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Aid Groups to World Leaders: Time to Force Israel to Lift Blockade on Gaza


Aid Groups to World Leaders: Time to Force Israel to Lift Blockade on Gaza

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Over 150,000 people and dozens of humanitarian organizations say it is time for world leaders to force Israel to lift the blockade on Gaza and allow its residents to recover from last year's 50-day military onslaught, in what the groups are saying is the largest ever coordinated global appeal.

Released Wednesday, the anniversary of the formal ceasefire, the call notes: "Not one of the 19,000 homes that were bombed and destroyed has been fully rebuilt."


Israel's objective ever since the formation of Israel has been to drive the People of Palestine of their land so that Israel can expand its boarders to what it believes is the full promised land. They have started moving into their neighbors property already. Do you think they are building settlements in a foreign country? They have plans of taking over that land. These people can not be dealt with in a rational way. A workable solution could be full world wide sanctions. Israel can not survive without doing business. The US handouts may be getting smaller with changing politics in the US. Israel may have to give up its biblical fairy tail and settle for living at peace with its neighbors.


The missiles Hamas has are a joke and you know it. Israel has many nuclear weapons and many modern day missiles given to them by the US.
I have a question for you. Who forced the Israeli's to leave that area in the first place? I see the Palestinians as the indigenous people who belong there. I have never heard a story about Jews being banished from that land that Palestinians call home.


The Israeli apartheid in Gaza has to end now, or the Jews have lost their place in the human community.
This can be voluntarily, or by force, whichever comes later. Enough is enough.


Ishmailav, it is a shame that you are either ignorant or dishonest about Hamas. If you were being oppressed, prevented from living in your own land so that foreigners--because that's what the vast majority of Israeli Jews are--could steal it, would you not fight back?

Isn't that what the indigenous people of North America did? Just as the Europeans were the real terrorists in the Americas, the Israelis are the real terrorists in Palestine.

Hamas has no desire for the deaths of Palestinians. that is why Hamas fights back. It is, however, quite clear that it is Israel that is working to slaughter Palestinians.

Your and their denial fools very few.


Let's be irrational together.

You and other Zionists have a look on irrationality. You are, after all, the folks who claim a deity has guaranteed you Palestine.

Prove it, Ishmailav. Until you do, stop trying to justify oppression, land theft and murder with appeals to an imaginary being.


This is based on lies, the Israelis have let thousands of tons of cement thru the blockade and large amounts are just sitting in Gaza warehouses, The problems with reconstruction lie elsewhere as has been widely reported.


The Israelis removed all their settlers from Gaza--and got Hamas rockets as a reward. Phooey!


rockets with a range of 160 km and payloads of 140 kg of explosives are a joke? Only if you hate the people they are aimed at.


The Israelis did withdraw from Gaza.


The expulsion of the Palestinian people by force and terror has been an ongoing crime against humanity since 1948 that the world has watched and done little or nothing to stop - the pre-meditated ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionism has gone on far too long!

Palestinian culture was once considered the most secular in all the ME. Indigenous Arab inhabitants of Palestine had little problem with Jews moving in at first, the trouble began when it became apparent that Jews/Zionists wanted all the land to be for Jews only, the plan was to dispossess people living in Palestine for generations; early Jewish/Israeli leaders admit this. Western governments "gave" lands belonging to Palestinians to become Israel via the Balfour Declaration which said in part "it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine". It soon became apparent the original inhabitants would not be welcome in the new state. Then came 1948, declaration of Israeli statehood, the Jewish terrorist groups, Haganah, Irgun and Stern Gang, Jewish Massacre at Deir Yassin, mass expulsion and destruction of over 450 palestinian villages by Jewish forces, and repeated pre-meditated Israeli wars of expansion to build the Zionist dream of a "Greater Israel" - "Eretz Israel". The Occupation,ethnic cleansing, racist oppression and killings, the '67 war that took Jerusalem, the West Bank, The Golan, Shebaa Farms and illegal colonization of all the Occupied Territories by Israel in one form or another - the "Separation Barrier", AKA Apartheid wall, ruled illegal by the ICJ, as is all colonization "settlements" under International Human Rights Law and UN resolutions. Many other/more israeli crimes, atrocities, racism, subversion, contempt for International Law, and other outrages followed.........






I think I read the rockets have not killed anyone. If they did it is a very small number.
Now lets talk about the American furnished missiles and bombs that killed 2000 Palestinians, 500 of them children and the 500 000 it made homeless.


John, if Israel was looking to expand its borders, it would not have unilaterally pulled out of Gaza.

It isn't a foreign country to them, it is their original homeland. The entire area had been Israel, Judea and Samaria--all Jewish kingdoms, before the Romans changed the name.

And one more thing you Israel haters always deliberately overlook: The Jewish citizens of every Muslim country have been attacked, forced out, expelled, their property confiscated. Where were you--and the rest of the world--while this was and is going on?


Hamas is not only interested in killing Jews, it's also interested in money and power. Hamas and the PLO are always fighting for control as well as access to the money that pours in from around the world. If you want to know why more of Gaza wasn't rebuilt, go talk to them.

Meanwhile, Hamas has controlled Gaza for ten years and refuses to hold another election. It used the last Gaza war to kill off political enemies and anybody that didn't agree with it. 167 children have died digging Hamas's underground tunnels, but I suppose that doesn't bother you either.


I do think Israaelis should ask, "Why are we so hated by so many"? I do believe we must be responsible for the results of our actions. Why are Jews the choosen people? Why special? Aren't we all humans?


Israel is the Great Satan of this era.


"Israel help Gaza"??? Are you insane? Israel is destroying the Palestinians' settlements and slaughtering the Palestinians -- men, women and children!!! What does that remind us of? Oh, yes, Nazi Germany!

Israel has become the Great Satan.


There is fault on both sides, but the US will not acknowledge that Israel does terrible things.