They can not entertain themselves. Again due to shitty parenting. They will grow up no better. Glad I won’t be here to see it, as each Gen gets worse. After seeing this Trend starting to happen, my wife and I drew the line in the sand. We did the opposite of other households. I do believe it worked as both of my daughters have great work ethics and are good people. How many can truthfully say that?

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Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!

Every effing thing in life has to be programmed. Play dates??? What have we come to?

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Part 2 is allowable Screen Time by parents: They are responsible for buying video games and regulating how long their kids are looking at any Screen including TV. Isolation along with the inability to use Social Skills have taken a huge toll on young kids. They don’t know how to interact with others their age. Screen Time has been on the rise for decades and no one addresses it. This to me is a larger Epidemic than Opioids. In reality…Watching a Screen is a Drug and kids are addicts.

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My neighbors from another culture take their one-ish old son out in a red wagon often. Probably two to three miles a day by my estimation. He is going to be a bright boy I bet with all of that stimulation. My next door neighbors, Americans, seldom take their boy out. Maybe once every other month at best. Breaks my heart. Kids should get out and learn how to eat dirt at a young age. Unless, of course, the damn Pesticide Police came spraying recently.

Video games. How to get fat because you are not moving when playing a so-called ‘game.’ But then adults should practice what they preach because they are blank-faced idiots, too.

I turned off the tv in 1993 and my stepkids went nuts. They couldn’t figure out what to do with themselves…now it’s insane with the zombie generation hitting puberty that can’t function without a screen in front of their face.

I watched a girl, maybe 12 or 13, walk down the alley today while standing and talking with a shop owner who had just closed up and was sitting in her car. I bet her the girl would only look up from the screen twice. I lost, she only looked up once walking the entire block…and never looked at the cars backing out of the bank parking lot or others driving past her.

Or us ten feet away. It was obvious she was oblivious that we were even there.

These devices were deliberately designed to addict human brains. Look up the studies done, the telecommunications industry documents that have been released. They read like the tobacco industry’s of a few decades ago.

I teach martial arts self defense and try to get students to be aware of just how unaware of their surroundings they are when they’ve got one of these freaking things in their face. Put them down I say! Want to mug somebody who won’t remember what you look like? Easy pickings!

Oh, and I have never owned nor will own a cell phone. I have an answering machine on the land line and I pay $22 a month. Cheap! Screw you telecommunications industry!

It’s amazing how much less stress there is in life without one. Try it, you’ll be surprised.

Oh, and turn off the tv, too. Doing both of these things means you might actually be worth becoming an adult role model!


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We need an economic bill of rights focused on families that would enable a mother or father to raise their children full time. Invest in our future, invest in our greatest assets, invest in our children.

Actually, the title of this Article should be, “Bad Parenting 101.”

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It’s more than just an addiction to these devices, our eyes are not meant to look into light – we evolved needing light (illumination) to see, but not to stare into, especially hour after hour, as many do w/these devices. iPhones, smartphones, iPods, tablets, etc, unlike televisions, are all used up close and personal and often in the dark – this does not bode well for the future vision of these users, especially those beginning as youngsters.