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Alabama Just Passed Fast-Tracked Bill Blocking Any City From Raising Minimum Wage


Alabama Just Passed Fast-Tracked Bill Blocking Any City From Raising Minimum Wage

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Workers in Alabama's biggest city were days away from having their minimum wage lifted. And then state lawmakers swiftly crushed Birmingham's increase—and any other city's potential effort to do the same.

As local news ABC3340 reports,


And slavery was abolished when? Saddle people of all colors in Alabama with low wages and working primarily in service sector jobs. Guess the members of the Alabama state Senate prefer to keep a backlog of low wage workers to work in the factories (or in service sector jobs) owned by the fat cats that contribute to these state senators’ campaign coffers. Will there ever be any proactive, concerted effort to eliminate the abject poverty that infinitely plagues the Southern states? Obviously not in the present and the future looks very dim.

As for the U S Senators, Sessions and Shelby…their demeanor and actions in the U S Senate reflect the mean-spirited curmudgeons in the AL state senate…privileged white boys who never grow up. (Sessions is one of the obstructionist RepugniCANTS on the Senate Judiciary Committee attempting to block the nomination of a candidate to fill the vacant seat on SCOTUS. I have never seen Sessions without a scowl on his face or invective coming out of his mouth.) As for Shelby, he epitomizes the Southern good ol’ boy stereotype.

Low wages = diminishing tax revenue = reduced funding of education, public services, infrastructure, etc. But, hey, out of sight, out of mind…no need to look the impoverished in their sunken eyes.


Seatower allow me to add what FDR said about unfettered greed, "“We have always known that heedless self interest was bad morals, we now know that it is bad economics.”
Currency, as anyone over the age of six knows, is “a medium of exchange,” with the added trick that our capitalist culture makes a fetish out of its accumulation and hoarding, venerates and honors hoarders as “great businessmen (and women).”
That said, the more cash in a working man’s wallet, the more the_ demand_ for consumer goods. The more the demand for consumer goods, the more factories have to produce to meet this rising demand, and so it goes. Demand FUELS the economy. And the exchange rate accelerates and you have a very healthy economy.
Recall: a credit economy only works if and when an individual believes his living-wage job is secure and won’t be off-shored to some wage-slave feudal state that outbids other wage-slave states to the economic bottom of the barrel… Under such a credit system, the worker will borrow with confidence on terms to purchase costlier items. Conversely, if a credit system relies on second and third mortgages to buy necessities, it’s only a matter of time before the creditor forecloses and the debtor is back on the street. Flint and Detroit, Michigan come to mind, not to mention the economically moribund rust-belt.
With this regressive abomination of a law these Confederate, Third-world-like politicians not only demonstrate a bottomless contempt for human beings but they sell out their constituents to the lowest, corporate bidder much as slave traders did during the antebellum.
This is not only a disgrace and a human tragedy but down-right criminal. Impeach them all!
Be well.


Alabama, you got
the weight on your shoulders
That’s breaking your back.
Your Cadillac
has got a wheel in the ditch
And a wheel on the track

(neil Young Alabama)


But the blacks on the Alabama football team will continue to enrich the masters while the black vote is subverted by lack of polling access, I.D. proofs etc. Wake up my brothers and demand change .


Dang, how crazy is that! Hope ya’ll are voting for Bernie Sanders.


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Not sure why anyone would be upset about this. The ability to starve children to death is very 'Murican and is truly in the vulture capitalist spirit. This behavior shows how much 'Muricans really love THEIR way of life. How can someone be rich and not starve a child? We the People of the United States have figured it out. This is the example ofthe true lifestyle that people chose…besides there are a lot of black people in Alabama, so who really cares anyway?


I’m a bit late here, but before you go on your Neil Youngish “Southern Man” stuff you should know that our above the M-D Line “Commonwealth” legislature in Pennsylvania bans any city-enacted law that affects the “right” of “employment at will”. Pittsburgh passed a small and toothless paid sick leave ordinance (3 days per year - no enforcement provisions). They faced a withering brutal angry vein-bulging apoplectic attack from capitalist restaurant owners. Their lawyers pointed out that that such city laws were illegal under state law. The city backed down under a certain adverse ruling from a judge.

(What is that again about Marx’s Labor Theory of Value being nonsense?)

Pennsylvania, in spite of some pretty high cost-of-living areas, is isolated among its neighbors in still having only the federal $7.25 minimum wage and cities are prohibited from raising it. Neighboring hillbilly West Virginia is positively socialist in comparison. They have a $8.75 minimum wage.

The whole rotten bunch of right-wing thugs in Harrisburg have got to go - but with our electoral politics and gerrymandering there is no hope of anything changing in that vile town short of an asteroid impact. Or maybe we can get ISIL interested in the place?


Labor unions are so weakened now – think we used to have 39% unionization –
certainly not in South – and think now we’re at 7%?
This came about through violence, intimidation – and certainly violence played a
role in keeping unions away in the South – hired Mafia people – faked arbitration/
They used to play a large role in elections – not only financially.


This simply amounts to enforcing poverty among the working class by the capitalist ruling class through legislation.

What capitalists are interested in are profits and maintaining political power over the classes that work for them.

  • Jacobin Magazine (#19)


It becomes more and more clear that TPTB no longer feel the need to pretend that they have even the slightest interest in the people’s need. They are out for themselves and they would seem to have the opinion that “there’s nothing anyone can do about it, so there.” These are ugly times and the young populace seems to be sleepwalking rather than actively agitating for major, structural change. Technology has been a great pacifier and distraction from all things real for far too many.


As to your first statement, agree.
As to the second, don’t have enough info to agree, but it is in line with my biases…
I, however, suspect that those who make 10k pay the most of their “income” in sales/consumer taxes (i.e. their landlords’ property tax, perversely included in the rent).
Be well.


Howard Zinn’s “A Peoples History of the United States” page 33 says “James Madison told a British visitor shortly after the American Revolution the he could make $257 on every Negro in a year, and spend only $12 or $13 on his keep”

Then I read that the CEO of McDonald’s salary vs an employee "Johnson would need about a million hours of work – or more than a century on the clock – to earn the $8.75 million that McDonald’s, based in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, paid then-CEO Jim Skinner last year. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2012-12-12/mcdonald-s-8-25-man-and-8-75-million-ceo-shows-pay-gap Of course this is just one example.

It sounds to me that slavery is alive and well and doing better than ever!


The lower incomes do indeed pay a far grater percentage of their income than the rich at the state and local level. This publication is your friend:



Yunzer, you’re a prince(ss?). Thanks.
Over the past few decades, since the disgraceful Reagan-era, we’ve noted a massive, ever-accelerating transfer of wealth from the have-nots to the haves.
And why not? In that time, we’ve witnessed nothing more than the predictable consequences of public policies and tax laws designed to benefit a minority of wealthy political cronies (the 1%?) at the expense of everyone else–and lying to the public about it.
One reads data and reports here and there, glad you sent me a source I can easily refer to and forward to my friends and acquaintances, even those skeptical republicans among them who claim to be “swayed only by facts” and not “pro-socialist propaganda…” Yeah, right. (Bernaysian suckers.)
Be well.


Alabama obviously thinks its impoverished population of minimum wage workers is the key to the state’s survival.

There should be no freeze on wages unless there is a freeze on prices.


Ok Alabamians…what u gonna do…?