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(aka Cadet Bones Spurs) Brags: "I'd Run in There Even If I Didn't Have Weapon"


(aka Cadet Bones Spurs) Brags: "I'd Run in There Even If I Didn't Have Weapon"

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Donald Trump, who famously ducked the draft during the Vietnam War by receiving multiple medical deferments, bragged on Monday that if he was given the opportunity to stop a school shooting he would do so even if he was unarmed.

"You don't know until you're tested, but I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon," the president announced during remarks at a luncheon with state governors at the White House.



There were many good reasons for not going to Viet Nam. Cowardice may well apply in this case, however.


do we really have to deal with 3-7 more years of this crap every day? This guy’s got plenty more stupid things to say.

You might have to change your name to Trump Dreams, seeing as those are one of only two that Democrats allow themselves to have.


Yup. This isn’t news.


Why bring up Democrats at all? An idiot running the country with a Congress of assholes says something stupid and they have volition in this how?


It goes without saying that Trump is a hypocrite and a cowardly jerk. But fighting for the US in Viet Nam was all about killing innocent people, not defending them.


I agree, but do you really think Trump did not want to go to Vietnam for altruistic reasons?


That’s a pretty low blow, considering the breadth of reporting here at Common Dreams that publishes authors even essentially making your point, but perhaps a tad more eloquently.

Given the tack that the fascist dickhead Trump has taken on this issue, of calling for arming teachers in schools, and this comment isn’t newsworthy?

Thanks Common Dreams.


There will never really be an adequate response to “human” Donald Trump. Because his thoughts, and actions are totally bottom of the sewer, starting with his not paying his subcontractors (and he made it to president, think about it…).
Torture does no living soul anything beneficial. So there cannot be justice in this lifetime for Trump, just as there was not for Reagan in particular and how he skated while he began killing us off in the 80’s. This is why I am not an atheist. We are not to say anything formally on someone else’s karma. That’s why I’ll say informally, what do we think happened to Hitler’s soul? Individual suffering aside, Donald Trump will exit this lifetime on a very bad note. And I do believe someway, somehow he will “pay.” Maybe the karma debt can be recycled into something good, Right now it’s a mystery…


The DC reality show otherwise known as the Trump presidency goes on. The main message here I think is the truth does not matter. That seems to be the main message of his whole administration. A Western version of Russia i guess. Putinism is metastaziing. Watch out!


“This is the president! Put down your weapon and come with me now! Don’t make me come over there and lie you to death!”


I’ve always believed that the notion of divine justice/karma was invented by the predatory rich to keep us peasants from rising up and gutting the whole lot of them like codfish. In the absence of proof, I’ll continue to insist on justice in the here and now where I can savor it.


Truthdoesn’tmatterism predates Putinism in the US by a long shot.

Corporate Media, or Corporate State Media has seen to that.

Thanks Bill Clinton for your corn-tribution (1996 Telecommunications Act) and Ronald Reagan as well (Repeal of the Fairness Doctrine having launched right wing hate talk shows).

This comment is not to be corn-strued as giving any merit to Trump, or alt-right criticisms of MSM coming from their perspective. They could care less whether objective truth is served. As long as it is their “fake” news, that’s all that corn-cerns them.


Someone needs to explain to Trump that just because other people can’t hear all of the”voices” that he hears it doesn’t mean that when he talks people can’t hear him. I am sure this statement was very impressive to all of those listening in his head. I’ll bet the cheers and standing ovation were truly inspiring.


Considering how he cares about Dreamers, those without healthcare and on and on and on…I don’t see him rushing in to save the day. I don’t think it’s in him.


Yes, a most effective deterrent for school shooters might be to have a recording of Trump over the school public address system saying “Watch out you bastard! I might be coming in there even without a weapon to get your ass!”. The shooter will start laughing so hard, he will totally let down his guard and can then be captured and disarmed by any students nearby.


Well, we have to admit, whether karma was invented by the predatory rich or not it is a great tool for them. Because of our karma, (the oligarch’s) we are rich; because of your karma, (the peasants)you are poor.


i call BS


Well then, let’s set up a reality show that would allow him to do so and see if he survives.


I think the proof is in the statue of Lady Justice itself. She holds the balance scale as the proverbial carrot in one hand and a sword in the other. The sword, of course, is really meant as a symbolic warning to potential dissenters, resisters, or just common people like me and you and many others who speak their truth…