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Al Gore Has Just One Small Bit of Advice for Trump: 'Resign'

Al Gore Has Just One Small Bit of Advice for Trump: 'Resign'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"If you had to give Trump one piece of advice, what would it be?"

"Resign," said former vice president and environmental activist Al Gore, in an interview with the website LADbible.


That’s tellin’ him, Al.

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Al and I agree,

~Resign~Resign~Resign~Resign~Resign ~

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Yes indeed - “Resign”.

Glad to see this article - featuring Al Gore and climate change.

I see John F.Kelly has fired Bannon - perhaps this is how things will evolve - another military coup in the USA - disguised - as was the one that eliminated JFK & RFK.

Just speculation, I know - trying to fathom the workings of the various deep states around the world - and throughout history is a thankless task.

So I’ll switch to science - which is understandable - “Truth to Power” if you will - an interesting choice for a title by Al Gore - a ‘recovering’ politician, who, like Naomi Klein - finally figured out where truth does reside.

Since I was a child - I latched on to science as the only place where truth was present in general.

Fifty - or is it sixty years later, I have never had cause to change this early formed opinion.

All five of the so called Big Five Mass Extinctions of the Phanerozoic are increasingly looking like Greenhouse Mass Extinction events, in whole or in part - though impact events may have played a role in one or more - in some views, in all. This is still being debated - and it is of utmost relevance to our own predicament as we have initiated our very own Sixth Mass Extinction Event - still in its early stages - but possibly at a hitherto unprecedented pace of CO2 injection into the atmosphere.

Some links:

New Book - written this time by a science writer - but it looks very good - with an interesting perspective because the writer grapels in the book with his new understanding of deep time - presumably most people on Earth will find themselves in exactly this fix:

This article is more speculative - a real frontier piece - much debated - lots of statistics involved - for the keen only perhaps ? It continues the work of David Raup and Jack Sepkoski - Rampino was right in there from the beginning:


Here is one - featuring a new understanding of the rise of the Eukaryota - pre-dating the Phanerozoic:

Postscript - A Personal Note:

Most people prefer dogmatic certainty to the ambiguity of science - and the real world. Presumably this is why most people are religious, all over the world.

But we were all at one time hunters and gatherers - we lived much closer to the real world day to day - and since we are still here - we were presumably real enough to get it right a majority of the time.

This is Carlo Rovelli’s insight in “Seven Brief Lessons in Physics”

So let’s try and remember the distinction being results oriented science - which is what hunters and gatherers routinely used to stay alive - and campfire stories- which speak to our fears and insecurities - which comes along with the big brain and the certainty of our individual mortality.

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Very True “Many”
I was looking over some notes the other day and ran into an article on Barry Commoner -
Peter Dreier stated this about Mr. Commoner:
In The Closing Circle (1971), Commoner argued that our economy—including corporations, government, and consumers—needs to be in sync with what he called the “four laws of ecology”:
Everything is connected to everything else.
Everything must go somewhere.
Nature knows best.
There is no such thing as a free lunch.
Somehow, as hunter gatherers, we were very much in tune with nature.
Sadly many of us have lost that intimacy


Excellent advice. Why put the country through impeachment proceeding for nothing. Nixon didn’t wait until the very end. We have better things do then endure a cover-up and and deal with neo-Nazis who have a friend in the White House. We have big problems to solve, climate change, economic inequality, inadequate healthcare coverage, etc. Trump should listen to Gore and resign this evening.


I like those four laws of ecology - very much.

I was just at a book promotion - a retired geologist who worked for the Geological Survey of Canada was promoting his brand new guidebook to the Canadian Rockies. After the talk - I spoke to a man who was a complete anthropogenic global warming denialist. My reaction was visceral - evisceration would describe my feeling in fact - it surprised me ! I have never bought in to the pen being mightier than the sword, I am afraid. Words are important - that’s why I blog. But they are not ‘the last word’ - not on this planet. One pales momentarily when contemplating conflicts of the future - and then one must get hold of one’s imagination and continue the fight.

I am finding it difficult to engage with fellow bloggers on Common Dreams. It is more difficult now than several years ago. I think it is a ‘circling of the wagons’ mentality - as ecocoide progresses - as we all watch in horror at the last election, at the drone king Obama, at Bush and his cronies - and there seems no sane time to point to - not in the civilized word - only survival - as best one can.

This just in from Stephen Hawking - related to this topic by Al Gore’s continuuing battle with climate change denial:

“Speaking as a scientist, cherry picking evidence is unacceptable,”… “When public figures abuse scientific argument, citing some studies but suppressing others, to justify policies that they want to implement for other reasons, it debases scientific culture."

“One consequence of this sort of behaviour is that it leads ordinary people not to trust science, at a time when scientific research and progress are more important than ever, given the challenges we face as a human race.”

Ciao - ‘Many’

Well said, GH.
If I might add (to make a complex issue reductive, but imo, pertinent): We are in effect at the mercy of the corporation per se.

Al, your advice might very well be sound if it wasn’t for your quitting on us in the 2000 election. The resulting disaster has led to almost every disaster we face today. We had hope in you just as we placed hope in President Obama, but that is another subject. You not challenging the Supreme Court decision along with you not directly challenging the Florida decision has in reality caused a failure of any trust in our system of elections, whether by gerrymandering, electronic voting machine rigging or voter rolls manipulations, all of which continue to this day (I am not referring to the totally unproven Russia hacking allegations) along with the ultimate passage of "Citizens United, the ultimate end of any visible democracy in the United States. As a result of your “quitting” on us we have had endless illegal wars, torture in our name, unprosecuted banking collapse resulting in the “theft” of billions, if not trillions, of dollars from US citizens and the further acceptance of offshore hiding of again, billions, if not trillions, of dollars of what should be taxable income by the super Rich in our country. Of course many more such illegal and unjust occurrences have occurred or allowed to be more firmly entrenched in our government practices; too many to be described here. With all the issues I noted above, probably the worst result in your political caving in 2000 is the resulting climate disaster we are now facing, actually as you well know have been knowingly facing at least since Jimmy Carter was our President. Nearly half a century of government bullshit, murder and theft while the real crises has been hiding in plain sight. You, Al, might have been able to raise that sheer veil and slap our faces with the unclothed figure of climate change with all the might of that now imperial presidency when it counted. Yet you quit. Now you climb a popular pulpit and call for Trump to resign, or be impeached, or whatever. In my 72 years I have not felt such a feeling of despair over this loose cannon. I finally get to see what it is like to live in a country with no one in charge. But having been an officer in the military, a teacher in the school system and employee of both federal and state land managing agencies, I place my faith in the secretaries, and I am not referring to Cabinet Secretaries, to hold our system together as the real glue they are in any bureaucratic system, or business for that matter. With that in mind I have faith, not the worn out meme “hope”, that our country will survive Trump, as we did Reagan, both Clinton’s, Bush jr, and Obama. I believe there is enough division in our country already and Trump will be gone in a couple more years, so best to let this play its course. Trump is there due to a long list of mistakes made by the American people, and yourself in 2000, by allowing this to happen. Being an old 60’s hippie, I believe Karma is taking its revenge on us; but, we the people had best wake up and take charge as our world of make believe is about to crash in on our heads if we don’t. History proves empires are crushed under their own weight and bullies never win (at least for long).