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Alabama’s Abortion Ban Doesn’t Promote Life. It Exhibits Contempt For It.

Alabama’s Abortion Ban Doesn’t Promote Life. It Exhibits Contempt For It.

Helaine Olen

On Tuesday, the Alabama state legislature decisively passed a bill that would criminalize all abortions in the state. It was accompanied with the usual tripe about the sanctity of life.


Ever hear of overpopulation people? Also, I think this is another wedge issue gone mad for the rethugicans . And since the financial crisis people are mad as hell and taking it out on the wrong people. Tonight a newscaster casually reported that Dump made over 400 million last year- really? That is breaking the emoluments clause of the constitution and nobody cares!

I say let Alabama go down. No one should sue them over this abortion ban. They got exactly what they voted for (or not by sitting at home and being complacent) so I say let the state go down. If anyone sues, this will end up in the Supreme Court where the Conservative monsters and rapey sexual predators with law degrees will just overturn Roe V. Wade and ban abortion for ALL of us. F-ck Alabama or any of the Red States for that matter. Let them drown in the cesspool they have created for themselves. Hopefully this way more people will move away from there and less population means less reps for Congress, less resources. Starve Conservative states out.

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If I was a woman in Alabama and it was legal to open carry a gun, I would organize as many women as possible, all equip ourselves with firearms, and proceed to the Governor’s mansion.

Once there, I am not sure what I would do, but knowing that this woman signed away our rights as women to make decisions about whether or not we had to carry to term an unwanted pregnancy, or face life in jail, I’d make sure she too felt fear of retribution.