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Aid Groups Arrive in Vanuatu, Assessing Devastation from Cyclone's 'Full Fury'


Aid Groups Arrive in Vanuatu, Assessing Devastation from Cyclone's 'Full Fury'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As news from the cyclone-stricken island nation of Vanuatu began to trickle in on Sunday, the devastation left in the wake of Cyclone Pam—one of the most powerful storms to ever make landfall—started to become clear.


And the duly elected former president of the Maldives is ousted and jailed for timely dramatizing to the world the threat being intensified. The predatory vultures with TTIP/TTP etc. race to claw humanity into its grip as the ethics of those interests continue sink deeper into the quick-sand road of corruption.


Complete directions for harvesting rainwater from hurricanes may be found at ferrocement dot com, gratis.


yes. We seem to be dividing into 2 camps: those aware and doing something, those who prefer to live in a world of denial.


You must be referring to Haiti. The Bushmonkey and Clinton raised 100 million dollars for Earthquake relief and then not one blue tarp or bottle of water ever showed up. The vaunted NGO’s all sat around in the Five-Star Hotels for a few weeks counting donation checks and then got the hell out of there.

How did that go? President O’Bombem sent troops instead of food? Then the UN sent sick troops that caused a Colera epidemic… If memory serves? Corrections invited.

With Katrina-Style relief like that, who needs pirates?

We better just let the Auzzies handle this one.


That’s what is happening in the Philippines on the Western sides. Right now we are bone dry, but we know what is coming: Massive Inch and Hour “cloudbursts” for days that take the topsoil away and then 125 mph wind downs all the trees. I lived here in the 90’s and that NEVER happened, except one time with a super-typhoon. Now, no typhoon even needs to be in the area for this hurricane force attack water and wind to happen.

It’s the weirdest thing.

This past week Australia had FOUR cyclones (same as hurricane) all at the same time swirling around her. We had this same conveyor-belt of storms start near the international date line and pummel us to pieces over a year ago. And bad news for everyone, it looks like Antarctica is melting to pieces on not only the Western side, but the Eastern side as well. Upwelling water is super hot for some reason and she is losing ice mass according to aircraft overflight surveys. They now say 2100 will see 20 foot rise instead of one foot, just from Antarctica alone, if I understood the scientists (this was a conservative low-ball number one said.)

The Big Meltdown Down Under