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Al Gore on Obama's Plan for Arctic Drilling: It's 'Insane'


Al Gore on Obama's Plan for Arctic Drilling: It's 'Insane'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore on Thursday criticized President Barack Obama for allowing fossil fuel drilling in the Arctic, calling a recently approved Royal Dutch Shell project "insane" in a video interview with the Guardian.


What seems to be driving this insanity is the number of people that vote whose income depends on fossil fuel stocks. What to do… :confused:
I know!
:smiley: VOTE!


i’d have to agree. ALL exploration development and infrastructure for delivery of new fossil fuels is “insane.”

That said, Arctic exploration and drilling is at another level of insanity because of the increased likelihood of catastrophic error / massive spill caused by weather, with limited capacity for response also due to weather and remoteness.


That’s because friends look after friends…


Obomber contiunes to lead the World in hypocrisy! Talking about Peace or caring for our Planet; while he murders world-wide and sells, out the Planet to corporate amerika!


Rap, rap, rap they call him the rapper. I’m in my 60’s, but he reminds me of the guy who would walk around a bar and tell each different lady how beautiful he thought she was and anything else until he found one insecure or foolish enough to go home to bed with him. Then do the same thing the next night and etc. and etc.


Big oil gets what middle class America demands.


Al Gore knows there are no acceptable options. There is no safe way to drill for, much less burn, oil. While this is a world problem, let me limit my argument to the US. Private ownership of motor vehicles defines our middle class today. Political careers depend on ensuring abundant supplies of affordable fuel – at any cost to the rest of the world, to future generations, regardless of inevitable ecological and economic destruction.

Our oil addiction has kept us engaged in serial wars in the Mideast and elsewhere for decades, but we consider this a price worth paying. The primary cause of climate change is the massive amounts of oil and soot particles spewed into the air daily via privately-owned motor vehicles – those miles of bumper-to-bumper vehicles lined up along our highways twice a day. Need we note that the most carcinogenic type of smoke is the kind that contains oil particles, and that the primary cause is our cars, not tobacco? (Few smoke, most drive, and millions of Americans have excessive exposure to traffic fumes every day of their lives.)

None of this matters. Americans demand abundant, affordable fuel, and are entirely willing to destroy any region of the planet to protect our right to the convenience of privately-owned cars.


How can Obama be unaware that we need to abandon fossil fuels and turn to renewable energy sources?? The fact is he’s not unaware – he’s in the pocket of Big Oil, Big Natural Gas and Big Coal corporations.


What’s driving this insanity are the fossil fuel corporations that own our politicians, from the president on down the line.


Then vote for Bernie! :wink:


I intend to vote for Bernie – I have multiple Bernie stickers on my car!! :smile:


Bingo!!! T’was always thus, here in the good ol’ corporation-ruled US of A!


Wrong. Big Oil Gets what the corporate owners of the US Military-Industrial Complex demands!!