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Alabama Judge Confuses Legal Role With 'Personal Anti-LGBT Agenda'



When will we stop falling for all this right wing, news media distraction. It also plays into the hands of certain right wing democrats, think Hillary, as it further distracts from major issues like endless, illegal wars, prosecuting bank fraud, human caused climate change and Black Lives Matter movements, etc. There are all kinds of people out there with all kinds of sexual preferences; it has always been this way. The law of the land is that it is within the law for gay people to marry. If this judge wants to see federal troops on his doorstep, again (look what it got G. Wallace), so be it. Let's see if Obama has the same fortitude as a past President did. The gun thing is simple. No guns, that is no guns, will be sold other than a Congressionally agreed upon type of hunting rifle, shot gun or hand gun. No military type or other than the legal, above described guns will be allowed in anyone's possession, period. Strict penalties for anyone found with one. A license required for concealed or open carry with appropriate background checks. It would be a good example if the US was prohibited by law from selling military hardware to any other country, but the government puppets would hang on their cowardly MIC strings if that were tried. Now for the other political, news media, noise making smoke screen, abortion rights. The courts long ago decided this. Again, bring in the federal marshalls and settle this once and for all. These are all grass roots issues which are smothering, by design I believe, which keep all us grass mites off the big, money making issues which affect the super rich individuals and families and corporations which currently own our country. Let's call the bluff on the grass mite squabbles and get the balls to take on the real issues.


"Sweet Home Alabama"??


Moore is nothing but a grandstanding jackass. He has always viewed law as a means to accomplish political and social goals. But this type of buffoonery plays well among the idiot wing of the deep south, so he's never paid a political price for his raging lunacy.


Figures- something else from the theocracy rather than the democracy of the South.


Yes, instead of concetrating on real issues like improved infrastructure, addressing climate change, and raising the minimum wage!


It has already been as good as done. The Repugnican governor of the state used his authority to remove Moore from being the chief justice of the state. However, since the chief justice in the state of Alabama is an elective office, Ol' Roy just ran for the office from which he was dismissed and resoundingly won reelection to continue as the chief justice for the Supreme Court of Alabama.
Were this development a case of Bernie Sanders beating Witch Hillary (this is not a sexist slur, Hillary really has consulted mediums and common spirits just llke Nancy Reagan and Eleanor Roosevelt did when they were first ladies) at the Democratic party convention everyone from Amy Goodman to Abby Zimmit would be celebrating "Democracy Now".
Alas! The people of the State of Alabama are too uncool for the Common Dreamers and their "Democracy Now" is scorned. Such hypocrisy ought not to be.


Pull back the VERY thin layers and the ugliness of the slave-owning cum Jim Crow South is revealed in Alabama from top to bottom, inside and out. With all the bugs, bias and bullies, who would want to live there?


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How is it that holding the view that homosexuals are immoral and should not be able to marry distracts from other issues? One can think homosexuals should not be able to marry and still think climate change, war, fraud, etc., are bad things.

The only issue in the case of this judge is the same issue that caused the pro-slave states to secede from the Union. There has always been a faction in this country who want states to be sovereign. This conflict between Federalists (those who want the federal government to be sovereign) and anti-Federalists (those who believe in states' rights) has existed ever since the debate over ratification of the Constitution. Federalists (Madison and Hamilton) were in favor of ratification of the Constitution giving the federal government sovereignty and anti-Federalists were opposed to ratification (they wanted to remain under the Articles of Confederation that had a very weak central government and sovereign states.

This judge wants to fight the Civil War all over again. He does not want the federal government telling Alabama that they have to allow gays to marry. He is simply wrong because limiting marriage to only heterosexuals violates the constitutional right to equal protection of the laws. This is the same argument pro-slave states used to justify seceding from the Union. If the federal government abolishes slavery, this will destroy our way of life: a plantation system based on slave labor. But since slavery is unjust and since the Constitution mandates that the federal government establish justice, we amended the Constitution to abolish slavery.

The problem with holding the view that homosexuals are immoral is that this is based on a literal reading of the Bible. In the Old Testament, sodomites are immoral and must be stoned to death because this is the will of Yahweh (the god of the ancient Israelites). Islamic Sharia also mandates that sodomites be killed. The problem is that the US is not a theocracy. We have separation of church and state. This means that religious people are free to believe that homosexuals are immoral, but they cannot act on this belief to persecute homosexuals by preventing them from marrying simply because this is the will of their god.


There are many laws that attempt to accomplish political and social goals. We have a progressive income tax because this results in a more fair society because the rich are taxed at a higher rate than the poor and many of the poor do not pay income taxes (Romney's 47%).

During time of war, the government enacts wage and price controls so that the free market does not direct the economy. Gasoline and tires are rationed so that the military has enough of those commodities to fight the war.

We give people tax deductions for mortgage interest to encourage people to take out loans to buy houses and we also give tax deductions for charitable giving to encourage people to give to charities. Single individuals pay higher taxes than married individuals who file jointly.


This is the fallacy of the excluded middle. It is a false dichotomy to argue that one is either concerned with gay marriage or one is concerned with improved infrastructure, climate change and the minimum wage. One can be against gay marriage and for improved infrastructure, doing something about climate change and raising the minimum wage.


Do you think cavil or human rights is less important than minimum wage? Do you think fixing up our roads in more important than fixing up our society? I do think confronting climate change is more important than anything.


What a sensible comment! With the state of the "law" in so many parts of the USA, and the behavior of public officials and "law enforcement officers", there is of course no chance of reform.

Seeing Obama crying over gun deaths in the USA while being the greatest arms dealer on the planet (50% of global weapons last year sold by the USA) shows the hypocrisy, while police stop cars for tiny offenses, then kill the drivers with impunity, often stealing as well. Drug and private sexual "offenses" are the main preoccupation of those who should deal with real crimes and the welfare of the public.


Clearly Alabama should focus their concerns on inbreeding.


I see he's wearing a ring; who on earth would marry this bozo?


Point made. Now let's move on to illegal, endless wars, too big to fail banks, selling highly technical we along and other military arms to anyone with the means to buy them, why having military bases and outposts in almost every country in the world makes us safer, and HUMAN CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE. For God's sake get off the MSM and NPR habit! You can do it.


Southern change gonna come at last...