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'Air of Desperation,' Says Sanders Campaign, as Democratic Establishment Launches All-Out Effort to Stop Bernie

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/25/air-desperation-says-sanders-campaign-democratic-establishment-launches-all-out


Sounds like the Big Tent Project is yanking down its own tent poles, making more like a pup tent.


The GOP has already won. There are currently 4 republicans running for the DEMOCRATIC nomination. If Biden, Mayo Pete, Klobachar or Bloomberg won the nomination the only conclusion that could be drawn would be that the Democratic Party has been assimilated into the GOP.


Look at Bernie’s opponents and then get real: None of them can beat Trump.

In current polling, MonotoneMike is doing worst of all in head-to-heads versus Trump.
Mayo Pete, who attacks the lack of diversity in Bernie’s coalition, can only attract rich white people.
Liz dropped off the map two months ago and continues downward.
Uncle Joe hasn’t strung together a coherent sentence or thought in a single appearance.
Amy Slobuchar “won” Hew Hampshire by taking third, her bump “boosted” her to fifth in Nevada.
Tom Steyer joins MonotoneMike in proving that buying votes isn’t that easy.

It won’t surprise me to see at least one of the above bail before Super Tuesday.
Battle back tonight, Bernie – America supports those who fight like hell for real principles.
Well, at least some of us do.


In an interesting bit of irony on MSNBC, Stephanie Ruhle asked a SC Democrat yesterday why would voters trust the establishment Dem Party given its lack of any genuine change, when they could vote for a candidate like Bernie? Why indeed? Which is why Bernie is needed now. When the Dems had control of both houses and could have voted for single-payer healthcare, they stumbled all over themselves preserving the status quo and producing the ACA as a compromise. While the ACA is better than a sharp stick in the eye, it doesn’t compete with MFA.


you would think that these desperate damn dems would realize that their day has come and gone because the grassroots folks are with Bernie. They no longer believe the lies that the rest of the lot comes up with on a daily basis. BERNIE IS THE ONLY TRUTH TELLER RUNNING IN THIS ELECTION. The only one talking to all the people about their real lives and when he says that we must be willing to stand up for one another not just ourselves, what more do you need to hear? Oh yes, it is US not ME! WHAT A MENSCH. GO BERNIE!


Bernie Sanders: “I think that teaching people to read and write is a good thing!”

For this the desperate corporate dems are attacking him? How very tRumpian of them.


“the Democratic establishment and the party’s sizable moderate wing are increasingly anxious over his steady march to the presidential nomination—yet they lack any sort of cohesive plan to stop him.”

Oh yes they do!

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500,000 people who go bankrupt every year because of the debt they run up paying medical bills would prefer the sharp stick in the eye.

ObamaRomneyCare was weak as hell – the corrupt and cowardly Democrats proved they couldn’t deliver when they were given the chance of our lifetimes. ten years down the road, the #1 concern of Democratic primary voters is healthcare and it’s #2 for Republicans.

Here’s Bernie’s talking point to ram up Trump’s ass: For two years running fewer Americans have health insurance under President Wig.


“You are almost out of time—Sanders could take a nearly insurmountable delegate lead on Super Tuesday”

May it be so.


Establishment putting the McGovern move on Bernie. It is not the fear of Bernie the President. It is the fear of The Bernie Bros taking over their private, elitist party …


Thanks. I had seen the show on Monday, and this gives a lot of the backstory that helps fill in the blanks.

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You Tube "The day democracy Died sung by the founding fathers. I’m a rock n roller and that got me up dancing and singing.

Hope it all backfires not them. Desperation is not a pretty site and hopefully the majority of Americans are to smart for the robber barons of today. This isn’t our first rodeo.


You tube The day democracy died sung by Founding Fathers.

You Tube: The Day Democracy Died sang by Founding Fathers. It is a hoot and will make you want to sing and dance.

“News just in , American Intelligence community and the DNC claim evidence that American voters are interfering in the Democratic Primary”


I pretty much think Bernie Sanders is all but the last hope for Planet Earth, at least on the political front. I really hope he and his friends and supporters are watching his back. Seriously. Thinking JFK, MLK jr and RFK, for example. And I don’t by any means rule out either crazed loners OR rogue cops/military OR ‘deep state’ actors OR covert Republican or (Corporate/‘liberal’) ‘Democrat’ actions as being the threat to him. And ‘accidents’ happen too.


I just saw the supposed apology from MSNBC Tweety Bird Matthews. Not watching MSNBC, I saw this on FSTV, Democracy Now! show. Very mediocre apology. Of course he only comes forward to do this because Tweety has been forced to. Probably ratings took a hit.

I stopped watching Lawrence long ago. When the presidential campaign started to just take shape months back, Lawrence opened his show by complaining that Bernie was as bad as 45 for not disclosing his taxes. It didn’t matter to Lawrence that days just previously, Bernie had made a public statement saying that he will show all taxes requested on a surprise day, and that would be soon.

That wasn’t good enough for Lawrence. Just like conservadem lover, Stephanie Miller. She and her right wing man Chris Lavoie did the same thing, while prodding her audience to “Vote Blue No Matter Who”. Disgusting examples of the supposed left.


Which GOP? There’s at least two bodies but only one Trumpian Head. For the time being, anyway.
A third body may be too big even for Trump.
The Democratic Party is splintering into two, possibly three parties, with the Sanders wing and Buttigieg/Klobuchar wing to its right. Warren and Steyer may be a third.
We may see 5-6 parties after 2020. At least the factions within American political quuazi-coalitions could finally feel like someone is finally listening to them, speaking for them.


Bloomberg: The Turd in The Punchbowl…