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Aiding and Abetting the Tweeter-in-Chief


Aiding and Abetting the Tweeter-in-Chief

Tom Engelhardt

I don’t tweet, but I do have a brief message for our president: Will you please get the hell out of the way for a few minutes? You and your antics are blocking our view of the damn world and it’s a world we should be focusing on!


None of it is going to get better unless the higher ups grasp that 21st century wars just can’t be won. He we have the most expensively armed force the world has ever known, bigger that the next eight nation states onbined, and it can’t seem to fight any of the groups it’s up against into anything at all resembling a resolution. All of our planes and drones and computer guidance systems and lasers and satellites and depleted radium bullets and smack tactical nukes some of them hand carryable but all with the power to cut loise devastation, then the big nukes which are only good for threatening with unless someone loses his cool with a Hidey Ho Fuck it, Take that!

Nobody is winning, everything being done is making it all worse. I’d put that doomsday click at about eight seconds now

If someone doesn’t come to their senses soon – and how likely is that? – the word “winning” will be just a widely held – until we all lose all.


Thank you, Tom. I’ve done my share of insulting Trump in these columns, but I appreciate your going behind the tweets and revealing the dangers there. It’s pretty clear that Trump has no intention of addressing America’s problems – I doubt that he would even know how to begin – so the Republica/Democratic Congress (House/Senate) need to put aside their anger and defiance toward each other, and get serious.


Its the Trump Show----and the elite are loving it. How much can the elite steal while the Donald does his act.


Trump is indeed the best smokescreen the GOP and 1% have ever had to give them cover to loot what hasn’t already been looted from the US Treasury and destroy the 99%.


This is a great article…thank you!


I’m going to disagree with you on the “elite” loving it. I think the elite would much prefer the staid and boring Jeb Bush any day over Trump and his constant dumb-assery. They jumped on the bandwagon of a self-important idiot because they had no choice. The rabble wanted a wall, to boot “illegals,” and to make sure whites ran the country again. In turn, they realized said idiot was easily bribed and would at least get a court appointment. If you think about it, Jeb, Rubio, or Walker would’ve gotten them a court appointment, likely, if not close to, a tax cut by now, and been well on the road to crafting a budget that “reformed” the EPA and a host of other agencies. Trump’s a long way from those three at the moment.


Exactly, Illusion, Trump is the Distraction that Keeps On Giving, nothing more, nothing less.


I am not sure if Jeb Bush would have signed on to the largest transfer of wealth in American history. Then it was amazing to watch Bush in one of the debates dress down Kasich for accepting the medicaid expansion. This from an a-hole,Jeb Bush who has never had to worry about getting healthcare.----I think Bush would have tried to look like he wanted to work with democrats-and there would be compromise on corporate issues-----Trump is doing something very different—entertain the people while he and the elite make off with everything they can get their hands on.


I think Bush wouldve done exactly what his brother did, and that was massively cut taxes for the wealthy, twice. Like his brother though, I think he would have done more to peel off a couple red state democrats by funding opioid addiction programs or something. He also wouldn’t be the racist that Trump is. Otherwise, the legislative agenda we are seeing would’ve been his, but with a nicer smile.