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Alabama Is the Most Explicit Example of What's Been Happening to Abortion Rights for Decades

Alabama Is the Most Explicit Example of What's Been Happening to Abortion Rights for Decades

Alexa Kolbi-Molinas

On Wednesday, Gov. Kay Ivey (R) signed H.B. 314—a near-total ban on abortion—into law. With her signature, Gov. Ivey made Alabama the fifth state—after Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, and Ohio—to ban abortion just this year.

Even if the Supreme Court never takes another abortion case, abortion care can be made just as inaccessible as if Roe were overturned.

Got theocracy?

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70 % of all legislation in states were introduced by religious organizations.

Abortion is truly the first line.
Let us monitor everything else the are doing as well.

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This is what happens when the Kochs own the R Party. As one of their top lieutenants Grover Norquist has said, “one fish, one hook.” Although the Kochs themselves are pro-choice, and otherwise very socially liberal, they hook the Evangelical vote to their despicable, cruel austerity regime by enticing them with extremist positions on abortion and sexual orientation. So the end result will be unwanted children, often with birth defects, without a social safety to sustain them, dependent upon the charity of strangers. I have very little faith in the Supreme Court to do the right thing, considering that the 5 ayatollahs are the majority.

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Alabama politicians are from the "Middle Ages."

The Hyde Amendment, banning federal payment for abortions, was passed in 1976 but the Democrats did not include a call to repeal until their 2016 platform. Hyde was the foot in the door that has led us to this point while the Democrats have done squat and now are running around with their hair on fire. Obama, to secure Rep. Bart Stupak’s (Dem.-MI) vote, issued an executive order affirming that the Hyde Amendment would extend to the ACA. Thanks Obama.

Well said!!! Bright and articulate, Thank you for your work on this issue and the thousands of women and families that depend on reproductive health care.