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(aka Cadet Bones Spurs) Brags: "I'd Run in There Even If I Didn't Have Weapon"

Glen Greenwald teases apart some of the tangle perpetrated by the trump card in the system

Totally misguided piece: avoiding the Vietnam war – or any war of choice – would be a rational, ethical thing to do. Focus on Trump’s evil ways, not his accidental accomplishments.


He didn’t run from Vietnam folks. He got into a limousine and was driven away.
What juvenile corner bar bullshit. Ahh, the wouda’s and coulda’s of a 2am drunk.


The US is exactly like Russia. Both nations are run by a politcal class that is controlled by a very small group of uber wealthy oligarchs.


He got out of serving in the Vietnam war for the same reason GWB did… access to daddy’s high priced lawyers.


Cadet Bone Spurs skipped right past “Humble Brag” and went straight for “Stupid Brag”.

Now, all we need to know is whether or not he plans to strip down to his Superman Underoos before he runs in to save the day?


Can we test his theory?


I confess to doubting Trump’s claim, but neither I nor anyone else can know what Trump would do.

So claiming that the statement is devoid of reality will win no arguments, and will not address the issue: the need for there to be no weapons such as the Parkland shooter had, vastly fewer of any guns, and vastly more scrutiny before any gun purchase is permitted.

In short, I suggest that the best response is not to heap scorn on Trump’s claim, but to take it at face value and use the utter idiocy and uselessness of the action Trump proposes as evidence of Trump’s total incompetence to speak on the matter of guns and safety — in a school, in a church, or on a street corner.


BS! That loud-mouth cowardly scum wannabee would piss his panties as he hid under a rock! It is the ravings of a bully that will soon get at least part of his well deserved comeuppance!. His comment is repulsive and reprehensible!


Well Jared and Don jr and Ivanka were supposed to lose their jobs today due to lack of security clearance. The King of Diversion does it again.


yeah. He’d be in that bullet-proof limo after the sound of the 1st shot. And “run???” Please. His fat ass couldn’t manage a brisk trot if you hung a Big Mac in front of him on a piece of fishing line.


“Trump was given an opportunity to demonstrate his courageous nature decades ago, but—due to the presence of “bone spurs”—was unable to serve in the Vietnam War.”

I wonder if the medical records are available under the Freedom of Information Act?

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A giant and long LOL! Trump the bloviating buffoon.


He will be turning over those medical records along with his tax returns.


“I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon,” the president announced du-"

“I truly believe I wouldn’t care what danger I faced,” the Groper-in-Chief added, after he thought he was out of range of a reporter’s condenser mike. “Dead or alive, teenage pssy is teenage pssy!”


He would have done what he has always done when it comes to Children being hostage by a gunman or two and no it not run in there unarmed.

He would have called in an Airstrike with a really really big bomb.

What’s this?

Lie #2300?

Someone seriously should publish a book with all of them in it after this first year.

It could be titled: “A Year Of Lying Dangerously.”

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Because you’re the only ones who care more about his idiotic rhetoric than how many children your tax dollars blew up today.


I don’t even know what you are talking about.

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exhibit A