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Alabama—Past and Present


Alabama—Past and Present

Christopher Brauchli

All over Alabama the lights are out.

— James Agee, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men


You just couldn't ever make this kind of stuff up.


Watergate does not bother me. Does your conscience bother you?


We are the second dumbest state in America, the Mobile County school system is failing, the governor is screwing his staff, the Speaker of the House is being jailed (maybe), business and corporate taxes have been reduced until there is no revenue to run the state, hence, sales, internet, probate, beverage, cigarette taxes have been increased, the populace overwhelmingly voted to not fund education, twice, Dick Shelby is an 82-year-old psychopath who told residents to murder Syria "because those people have been at war for 1,500 years so we don't want to bomb them too much but a little bombing won't hurt, Sessions and Byrne are delusional, all reality is strained through the entrails of the Mobile Press Register, Birmingham News, WKRG, WALA, WPMI and the rednecks named the Mobile tunnel for a racist dwarf, Wallace. Other than my native Mississippi, a petri dish experiment gone terribly, terribly, terribly wrong, Alabama is an academic, moral wasteland of white privilege toting an assault weapon. This is America and we rot.


Neil Young's music eloquently shined a bright light on Alabama fortysomething years ago. Has anything changed since then ?


Check out their school district boundaries. A line drawn around streets with minority residents, sending these groups to the designated non- white school.


I was born and raised in Alabama, whose politicians and citizens continue to lower the bar. Who
needs ethics when you got Jesus? Sigh.