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Ahed Tamimi and Her Mother are Free

Ahed Tamimi and Her Mother are Free

Ray McGovern

When they left prison on Sunday Ahed Tamimi and her mother Nariman received a hard-earned heros’ welcome from Palestinians and others opposed to Israel’s occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands seized in 1948 and enlarged by the Israeli army in 1967.

Ahed is 16 years old. Last December, an Israeli soldier shot her cousin in the face. The next day Israeli soldiers menacingly showed up at her house the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. What would you do?


The Old Testament, still fucking things up after all of these millennia. Asshole vengeful “god”.


The crimes of the zionist entity since 1948 are too numerous to list, but some especially heinous jump-out as an assault on common norms of human decency the world has fought for (at least nominally) including nazi fascism and racism - a mindset and crime the Israeli entity now mirrors.

This nuclear-armed war criminal is a threat to every nation and people. Their supremacist belief treats all others, especially Palestinians, as vermin to be exterminated - just like nazis did Jews and other groups of people. The US is cravenly and pathetically subservient to, and complicit to, Israeli crimes and racism as we arm, support, fund thru “aid” over $5 Billion annually - while our own people suffer!

We have allowed our nation and Congress to be subverted to the Israeli extremist/racist narrative, our politicians pressured by AIPAC and threatened to support the Israeli agenda or face targeting for defeat at the polls…a real political “meddling” and evil that is a threat to our essential sovereignty! Our sold-out, corrupted, media silences the truth of Israeli racism, war crimes, and half-century Palestinian genocide!!

BDS!. zionism IS racism!



It wasn’t that long ago that Ray McGovern’s writings appeared regularly on Common Dreams, but since Russia-gate hysteria swept the country his voice has all but disappeared, to the applause of Hilbots and certain radical cognoscenti here. Ray, like most of us, was not, from the cradle, a full blown leftist, he worked in the analytical section of the CIA as a Russia specialist for many years, and this, according to some, is an indelible blemish, a sort of Scarlet Letter. I know that I am not the same person I was when twenty, and I suspect neither is Ray or anyone else. Ray McGovern is one of the few people on the national stage I respect and admire.

Thanks for telling the story of Tamimi and her mother.


As you and Tom Johnson write, Ray McGovern was once part of the “old school” “intelligence” community/culture but he grew and changed. He is an example of what some are capable-of, given the right stimulus, respect for the Common Good, and the personal integrity and desire to change…change is possible as Ray clearly demonstrates, and there is perhaps, no person more dedicated to the truth they have found, and exposing the evil and corruption they knew in that previous life so well as reformed humans who have seen the light…and they do deserve our respect. If none of us changed for the good we would be in a world of trumps…Thanks


None of this is about Jews or their religion. It is about the Zionists and the state of Israel being fascist thugs.


I’ve assumed for years that Mossad has bribed or blackmailed all of Congress. That’s why the sanctions part of BDS will never be enacted in the U.S.
Not only is Zionism racist but so are the media that supports Israeli racism. Not really any different than the newspapers in the Jim Crow days. I try to remember this when I see articles in the NYT basically blaming the Palestinian victims.



Lapdogs that serve their corporate owners/masters and the politicians that they bought and paid for that only benefit the global elite.


Rebel_Farmer is right on here, diveshopingoa.

Paying attention to someone’s religion instead of their actions is the same wrong thing rather you are doing it to keep that religious group in power as in Zionism or doing it to critique those in power.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The problem is Zionism not Judaism. Not all Jews are Zionists. Glenn Greenwald and Noam Chomsky come immediately to mind. On the other hand not all Zionists are Jews, in fact most Zionists in the USA are fundamentalist evangelical Christians who actually support it in hopes Jesus will come back soon and send most Jews to hell, but they think he can’t come back until the Temple is rebuilt. Pure irony there.


AIPAC & other pro-Israeli groups have a lot of control over the media & government. Senator Ron Wyden (D) Oregon returned a contribution from an Arab American for fear of being voted out of office. 10 or more years ago, Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN for talking about bias towards Israel in the media.

Native Americans have full empathy with the suffering and strength of Palestinians.

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