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AIPAC Speeches and UC Regents Take Aim at Human Rights Advocacy


AIPAC Speeches and UC Regents Take Aim at Human Rights Advocacy

Dima Khalidi

For us Palestinian-Americans, the height of election year means it is cringe season. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference, intentionally timed to attract the presidential frontrunners, is a perfect illustration of why. It is at AIPAC after all, that those hoping to become or remain our elected leaders are pandering to powerful pro-Israel groups this week in order to win their favor, or avoid their disfavor.


Just remember that Hillary Clinton spoke very clearly the other day that she believes support for BDS is anti-Semitic. This alone should disqualify her from being President, but coupled with her support for the Iraq War and her aid to the military coup in Honduras that has led to the deaths of hundreds of indigenous activists and others, and her open admiration and respect for war criminal Henry Kissinger should cause a strong sense of revulsion on the part of anyone who considers themselves to be a real democrat - little or big “D”!


And let us not forget her open admiration for Netanyahu and Madeleine Albright to name a couple more. If you can know a person by the friends they keep, anyone with half a brain can see that Hillary Clinton is no progressive or even a liberal. She’s even more to the right than our centrist President.


Israeli-government attempts to suppress BDS are very much like Big-agriculture attempts to prevent GMO labeling. Scummy power-mongers try to keep people in the dark, undermine their ability to make informed decisions and act according to those decisions. UC Berkeley’s regents allying themselves with these attempts to enforce ignorance is completely counter to the “basic mission” of an educational institution: a disgrace!


Interestingly the author states that all the presidential candidates are supportive of AIPAC. Nevertheless, there is one that did not attend the AIPAC conference and actually spoke out against Israels interventionism and is supportive of a two state solution. That candidate also happens to be the only Jew currently running for office. Odd, this wasn’t mentioned in the article.


“The fact that every candidate for president is compelled to profess their intent to continue the United States’ reflexive defense of Israel is indication in itself of the massive power imbalance on this issue.”

“Sanders Declines To Pander To Israel Lobby In Speech Prepared For AIPAC”