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Air Pollution Skyrocketing Worldwide in 'Public Health Emergency': WHO


Air Pollution Skyrocketing Worldwide in 'Public Health Emergency': WHO

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

More than 90 percent of people on the planet live in places where air pollution levels are dangerously high, and millions of people are dying as a result of the exposure, according to new research from the World Health Organization (WHO) released Tuesday.


mark --
From the boldness of their behavior over the last decade or so -- not that
it wasn't bold before that -- I think they know there's no fixing this.
Pollution is so wide and so deep after almost 150 years of insanity of
"bus-I-ness" and industrial revolution -- including the myth of animal-eating
and domestication of animals which has done nothing but drag down
health in every nation which practices it -- that it would indeed take a "miracle."
This pollution/filth also breeds disease everywhere which we can clearly see.

Just clean your outdoor windowsills and you can see what we are breathing
every day -- plus the constant spraying of chemtrails which have a large variety
of poisons raining down on us, our waterways, the soil and animal-life.

Yesterday, I had to go to a Whole Foods store a bit distant from me for a
vegetable soap I use and the entire area of this large mall just reeked with the
odor of cooking -- possibly bacon -- which left no actual air to be breathed.
This because Whole Foods now incorporates a "restaurant" like addition at every
site. Agree with those who suggest they need a name change to "Rarely Whole Foods."

I'd also add as far as public health and disease --
Baseball players seemed to have been used to teach a new generation of males
that spitting was the thing to do -- we also see this in the Titantic movie. It's a filthy,
disease spreading habit which used to be ILLEGAL. Old pictures will show signs on
city sidewalks saying "No spitting" -- and it was prohibited in NYC subways, as well.
Why were logic and sanity so easily overcome to where you can regularly see men
spitting right in front of you -- whether on our local streets -- or anywhere.
And no one objects . . . . strange, I'd say.


There's only One candidate in this Presidential election that is willing to go against the grain and put the brakes on this raping to the earths core for no other reasons than profit and control.
Jill Stein has not changed her mind or her positions on the environment, fracking, drilling, mining, deforestation, pipelines, wars, income inequality, racism, the economy, bad trade treaties, education, health care, clean air, clean water, geo seeds, hormones and antibiotics in animal feed, food labeling, etc.
Stein is for the people, for the Nation and global survival. Can you say that about the other candidates? Are you assured that their talking points aren't just pandering for your vote? If we are to survive this battle and the coming war to obliterate our rights and lives for the sake of profit to the few it is necessary to unite our support around Jill Stein and vote for the better candidate. She Can win. We can make this happen. Forget the Two evils, as neither is the lesser of the other. Forget the Fear that they are still trying to instill upon us. If you choose to hate one and vote for the other you will accomplish nothing. Vote for the promise of a better future.


Why are there only three comments so far in response to this article? That indicates a problem, too.


I've noticed the same behavior with lack of interest for the Standing Rock protests in N. Dakota, the proposed strip mining along the river in Michigan and the EPA pending approval of dumping the fracking waste back into the Gulf of Mexico. Just not as important to some as pumping, raping and polluting all that's necessary for our survival. When all that's left is death and waste land, and there's nothing you can buy that might not kill you, what good are billions of dollars; of for that matter, a single dollar? Scrooge may awake Xmas morning with a change of heart but there will be no turkey to buy and no one to run for it.


Forget about the Two candidates from supposed separate parties that once in power will forget about you. Forget about voting for the one you hate least. Vote for the better candidate who wants to save us from ourselves and the 1% political slaves. Jill Stein is the only concerned candidate that wants to make a difference in our future and the future of this Nation. http://www.jill2016.com


Thanks C/Dreams for publishing this article and giving the people an opportunity to share their thoughts.

The sad reality is, oligarchs, wealthy interests, and i.e. dirty money in politics, who also fund ($,millions) media propaganda have no shame whatsoever in profiting from the decimation of the environment and life.

For more than 30 years millions of Americans continue to be duped into voting for the lesser of the two evils (Dems and Repubs) this always results in continued atrocities. For example:

About 200,000 Americans die an early death every year (no, that is not a typo).

Sources: MIT edu and the following source from Common Dreams:

There has been massive oil and gas leaks in the U.S. for example:

Another Massive Methane Leak - source: Massive Methane Leaks From Texas Fracking Sites Even More Significant Than Infamous Porter Ranch Gas Leak

If the media cared they would list on news sites and during "Primaries and Presidential Debates" the above mentioned (and many more atrocities) to remind Americans of the cold hard reality.

It is also an abuse of democracy to not include third-party presidential candidates in the Presidential Debates --- Considering the fact that these third-parties are on the ballot in all states (or almost all states). I have no doubt that the oligarchy and their two-party stronghold, control (Dems & Repubs) are worried that candidates such as Jill Stein will out-smart and raise serious concerns that the electorate have a right to know, to be informed.

Never give up moral values and integrity. Never give up respect for life and the environment.

Jill Stein (Green Party U.S)

Clinton Enlists Sanders in Her Quest to Win Over Elusive Millennial Voters

Thanks to Antidote41 and MIMIC_Buster for your responses to my post. I hope I didn't sound judgmental. I was just surprised to see so few comments regarding such an important topic. There are so many sources of pollution that aren't being regulated not only in other countries but in the US as well. The combination of apathy, misinformation, people's hectic schedules/overwhelming life situations, manipulation of information and laws by the regulated (for what its worth) community and administrators of regulatory agencies gets maddening and depressing.

You are absolutely correct. We NEED a leader that truly cares. We need Jill Stein.


When dealing with climate change deniers and 'centrists' who obstruct real change, always extend the discussion into how we are poisoning the air we breath and my oh my - look at the dead bodies piling up!
Climate change and pollution go hand in hand.