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'Ajit Pai Won't Be Laughing Long,' Say Internet Defenders, After FCC Chair Applauds Death of Net Neutrality


'Ajit Pai Won't Be Laughing Long,' Say Internet Defenders, After FCC Chair Applauds Death of Net Neutrality

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chair Ajit Pai applauded House lawmakers on Wednesday for refusing to restore net neutrality before last month's deadline, open internet advocates vowed to keep up the fight for net neutrality in 2019 and promised that "Ajit Pai won't be laughing long."


Ajit Pai was initially appointed to the FCC by Obama, so don’t be surprised if Pelosi locks the net neutrality gate shut.


There are some smug smirking SOB’s
that make one want to smash their faces…Eejit Pie is definitely one of those!


In his celebratory statement (pdf) on Wednesday, Pai—a former Verizon lawyer—called net neutrality protections that most Americans support “heavy-handed internet regulation,” and argued that his agency’s corporate-friendly approach is keeping the web “free and open.”

Pai is one of those ham fisted busy dizzies slung out of the revolving door and is disoriented by the notion that people in the US have had it up to the gills with his brand of smarmy arrogance. Net neutrality goes against the stats and data streams fed by the marketing gurus of media monopolies.

Pai has been sold a bill of goods just up-stream from the American people he regards as ‘marks’ deserving solely of being separated from as much of their meagre stake in this life as can be torn from their lives. In his case the bill of goods claims that he can do what he’s doing with impunity for his immortal soul, TAKING A UTILITY and making it a privatized monopoly.

This isn’t just selling movies on the net to your home system- its the entire f#@Kover by FaceBook, Google, Cambridge Analytica and its ilk of spin offs destroying the promise of human ingenuity for sheer malignant - literally malignant - imperialistic greed. The greed has gone blindly exponential in its mafia imitations.

We talk about the schism/abyss between those who have enriched themselves through parasitism. Its time to stand back and take stock of this teetering gargantuan misdirection because the consequences are speeding up.


…“Rep. Nancy Pelosi supports net neutrality by signing the petition to discharge the FCC’s decision to destroy net neutrality regulations. This prevents cable companies throttling traffic, blocking access to websites and apps, and imposing unfair fees on everyday Americans like me”…

From the link in the article: https://www.battleforthenet.com/scoreboard/all/


Exactly…and, this is what needs to be changed via legislation.


That certainly would be a good idea and could happen … in a true democratic republic. But for the here and now? I think Brecht nailed it. “Show me the way to the next whiskey bar.”


where did this troll for the telecoms come from ? go back to India and allow Americans to enjoy freedom of the web.


As with other issues that have overwhelming support like Medicare for All, the corporations don’t want net neutrality so we won’t have it. Democracy is a thing of the past in the USA.


This is fitting, considering all of the countries we’ve permitted our government to decimate, with nary a peep of opposition. Now, we’re about to get a very mild taste of that, except here, it will start with merely, “justifiable” killings by the police state, martial law, and unexplained disappearances, all now perfectly lawful, thanks to the previous two administrations…