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Alabama Redux


Alabama Redux

Christopher Brauchli

"Old times there are not forgotten. . . ." — Dixie’s Land (A song from 1859)



Water unfit to drink because of Chemical contamination from Corporations invited to do business in "low tax" Alabama.

The chemicals in question are known as perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluorooctanoic acid, which are known to cause cancer, thyroid damage, birth defects, and developmental problems in children. The chemicals are typically used in the manufacture of non-stick cookware, waterproof clothes, and carpet sealants.

"Sweet Home Alabama" is being turned into a toxic wasteland.


And the South will rise again. What a bunch of creeps. Must make Trump feel right at home. People act like Trump is some aberration, but in reality he is just a blowhard, crude loudmouth Republican. He is what Republicans have aspired to for years. He just says it out loud while others cloak it in misnamed policies they try to push through. You can see why Hillary won the south. They share the same values.


Did Bentley's aide/paramour have poor eyesight and live a life of unrelenting desperation? All three of the criminals are of the mindset that going to church on Sunday and reading the Bible every Wednesday in between would absolve them of their transgressions...even as egregious as they were/are, especially for those holding high offices as these imbeciles. Redneck is as redneck does regardless of all the academic diplomas attained.