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Ahead of Youth-Led Day of Action, Young Elected Officials Push Biden to Enact National Emergency Climate Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/04/ahead-youth-led-day-action-young-elected-officials-push-biden-enact-national

Biden already named John Kerry to be the Climate Czar. If he can’t talk climate change to sleep nobody can.


climate czzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzar


Good Luck, Young elected officials, take your collective heads out of the sand and take a long hard look at your new Prez and his past history in Congress…not too many progressive clothes on that corporate democrat. Then take a cold hard look at many of his choices for his future cabinet, not exactly progressive either. And finally take a look at the reality of global warming… the whole world economy runs on fossil fuels, there’s probably not a house in the world, apart from the poverty stricken, that contains an item that doesn’t carry a carbon footprint.
Biden, like every other world leader, will talk an impressive talk, but the U.S. economy is enslaved to the dependence on Fossil fuels and is still a world leader in carbon pollution. Even the few countries committed to renewable energy sources still have to import and export goods, so unless industrial powers around the world decide to deliver goods by bicycle, or horse drawn carts and barges, and wind powered sailing ships, Global warming is with us until every drop of fossil fuel is out the ground and the greasy skin of every pimply adolescent is sucked dry.
But perhaps Biden will surprise us all, and, by executive order, force the U.S.A to go back to a pre-industrial agrarian economy. And perhaps he will be able to persuade the rest of the world to do the same. And perhaps pigs will learn to fly.


These folks are doing something, why disparage them when you do nothing but complain?


What , besides talking, are they actually doing? I wouldn’t be too fast to say they are doing anything, Obama said he would close Gitmo as a first act and it’s still open. Biden is not a progressive, he never was and never claimed to be. As for environmental legislation it is not necessary to pass new legislation to address climate, it is instead necessary to pass legislation addressing 50 years of gross neglect and at the same time radical change going forward from the present. I promise you Biden won’t even mention anything approaching the possibility of real significant reform. Also it’s better to complain of deceptive government than to condone their deception, and and criticize those who prefer truth over lies.


You could not be more wrong. Sadly you also cannot be convinced of that.

“Holding Biden’s feet to the fire,” figures it’d be fracked gas! Buying the lying; as silencing of protest is cynically handed over to ALEC controlled states, Koch’s DCCC has just “lost.”

“The green dream or whatever they call it… Nobody knows what it is, but they’re FOR it right?” Lizard Lady, “They Live”

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/the-beltway-left-is-normalizing-corruption (Kleptocracy is back to NORMAL!)


~https://www.downwithtyranny.com/post/much-of-the-u-s-could-be-uninhabitable-by-2050 (move to Ithaca… NOW!)


~https://www.sightline.org/2019/02/12/calling-natural-gas-a-bridge-fuel-is-alarmingly-deceptive/ (but remunerative?)

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Yeah, I’m wrong…as far as every climate denier is concerned anyway - Exxon not among them. Exxon knew, based on their own studies as far back as the 70’s that climate was a existential issue. I’m wrong as far as every status quo democrat and republican is concerned also. There are less than a hundred scientists on the planet who would disagree about the severity of the issue and the urgency of swift and decisive action. I’m also wrong about the threat of coronavirus to all of us according to the same groups previously mentioned, most of whom are convinced that Russia was the reason Trump won 2016 election, unless of course they were Trump voters themselves. The same people see Edward Snowden as some sort of traitor, and cannot see he was doing his patriotic duty exposing government crimes. I’m wrong about just about everything to these people, and when in doubt, it is this fact all by itself that brings me back to center and tells me I’m on the right track. As far as Biden is concerned it’s easy to say I’m wrong at this time, but in 4 years nothing of consequence will be done by Biden, and nobody will remember this conversation to say I was right. Instead, they’ll all be talking about all the great climate legislation Harris will soon be passing as the whole state of California burns, Florida drops into the ocean, and hurricanes wipe out the east and gulf coasts.


What’s “of consequence” is four more years of bailing-out fracking (we’d had four years of a break). FAR more Bridge Fuel™ production, infrastructure (and renewed attempts to compete with Russia, Gulf States, Venezuela, etc. by LNG export). BS greenwashing of geo-engineering, “clean” coal, carbon capture, GE monoculture agriculture & CAFOs, bio-mass, carbon exchange hocus-pocus as our military burns more oil than Ireland and we bail-out 97 ancient reactors?



~https://insideclimatenews.org/news/18092015/exxon-confirmed-global-warming-consensus-in-1982-with-in-house-climate-models (just ignore the DNC trolls, they LIE!)


You seem to have veered off in an incomprehensible tangent to the original premise. I cannot respond to such swerving and verbose ducking and weaving. Use of paragraphs might help a bit, but that is not the point.

The post to which you originally responded before diving into incomprehensible depths spoke to the efforts of these young legislators to keep a progressive agenda in Biden’s vision. I must note, yet again, that every damn time we read about efforts such as this we find posts crawling out of the murky depths belittling the efforts and those who undertake them.

I am of the opinion that most who post these ineffable negatives do so because they feel guilty about doing nothing while others try to do something.

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You are so right… the whole world economy is run on fossil fuels… it’s funny, when you try to explain this to someone, who… hasn’t READ anything… (let alone about any of this…)… they cannot even begin to grasp what that means… and …they will start to argue with you in the middle of any teaching explanation, on climate change, or peak oil… etc… I have been studying this since 2003… and it really was not until I learned of peak oil in around 2007 -8 that I fully grasped the enormity of our situation. I still, at that point, was under the impression that we could “DO” something with renewables, etc… until around… 2011-12… when I listened to Guy McPherson… and yeah, his predictions on human extinction in the like ," tomorrow" sense, may be a bit off, but other wise, he is not wrong. Plus, if it wasn’t for him PUSHING, the scientists who now have been admitting that it is all happening “sooner than we thought” it would… probably would not have admitted this even now. He began the spark of eye opening truth. Even with all the “'conflict” that surrounds him… at least he was on the right track. By 2012 I was having to come to terms with the real facts about climate change. There really is no fix. In my most optimistic moments, I want us to try to do “DEGROWTH”, as a last, ditch effort. However, since we know that humans, especially in western developed countries will NOT EVER go for that… well, we may has well hang it up and even if we did do it… the rich would cheat, make sure they had all the goodies they could get. The rest of us would be have to be ascetics…

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Almost no one wants to simply acknowledge that “Most of the crap that is produced, distributed, sold, used, consumed in ‘advanced’ economies, is completely unneeded. Most of the energy that is produced, distributed, sold, used, consumed in ‘advanced’ economies, is completely unneeded.”

i prefer the word “shrink” to the clumsy neologism “degrow” but at lease some people are talking about it. We need to - and we can - vastly shrink “the economy” and still meet human needs. In fact, we certainly will shrink the economy, but because most of us will not allow ourselves to wriggle outside of the marketing / PR / propaganda consciousness that is incessantly poured into our brains, or wriggle outside of the piles of useless crap that surround our lives, we will only shrink the economy when the whole thing crashes down in a heap. It doesn’t have to be that way.


You are obviously unaware that Kerry was a chief architect of the Paris Climate Accords. Perhaps you would prefer a mythic Marvel Comics hero, would that be less boring to you than an intelligent, capable, and learned individual like Kerry?

I have to agree, to a degree.
FDR, Churchill, U.S. Grant, are just a few off the top that came into their own when they attained the ultimate of resposibility.
Biden’s record thus far continues to be fleshed out right here and now.
I’ll give him a 100 days or so to show us if the emergencies are reasonably dealt with.
We aren’t likely to change the world at the snap of our fingers.
On the world front, China has a massive industrial footprint and something like half of their energy is from coal, and they have infinite mountains of it.


I have noted, on numerous occasions that Biden would not have been my choice, but he is what we have.
That he is a far cry from Trump, both politically and in maturity, should give us some hope, however small.

If we wish to see the appointments of decent cabinet members, the promoting of progressive legislation going forward that way is not by ceaseless, and occasionally baseless, insult and criticisms. This is why the Left has been unable to move forward , far too many so-called leftists confine their political actions to invective and far too little to actually doing something.

We may be at a crossroad here, and we may just take the wrong turn by only negative commenting and not enough activism.

“If a man begins in certainty he will end in doubt.” Francis Bacon

That seems to apply to all who have made up their minds, prior to Biden being sworn in, that his administration will gain the left nothing.

“Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good
we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt.”
Wm. Shakespeare
Measure for Measure

Vilifying Biden is ,in no way, a better strategy than trying to work with him, at least until he proves that effort futile.

“More often than not history is really more about choice than chance”.
Dwight D Eisenhower

But, ultimately , the important thing is that we do something, follow our hearts and act on our principles. Way too many do nothing but post negatively in forums, thinking they make a difference. They might actually do that, but not in the way they believe.

“For to accuse requires less eloquence, such is man’s nature, than to excuse; and condemnation, than absolution, more resembles justice.” Hobbes,
in Leviathon

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The progressive youth and progressives from all ages and walks of life comprise the largest Biden voters block. Biden best beware or risk loosing it all to the KKK fascists in 2024.

Biden is really a default choice for the progressives after South Carolina and the smear campaign of socialist and commie red baiting killed off Bernie Sanders chances. To me and i think all of the progressives ANYTHING is better than Trump and his dangerous path to civil war and fascist mayhem.

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It’s as though TPTB were willing to have a close race, but when Bernie showed his awesome support they decide to step in. Clyburn is someone I would tend not to buy a used car from.


Perhaps so but we have aggressively curtail fossil fuels usage and invest in alternative energy R&D projects. We all know the change isn’t going to happen overnight but it can and must be accelerated by orders of magnitude. We have to stop subsidizing the extremely rich oil and gas companies with public money and direct it all to the green, renewables. Rome wasn’t built overnight we know however the undue influence and public welfare to the oligharch energy suppliers must stop immediately. That is something the time is ripe for.