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Ailes Resigns—With $40M—But Will Fox's "Cesspool of Sexism" Change?


Ailes Resigns—With $40M—But Will Fox's "Cesspool of Sexism" Change?

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Roger Ailes, the embattled chief executive of Fox News, resigned Thursday amid allegations that he had sexually harassed and retaliated against women at the network for decades.


So, the network does not first place Ailes on leave pending a subsequent thorough investigation. And then, if that investigation warrants the network both firing and suing this top executive Ailes, the network can then pursue such recourse.

Instead, Ailes gets to choose to resign and get a $40-million golden parachute, after having agreed to certain stipulations. (Nice!). So that is to be the outcome of this situation concerning Ailes' alleged various patterns of gross misconduct?

I trust that those victims of Ailes; nefarious advances, oppressive acts and retribution successfully sue the network and Ailes, both jointly and severally, and obtain an award of $40 million in compensatory damages and treble punitive damages. Also, the victims should seek the implementation of a total overhaul of the network's grievance processes and procedures, to make it a more effective mechanism, as well as seek the implementation of mandatory administrative and monetary sanctions to be imposed on any future violator. Such courses of action just might serve to deter the occurrence of future sexual harassment.