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Aid Groups Warn of 'Untold Suffering for Millions' as Trump Weighs $4.3 Billion in Cuts to UN Humanitarian Programs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/16/aid-groups-warn-untold-suffering-millions-trump-weighs-43-billion-cuts-un

From the article:

"…the Trump administration’s potential cuts to peacekeeping missions would make the world less safe and harm millions of people.

‘They’d be sabotaging these missions,’ Hannum said, ‘and ensuring untold suffering for millions of innocent civilians who rely on the missions for protection.’"

There’s no profit in peace.


If I believed in such an entity I would have to conclude that Donald J. Trump is the Devil. His inhuman, regressive and dangerous policies have put many tens of millions in grave danger and the whole world increasingly lives in dread of what this appalling monster will do next. EVERYTHING he has done in his life is a fraud, a con and a disaster. His corruption and incompetency are staggering. I am ashamed and disgusted that this Orange Pustule is the president of my country and that he hasn’t been forced from office by the people. There is nothing but economic, environmental and societal collapse ahead for us as long as he and this treasonous Rethug party that props him up are in power. Trump is the Devil walking among us.


The outer space program must be hard up for money. Once again they get it from the neediest of humanity because we can’t afford to fight back. And we know who the rich are, but at the same time morally bankrupt.

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America has been captured by genuinely psychotic forces.

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And he wants to lock up “crazy people”, WTF He is begging for help, for someone to intercede on his behalf. Everything points to the fact that he is cruel and the world does nothing. Destroy, destroy, when I child does this they are removed from the situation by an adult. Where are leaders say enough?